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  1. And as if it weren't bad enough that they twisted the rules using this clearly corrupt semi-sponsorship scheme, when it didn't seem to work on the polls they reverted to "classic liberal tactic No. 1" smear campaign. Call the conservatives bigots it always sticks! And in a classic demonstration of the contageon of stupidity, it appears to be working! Man what's happened Ontario used to be a place to be proud of?
  2. If you do not live in the 416 area code it is not in your or your families interest to vote Liberal in this election and here is why: Environmental Policy: The Liberals have pursued policies which are designed to make city people feel good about the environmnet, however many of those policies come directly at the expense of people in the country. A couple of examples are the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM)Policy, and a number of changes around water regulations. The ORM Policy is long and drawn out and contains lots of statements about protecting various things like groundwater and other meaningle
  3. This is all really a bit of a diversion, there are many good public service workers who do a decent days work for a decent amount of pay, union or no union. You just aren't going to get a better value privatizing alot of those jobs (even if you could). I agree that much of the public grevience with regular folks of all stripes is the apparent rise of in the increcredible incomes of the top 1%. Taxes are in no small way responsible for this but not how you think; corportate taxes are rightly kept low, this encorages investment and retained earnings which allows for various distribution. Where
  4. I wouldn't go so far as call that journalism, perhaps fiction is more accurate. The triumph of Harper's Conservatives is a revolution in Canada. Grumpy old men are happy but modernists, women, young people, immigrants, people fond of evidence-based policy will be much less so. It's the beginning of a kind of war, conducted in a dull, quietly agonising way. So there must be a lot of us grumpy old men here in Canada and by inference its really Grumpy old White men, doesn't look that way in most of the places I go? I guess I can take some solice in knowing that Ms. Mallick will suffer through
  5. There are 308 Seats, 285 reporting. It looks like we're going to have a Conservative majority, weak but that's OK. For the many Harper haters, think of it this way, its like brussel sprouts, your Mother made you eat them, you hated them, but they're good for you, just like a conservative government. Thanks Ontario!
  6. Even without a majority the Tories have a good thing happening likely. The Liberals will be so week they will do anything to avoid an election for quite some time. At his point in time Iggy's fighting for his own seat. The right side of the Liberal party is about to get very vocal I would imagine, they won't have a hard time not showing up or quietly supporting Harper. That is a very likely scenario and probably a very good one for the country.
  7. Thanks to Paul Martin. No thanks to Flaherty, who has brought back deficits, and whose government has engaged and is engaged in reckless, unnecessary spending. Reckless, unecessary spending. how so? Interesting that you mention the stimulus spending. The opposition parties basically had to force Flaherty's hand on this. So does this contradict the previous statement since my recollection is that both Jack and Iggy scolded Harper not spending enough and not fast enough. So by spending more we'd have less deficit? As for the fear of the big bag NDP. This is not the 1990's, and this is not th
  8. First of all I have no disagreement with your analysis, however is that an adequate reason to turn your long running personal politics upside down, what does that say about your political philosphy? Clearly the two other options are miles from where you started. You do not choose who you will vote for based on which leader you figure is the "swellest guy", who would fit in with your drinking buddies best or would be most fun to golf with. You are choosing which party best understands where the country is at, where we need to go and has a plan to connect those dots together. We keep getting
  9. The Star would never let the facts get in the way of pushing their agenda. Couple of interesting articles in there today, they have a full parade of soft headed left wing experts to quote with authority. We should all be thankful that those who look after their own money, your mutual funds and our pensions don't look to the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives for economic expertise unlike the Torstar.
  10. First off how is this any different than the kitten eater hidden agenda crap we've been hearing for years, except that there is indeed a morsel of truth at the center of this. Second if this is true then no wonder he's earned the name happy jack, since he's had fifteen years of borrowed time given the cops, who owe Jack Layton no favours whatsoever, have kept this under wraps. And no wonder he's happy, in 1996, living in subsidised housing, working part time as a professor at Ryerson and sitting on City Counsel, riding his bike to the rub and tug with his wife's permission, wow its every soc
  11. Well it seems that the editorial boards of a number of Canadian newspapers went out of their way to discuss Harper's competance, contrary to your well reasoned and ambitious opinion. As for contempt of Parliment, that was so weak that it refuses to resonate with either the electorate or the news media. In reality the only contempt of Parliment was the poor behaviour of the venemously partisan and imbecillic Parlimentarians who made up the majority of those committees.
  12. Not true, the only the National Post has supported the Cons since day one, and they can, and have. dredged up links to many Liberal follies from days gone by. The Star never tires of finding a way to make reference to Mike Harris when refering to any Tory in any jursdiction. So to say the NDP are being treated unfairly because people are asking questions about linkage to past failed policies is just not true. Bob Rae is an intesting case, like many Steven Lewis era socialists his association with the left wing cause might well be attributed to a salving of the conscience based on his silver
  13. here you go Mr Bluster, I'll do it for you: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_pri_per_cap-crime-prisoners-per-capita As you can see we would have to increase the incarceration rate by a factor of six to catch up, so how would a small increase in the length and frequency of incarceration rates for violent and abusive criminals either ruin our country and make us the least bit like the US? Please make a reasoned arguement based on some credible fact. Just stupid talk really isn't it?
