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  1. I find those to be very sensible solutions, Dia.
  2. If the PM chooses to march in parades then he should march in all parades no matter who is holding them. Fair is fair. But if he only chooses to march in gay parades he is doing little more than virtue-signalling while showing his disdain for the participants of other parades.
  3. Thanks for the invite to the History Club, Dog. Looks like I have a lot of great reading ahead of me for the coming long winter months.  

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    2. mowich


      I often wonder had JFK lived would he have pulled Americans out of the war and left it to the Vietnamese to settle it themselves.  I've read about the history of the country and once I realized that not a single country that invaded Vietnam ever prevailed why the Americans were so hell-bent on following in the same failed footsteps.  McNamara was well-versed in that history. 

    3. DogOnPorch


      Viet-Nam was never really one country before 1975...the name itself is an amalgam of the Viet (North) and Annam (South) people. French Indochina was perhaps the most unified the region had ever been...but you have other groups...Khmer...Thai...etc, etc...all wanting their chunk of a rather tiny region. Post WW2 nationalism gave rise to the Balkanization, of course. Ho was actually an Allied partisan during the late stages of WW2...an OSS man...but the post war McCarthy era put an end to any possibility of further cooperation.



    4. DogOnPorch


      As for the direct cause of the war...it was not only the rise of Communist PAVN/Viet Cong units, but the invasion of Laos, Cambodia and of course South Viet-Nam by the NVA. JFK figured small commando-type units was the way to counter most of this invasion...play the same game, so to speak.

  4. I wonder. Would the same apply to those who lived under Nazi rule when they hear anyone on the right labelled as such?
  5. "BC has pretty much become the socialist/communist capital of Canada......." I get a kick out of people who presume they have the right to speak for the population of province as if they were all in the grip of some great mind meld. Fact is, you don't even speak for a significant percentage of Vancouver's population let alone the entire province. FYI the Heartland of our province has proved time and again to be pretty darn conservative so your comment in totally baseless. Fun is many things to many people. Those of us who were born prior to the advent of television know well how to ke
  6. Yes. But only when I am well and truly stoned. 🤣
  7. More like creepy. Watching Zuckerberg testify at the hearings certainly creeped me out. LOL
  8. I was watching the hearings when Zuck was asked that question and almost laughed my butt off when he replied that he had no knowledge of it. As if. I found the hearings really informative but was not that surprised to hear about the tracking that goes on across platforms. That they are getting away with it - now that is alarming.
  9. What is happening is that our elected officials are doing their best to make sure that Canadians get the latest updates on what where Canada is at in all jurisdictions with the virus, the latest on pandemic guidelines and how they are planning on getting more covid testing sites available. Have they been perfect - no but I do believe they are working in our best interests. Conspiracy theories? Please, Betsy. Are you a flat-earther by chance? Just wondering.
  10. I gather you never saw the movie Field of Dreams. Check it out sometime. It would explain why the name Moonlight Graham brings the game of baseball immediately to mind.
  11. I'll give you this - I do believe that Harris was foisted upon Joe by the progressive arm of the party led by Saunders else why did he take so long to announce his running mate. His pressy was even postponed past the time it was to take place. Harris does share many of the aims of the progressives but she too will be unable to see them enacted by a Republican Senate. Were I you, I'd be praying that those Senate seat run-offs go in favor of the Republicans.
  12. The US is a very long way from becoming a socialist/communist country, Betsy. The very fact that the current President got the second highest popular vote in the country's history should at least give you some comfort. What will be interesting to see is what happens in the mid-terms elections that have often seen the flipping of seats.
  13. The only chance that Harris will have to see the progressive agenda go forward is if Joe drops dead. Hopefully, that won't happen for many years. Look on the bright side, the Republicans have a chance of retaining control of the Senate if the run-offs in January come through for the Reps. With McConnell at the helm, the Dems have little chance of getting anything done let alone those put forward by the progressives. Executive orders only go so far and have time limits.
  14. Fear not, Betsy. The Cortez cohorts have little power within the party so they won't be disappearing anyone much as I am sure they would love too.
  15. The 'scary' part of the Democratic party are the Cortez bunch, Betsy. They are already demanding that Biden better tow their line. Poor Joe. Isn't even in office yet and he is facing divisions within his own party and the great divide within the country. The man doesn't need luck he needs a miracle.
  16. Whether he is 'at heart' a protectionist is not at issue. He may very well see the problems inherent in closing the country's doors to free trade. However, he is bound by his party's policies which clearly do not align with free trade.
  17. If........and so far that's a big 'if' evidence of fraud comes to light then all means should be taken to get to the bottom of it. It now appears that the DOJ will be investigating so let's leave it in there hands for now. BTW, congratulating Biden/Harris on their 'contested' win does not make me a supporter. I am just happy to see that the centrists won out over the progressives.
  18. No I am not a journalist, WestCan. I try my best to read as much material on both sides of an issue before forming an opinion and then commenting.
  19. Canada should beware Joe Biden’s ‘Buy American’ mentality With our southern neighbours' recent election of Joe Biden, many commentators and interest groups have expressed relief at the arrival of this career politician with a calmer tone than his predecessor’s. But when it comes to economics, can we really expect a less protectionist president who will smooth trade relations with our country? Like many international trade experts and diplomats, we do not think that this Democratic victory will necessarily mean freer trade between our two countries. While the disputes in the aluminum a
  20. What should happen next is for the great pretender to give it up. Exit gracefully and get on with what is left of his life. That however is a dim hope as this man has proven time and again to do exactly the opposite of what a sane intelligent caring human being would do. One might hope it won't come to the White House staff referred to by the President-Elect who are "well-equipped to deal with trespassers."
  21. While everyone appears to be focused on all these stalling tactics, I'm wondering just what the great pretender is actually up to. Joe won't be sworn in until January 21rst 2021. That gives the outgoing President plenty of time to do all manner of things not the least of which is issue pardons.
  22. I don't know of many elections in my lifetime where the dead weren't said to have voted. If I remember correctly, there have even been a couple of dead folks elected.
  23. A Big Win for Democrats in California Came With a Gut Check for Liberals Joe Biden received one of the highest margins in the nation in California, but a look at how the state’s ballot measures were decided shows a more complex picture of the electorate. OAKLAND, Calif. — The message that California voters sent in the presidential election was unequivocal: With almost two-thirds of ballots counted so far going for Joseph R. Biden Jr., the nation’s most populous state put up mammoth numbers for the Democrats. But dig a little deeper into the results and a more complex picture of
  24. Well if Joe makes it through his four years and decides to step down or is defeated in the next election, I fully expect that he will gracefully exit the White House. Just sayin'
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