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  1. I wish we in Europe had this view as well but sadly we dont.
  2. Elsewhere in the world Canada is viewed like the USA with its good sides but without its bad sides.
  3. Have all those burned churches been Catholic churches? At least that is the impression I get from the news. If that is the case one can admire how theologically knowledgeable the vandals have been.
  4. Agree with you there. Someone suggested that you can't be British if you are anti-monarchy. That's just a ridiculous statement to make.
  5. In British parliamentary elections there were MPs who were elected from Northern-Ireland on the Sinn Fein lists but they couldn't take their seats as that would have required swearing an oath of allegiange to the Monarch and obviously they couldnt do that. I think they no longer demand such an oath but Sinn Feiners still don't take their seats. Perhaps their excuse now is that it is a foreign parliament.
  6. Indeed it is a system which doesn't work in theory but works very well in practice.
  7. When was the last time the Queen, who is supposedly the head of state of your country, visited Canada? I mean if something ain't broken don't fix it and if this arrangement works well with the countries having a foreigner as head of state but it can't be denied it is very strange.
  8. People in the western nations have been brainwashed into wallowing in national self-pity.
  9. You guys are too harsh on yourselves. The only people who hate Canada are other Canadians. For the rest of the world it is seen as a kind of a place like the USA with all the good things about it but without the bad things about it.
  10. Canada has a kid brother-complex like Ireland and New Zealand next to their bigger neighbours.
  11. Canada as a country is a bit uninteresting but hardly anybody outside Canada has anything bad to say about Canada. I don't know about the latest HDI1ratings but at least once Canada was the best country in the world to live in. If it's not still the best it is one of the best. The margins between the best countries are so narrow that the order of the best countries keeps on changing. The problem with the stable wealthy countries is that they are often boring but surely most people prefer boredom to living in truly exciting countries like Honduras or Guatemala to name just two.
  12. They say that you get what you vote for but IIRC in your last election more people voted for the opposition than the government. It was the electoral system with uneven division of constituencies which saved the government.
  13. As there is talk in many countries including Canada about changing their electoral system to proportional representation if you want to campaign against such a change you should mention Israel where a lot of tiny parties hold the balance of power and demand various things in return for supporting fragile multi-party governments.
  14. Isn't there some Jewish sect who don't support the state of Israel because they view it that Israel is something like a heavenly kingdom and not a real country in this world?
  15. I do wear a mask where it is required and I consider it a no big deal. However, since covidism has become something of a religion for some people I enjoy making fun of their religion as they react like all religious people do when their religion is being ridiculed.
  16. What does a dog say? Woah Woah What does a cat say? Meaow Meaow What does a sheep say? Wear a mask!
  17. It would be impossible to find jurors who would be impartial on this issue. Somebody living in a cave for the past year could pass for one but there aren't too many of those. The whole trial by jury is a failed concept but what instead? The judge would be able to decide on his own? Not a good idea either.
  18. If Chauvin had been acquited, as he should have given all the real data concerning the case, the consequences would have been horrible. So, it was for common good to sacrifice the life of one individual. I can't blame the jurors for weighing the pros and cons and coming to the conclusion they did but doesn't that just show how sick the society is where you really have to take such things into account when passing a verdict?
  19. In general it is stupid to praise or blame any president for anything. For example saying president X was a good president, he created millions of jobs, but president Y was a bad president, he destroyed the economy. Of course that is exactly what all political debate is all about but does somebody really believe in it?
  20. Trump has been gone for some time now but some people really can't let go off him. What are you going to blame for the troubles ahead when you can no longer blame Trump?
  21. Gorbachev is praised in the west for facilitating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the political freedom of the Eastern-bloc countries. However, in Russia he is absolutely despided. It is funny how people in the west think that if they just got rid of Putin there would be some Gorbached 2.0 to take his place. Instead there could be someone like Zhirinovsky.
  22. I see this two ways: If the tinfoil-hats are right and the coronavirus is just a hoax to gain a total control then the restrictions are not going to go away for a long time but if it is a hoax you are not going to get sick since it is a hoax in the first place. However, as there are a lot of people in hospitals because of the virus we can assume that it is real and we can get sick but if the virus is real all epidemics have their life-spans and they. end sooner or later. So win-win.
  23. Jamaica has a similar arrangement like Canada that Elizabeth is their head of state but they want to change that and become a republic.
  24. Do Canadian MPs need to swear the oath of allegiance to the Queen in order to take their seats? In Britain that requirement has stopped the Sinn Feiners from taking their seats as obviously they can't make such an oath.
  25. At least America has Mexico and Central-America south of its border but there is no easily explainable immigration into Canada. All immigration into Canada is something which Canada somehow wants.
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