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  1. My bad, dialamah......I misread your comment. I do apologize.
  2. I don't think this scrofulous pos represents anyone but himself. He is not representative of the community who, I would not be surprised to learn, share my thoughts on his continued sickening behavior.
  3. So, my opinion that all positions should be merit based is now an attitude? Good to know.
  4. If anyone needs to be cancelled it is this guy.
  5. It shouldn't be a competition of victimhood but in today's culture it is.
  6. For those who might claim this was a mental health issue it is important to note that epilepsy is NOT a mental illness. Epilepsy not mental illness Epilepsy is not a form of mental illness or intellectual dysfunction. Most individuals equate epilepsy with convulsions, but epileptic seizures can produce many different symptoms; two large groups of seizures are termed partial and generalized.
  7. Below is the report issued by the Special Investigation Unit on the death of Ms. Korchinski-Paquet - the woman who accidentally fell from a balcony in Toronto. The Family Of note are the 911 calls which I insert here. CW #7 is the mother. 911 Call Recordings [3] A total of five 911 calls were made between Ms. Korchinski-Paquet, and her mother and brother. In the initial call, at 5:13 p.m., CW #7 said she needed the police at her home. When asked what the problem was, she said, “My son and daughter are fighting,” and that her daughter was throwing bottles at
  8. Sounds like a great idea considering the upsurge in cases mainly among young people.
  9. Just finished reading 'Dances with Dependency' by Calvin Helin a prominent Canadian Indigenous businessman who refuses to embrace the current victim-hood mantra and speaks plainly about the necessity for all Indigenous in Canada to embrace a firm work ethic while pursuing all means necessary to improve their lives and communities. What our country needs is more Calvin Helins.
  10. It's getting harder to trust him? I stopped trusting him the day he first got elected knowing that a fired drama teacher cum ski board instructor was hardly the proper or competent resume' for leader of our country and so far I've been proven absolutely right.
  11. Could be it was Billy's idea, Argus. He very well could have foreseen the financial disaster facing our country should the ethically challenged PM continue his unfettered spending sprees and figured that bowing out now was not only a good idea but a great one. As for Freeland's new portfolio, it is interesting to note that now simply having written a few articles on finance for news publications is more than enough to qualify one for the role of Canada's Finance Minister./s
  12. Actually, CTV has mentioned several times and indeed covered part of the committee hearings being held today. This isn't dead by a long shot, WCM. And, the little potato still awaits his appearance before the ethics committee. So far the Clerk of the Privy Council has thrown Telford under the bus for not making sure the little potato recused himself as was her duty as his special advisor or whatever the hell her useless title is; all but exonerated the PSC for their stellar vetting of WE; and has admitted that he had no personal knowledge of the financial regularities surrounding WE
  13. If the GG has any integrity whatsoever - which I am seriously beginning to doubt - she would take the high road and resign her position. I doubt being fired by the Queen would look good on her resume'. That said, considering the obvious lack of thorough vetting that went into the choice of Payette, I have little hope that the liberals will actually chose someone ably suited for the position.
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