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  1. Over dramatize the fact that rural communities are not equipped to take care of their own RESIDENTS during this crisis. What about sheltering in place don't these people get. What about over-burdened health facilities don't they get. It is beyond belief that some part-time cottagers can't check their privilege during this time.
  2. Home is where they should be staying, eyeball. They were told to shelter in place. That does not mean traveling to your part-time cottage in a rural area.
  3. "Why not if you have a cottage?" As symptoms don't show up right away, it is easy for people to think..........'oh I'll just go up to the cottage and get away from heavily infected areas'. Trouble is if they do come down with the virus, we DO NOT have the facilities to manage our own, let alone those from away. It is really just that simple. Don't further burden a system that is barely able to take care of it's own citizens at the best of times.
  4. They are supposed to go straight home and arrange to have groceries etc delivered. There are agencies equipped to take care of those who don't have family or friends to do that for them.
  5. Sounds familiar, TSS. I live in a rural area in northern BC and our health resources are minimal at best. The population of our specific area is 20,000 souls and we have but 64 acute care beds in our small hospital. Other communities don't even have a hospital. Lately we've seen many people from the Lower Mainland coming up early to open their cottages. The CRD (a local form of government) had to enact regulations that will force these people to a 14-day quarantine and they are to come prepared for the duration - no stopping to shop or visit. Straight to your cabin and stay their until the self-isolation period is up. We are all hoping that they will do just that.
  6. If it was just something that they wanted to do to avoid delays then why weren't they upfront with the Opposition parties and provincial premiers from the beginning? Why wait until the very day they were to read the bill in the HoC before releasing their final draft? I can well understand that the government needs the ability to move quickly to respond to new developments during this crisis but that does not give them the right to forgo Parliamentary approval which as has just been demonstrated, can take place in a a day or two.
  7. "Climate group Extinction Rebellion (XR) say they are investigating a series of “dangerous” coronavirus posts by an account using their name. An account named XR East Midlands (@xr_east) have caused outrage after tweeting “abhorrent” messaging stating coronavirus is a “cure”. The account posted a series of covid19 messages over the last 24 hours suggesting the deadly virus was a "cure" for the "disease" caused to the environment by humans. One post reads: "The undeniable truth is, the Earth is recovering, thanks to Corona." Another previous Tweet said: "Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing. Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease!" The posts were accompanied by photoshopped images of street posters stating "Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease" and branded with the Extinction Rebellion logo. Young Greens (@YoungGreenParty) branded the posts "absolutely abhorrent" When the rogue account was confronted about the messages by outraged critics they doubled down on their stance. They stated: "The point of activism is to shock people, out of their complacency. "Like art, it is meant to provide a different point of view to that we are accustomed. "We are pointing out that from the perspective of the Earth, humans behave like a disease. The idea is not to be." www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/extinction-rebellion-investigate-offensive-tweets-21754561
  8. So, in a National Health Crisis, the minority liberal government got together with the Opposition parties and provincial premiers to strike a deal for a financial bail-out package that is much needed to help Canadians and Canadian businesses in these trying times. Everyone agreed that it was necessary and supported the bill as it was then presented to them. All federal parties agree to send a set number of MPs to the HoC for an extraordinary recall of Parliament. And yesterday they gathered expecting that this would be passed in the House and sent to the Senate at the end of the day. Done deal, right? Wrong. Unbeknownst to ALL opposition members the underhanded hubristic MINORITY liberal government saw this Health crisis as a great opportunity to sneak a few little extras into the bill without informing the opposition - in a bid to give themselves almost unlimited powers over any financial dealings. Specifically, "It allowed the finance minister to tax, spend and borrow with impunity, but without parliamentary approval, until the end of next year." (https://nationalpost.com/opinion/john-ivison-liberals-cant-help-being-opportunistic-with-their-covid-19-aid-bill) Until DECEMBER 2021 no less. Rightfully and thankfully for Canadians, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition united in furor over this unprecedented grab for power. Instead of the much vaunted ease of the bill flying through the HoC by the PM, chaos ensued resulting in the suspension of the House until such a time as all parties could agree on a final draft. Consensus was reached around midnight last night. The Opposition parties held strong and the final bill deals ONLY with financial aid and the measures necessary to see the money distributed. With all my heart, I thank each and every single member of the Opposition for standing strong for Canadian democracy.
  9. Add me to the list. My friends don't call me a hermit for no reason. Got my pup and my cat for company and oodles of great books to read. Stocked up on groceries long ago and have a neighbor with lots of TP he bought months ago from Costco - good to go, I am.
  10. I felt invincible when I was much younger but I also knew that if I broke the rules there were consequences. So I guess the kids should just set up house on the beach? Because home is exactly where they would be headed at the end of the day. Every single one a possible vector for the virus.
  11. Photo reminds me of the aftermath of a climate change protest.
  12. When I was a very young girl growing up on a farm in SK, we had an outdoor biffy and the Eaton's or Simpson-Sears catalogue - worked a charm they did.
  13. "Now is the time to declare martial law in Canada. Anyone caught outside their home can be sent to prison for up to 1 year." According to the latest numbers, the people who have recovered from the virus by far outnumber those who have died. And of those who have succumbed to the virus, most had underlying health conditions. There is no need to declare martial law and the idea that someone would be sent to jail for a year should they break any such draconian measure is ludicrous. "If we close all our borders and forced everyone to stay inside their home for 3 weeks, the virus would burn itself out." "Wuhan residents have been under lockdown for over six weeks now as a result of COVID-19 ..." and they still are. www.pri.org/stories/2020-03-11/lockdown-wuhan-takes-toll-people-s-mental-health
  14. " Queue the mass panic...." - which you are only contributing to with this post. Get a grip.
  15. Try checking smaller stores, scrib. Our local country store had no shortage of any products including TP and hand sanitizer. Just saying.
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