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  1. Though the outcome was never in doubt, the intellectually challenged but ever self-righteous arbiters of woke aka the democrats chose to waste precious house time, putting aside all other matters of importance including addressing the ever increasing death toll due to the pandemic, the need for a stimulus bill to be passed and every other matter of note in order to hold their petty little trial that turned out to be little more than a theater of the absurd complete with home movies. If this is an example of how democrats will govern America than there is nothing on Earth or in the 'heavens' t
  2. A San Francisco teacher has been ridiculed for her 'performative wokeness' after she claimed that viral Bernie Sanders wearing mittens at President Joe Biden's inauguration was a lesson in 'white privilege and male privilege.' High school teacher Ingrid Seyer-Ochi penned the San Francisco Chronicle op-ed published on Sunday, nearly two weeks after Sanders and his mittens took the internet by storm. In it, she criticized the 79-year-old senator for wrapping up against the cold in his mittens and winter coat, while she claimed that his female colleagues, and especially women of color
  3. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/abandoned-dreams-of-wind-and-light
  4. Well they are doomed to lose their status as the world's biggest economy once the Chinese take first place. What will happen then is only conjecture. This new regime can do nothing to halt that progress but stand by and watch it happen. "Meanwhile, China’s growth continues. And with every passing year, its weight in key markets increases. For commodities such as oil, it is by far the largest growth market. In 2018, it created a yuan-based futures contract, which amid the gyrations in dollar-priced oil markets in the spring of 2020 proved its worth as a safe haven. In Shanghai, the pric
  5. Well good luck with that. pete. People don't abandon their beliefs simply because a new regime takes over. The fact is that over 70,0000 people voted for the orange man. I doubt all of them were cultists. I also doubt that Biden's agenda is going to do anything to change their minds.
  6. Wishful thinking that Canadians can do anything about who is or is not Pres, pete. It will be most interesting to watch US politics in the next two years before the next Senate elections in 2022. Biden has a tough row to hoe what with the goon squad nipping continuously nipping at his heels, making outrageous demands and attempting to cancel anyone that refuses to march in lock-step. I wish him luck. He will need every bit he can garner.
  7. Final B.C. election count sees NDP win 57 seats, BC Liberals 28, Greens 2 Like I wrote..............not a hope in hell of winning. If I were from TO how would it be possible for me to vote in our provincial election??? sheesh
  8. I'll be at the back of the line with you Betsy. The possible long term effects are still a question in my mind.
  9. "On Thanksgiving evening of 1971, David Young arrived home from his planning at the Special Investigative Unit, when his grandmother asked him, "What do you do at the White House?" He replied, "I am helping the president stop some leaks." She exclaimed, "Oh, you're a plumber!" Young, E. Howard Hunt, and G. Gordon Liddy then put up a sign on their office with the title "The Plumbers" but it was taken down since their covert operations were supposed to be top secret. Still, the name stuck for the group.[3]" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Plumbers
  10. What it will take is strong Indigenous leadership from bands that have proven to be successful, whose communities have secure employment and the necessities of life. There are many of them across this country and it is past time they step up and show other indigenous communities that looking forward not backward, working with - not against - provincial and federal governments will help them to attain their goals.
  11. It is dubious especially considering that the current crop of hereditary chiefs illegally kicked out many of the hereditary matriarchs who supported the elected chiefs.
  12. Considering that 'The Plumbers' was the name given to Nixon's illegal goon squads, I doubt that using it for the Dems is a good choice..........but then, that's just me. "The White House Plumbers, sometimes simply called the Plumbers, the " Room 16 Project ," or more officially, the White House "Special Investigations Unit" was a covert White House Special Investigations Unit, established within a week after the publication of the "Pentagon Papers" in June 1971, during the presidency of Richard Nixon. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Plumbers#:~:text=The White House Plumbe
  13. Throwing my vote away on the liberals who had not a chance in hell of winning? Nope.
  14. The only choice in this election was the NDP, ts at least for this buffoon. Blame it on that silly woman elected to head the green party for demanding that Horgan stay an election till 2021. After enduring four dismal years of Weaver and his ilk stymieing any efforts by the NDP to advance our economy, I was determined they would be shut-out this time around. Seeing them left with only two seats did my heart good. IMO, the NDP are not hard-line socialists nor are they by any means communist - those labels better apply to the aforementioned greens. Also, IMO, Horgan has done a decent job du
  15. If the PM chooses to march in parades then he should march in all parades no matter who is holding them. Fair is fair. But if he only chooses to march in gay parades he is doing little more than virtue-signalling while showing his disdain for the participants of other parades.
  16. Thanks for the invite to the History Club, Dog. Looks like I have a lot of great reading ahead of me for the coming long winter months.  

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    2. mowich


      I often wonder had JFK lived would he have pulled Americans out of the war and left it to the Vietnamese to settle it themselves.  I've read about the history of the country and once I realized that not a single country that invaded Vietnam ever prevailed why the Americans were so hell-bent on following in the same failed footsteps.  McNamara was well-versed in that history. 

    3. DogOnPorch


      Viet-Nam was never really one country before 1975...the name itself is an amalgam of the Viet (North) and Annam (South) people. French Indochina was perhaps the most unified the region had ever been...but you have other groups...Khmer...Thai...etc, etc...all wanting their chunk of a rather tiny region. Post WW2 nationalism gave rise to the Balkanization, of course. Ho was actually an Allied partisan during the late stages of WW2...an OSS man...but the post war McCarthy era put an end to any possibility of further cooperation.



    4. DogOnPorch


      As for the direct cause of the war...it was not only the rise of Communist PAVN/Viet Cong units, but the invasion of Laos, Cambodia and of course South Viet-Nam by the NVA. JFK figured small commando-type units was the way to counter most of this invasion...play the same game, so to speak.

  17. I wonder. Would the same apply to those who lived under Nazi rule when they hear anyone on the right labelled as such?
  18. "BC has pretty much become the socialist/communist capital of Canada......." I get a kick out of people who presume they have the right to speak for the population of province as if they were all in the grip of some great mind meld. Fact is, you don't even speak for a significant percentage of Vancouver's population let alone the entire province. FYI the Heartland of our province has proved time and again to be pretty darn conservative so your comment in totally baseless. Fun is many things to many people. Those of us who were born prior to the advent of television know well how to ke
  19. Yes. But only when I am well and truly stoned. 🤣
  20. More like creepy. Watching Zuckerberg testify at the hearings certainly creeped me out. LOL
  21. I was watching the hearings when Zuck was asked that question and almost laughed my butt off when he replied that he had no knowledge of it. As if. I found the hearings really informative but was not that surprised to hear about the tracking that goes on across platforms. That they are getting away with it - now that is alarming.
  22. What is happening is that our elected officials are doing their best to make sure that Canadians get the latest updates on what where Canada is at in all jurisdictions with the virus, the latest on pandemic guidelines and how they are planning on getting more covid testing sites available. Have they been perfect - no but I do believe they are working in our best interests. Conspiracy theories? Please, Betsy. Are you a flat-earther by chance? Just wondering.
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