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  1. It’s left wing election extortion.  Violence will subside only if Biden is elected.

  2. Justin Trudeau could literally shoot a person in the street, and his supporters would still defend him.

    1. mowich


      There is a kernel of truth in what Shady writes for there are political fanatics who will support their candidate no matter the issue and find, what is to them,  a plausible explanation for any type of situation.  I'm quite sure they could find one for the little potato shooting someone. 

      Mind you, we are not dealing with sound minds, so there is that.

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  3. Humboldt Broncos. My heart is broken.


    1. mowich


      Words are hard to come by when one is faced the enormity of such a tragedy.  The impact of which has reached far beyond the community of Humboldt and has brought people from all over Canada and around the world together in an outpouring of love and support for all those who have been affected by this horrific crash. 

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