  14. Yes I also heard that the Star will endorse the NDP, not really a big suprise, they know that Iggy's done, they couldn't say anything nice about the Cons if the sun shone out of their *sses. Interesting times, may not be so bad for the Cons afterall though, with a fairly strong minority (say 130 to 140 seats) and a small rump of Liberals (say from 15 to 30 seats) they should be able to count on liberal support as the liberals will not want to go back to the polls for a very long time, depending on the exact numbers it may be sufficient to carry them through with few if any compromises. Four
  15. Another poorly researched post, to compare our justice system to that of the states is highly inaccurate, please research the incarceration rates per capita and re-post your theory. Lets not use the Tyee as reference as though it was actually a legitimate news source, why not just directly link to rabble.ca?
  16. Classic stupid rhetorical thread posted by a left of center baiter, really why bother. Fact is there is really no equivalent to Republicans in Canada, wish there was. Problem with the foolish dogma of the left is that it is just that; foolish. All I can say is that if the NDP gets into power, hide your assets, its only a matter of time till they come after them, I'll be liquidating shortly after May 2nd depending on the outcome. Oh and start clearing off your debts, because jobs will get very scarce and interest rates will inevitably get much higher as government taxes (yes even corporate t
  17. No, the Left is relying on getting its money from ME. There are two main problems with the Left. One is it likes to take as much money as possible away from productive workers in order to encourage non-productive people to be even less productive. The second is their habit of presuming their superior morality, and insisting on bringing in laws to make people conform to that 'superior' morality. Exactly! Jack, Bob Rae and Iggy all suffer from a similar malady, as if their guilty feelings about being born into wealth and power would encourage them to give away their own money, not so but they
  18. Are you guys on Crack? Religious freedom may be what the Muslim minority uses to push people around here, but in much of the rest of the world they are the religious bully. But its your left wing nutter quasi judicial human rights tribunals that have bent over for them, perhaps a government department will balance that out. Now it seems that those who love to hate Harper can simultaneously suck, blow and whistle. You criticise Harper for defending Isreal (which despite being the jewish homeland has a secular government), give him hell for sending troops to Afganistan to fight Muslim tyrany,
  19. OK who looks like the stupidest guy in the room now? Bob Rae, hey where is Bob these days anyways? Heck if he stayed where he was he coulda been a contender! HA!
  20. I was disapointed, not because I think Harper did a bad job, I think he did fine, he was relaxed almost bored, like "please just ask me a half way important question about a real policy" kinda thing. I was disapointed that Mansbridge was a one trick pony, thinking he was going to trip Harper up with the stupid coalition stuff. Never really got to anything important. Our Media suck, they just parrot what the Politicians say, which in this election is not much of substance.
  21. most enlightening interview yet, I wonder if Mansbidge thought Iggy would perform best if he annoyed him and riled him up, you know the "rise up" BS. Mansbridge is know to be a "friend" (and golfing buddy) to several Liberal leaders. Iggy is the archetype elistist, as though he is saying "I'm smarter, better and more important than you, defer to me now", seemingly annoyed at being questioned, I could sense disdain and fear coexisting in his expression. His personal hatred of Harper clearly fueled by the attack ads, "he questions my patriotism" so smug with himself that he is naive of the pr
  22. Back when the election was in "positive mode", the Liberals based their campaign around 4 main pillars: -the "Learning Passport", a bursary to help students obtain post-secondary education. -the "Early Childhood Learning and Care" fund. -the "Family Care" plan, a package of EI-like benefits and tax benefits to support Canadian families who are caring for elderly relatives. -the fourth pillar of the Liberal plan is the plan to pay for these 3 major plans by cancelling a scheduled 1.5% corporate tax cut. Learning passport, we already have ways for parents to save for their kids education, a
  23. Yes pretty sick, what about Iggy saying over and over in the dabate about Harper being all about the politics of fear? Have you seen the latest Liberal TV ads? By god if we don't vote Liberal there appears to be a very good chance some sort of Conservative brown shirts will show up at my door with growling dogs to take away my rights. Fact is our slow decline into socialism has already been largley achieved in a gentle voice re-assuring me that it's for my own good. It breeds in the hearts of the misinformed good intentioned mindless followers who cling to state imposed health care and baby
  24. What a silly thread, there needs to be some due process in casting ballots, this is not a high school election, this is considerably more serious and should be treated as such, the cons where right to question and elections canada officials were put in a tight spot by some over zealous kid at university. Electing your government is not some game you play by having a flash mob. How irresponsible for the leader of a national party when confronted with an issues such as this, instead of confirming the seriousness of an election, opts to take cheap shots at his opponent. And shame on the stupid p
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