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  1. Though the outcome was never in doubt, the intellectually challenged but ever self-righteous arbiters of woke aka the democrats chose to waste precious house time, putting aside all other matters of importance including addressing the ever increasing death toll due to the pandemic, the need for a stimulus bill to be passed and every other matter of note in order to hold their petty little trial that turned out to be little more than a theater of the absurd complete with home movies.  If this is an example of how democrats will govern America than there is nothing on Earth or in the 'heavens' that can help Americans. 

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  2. A San Francisco teacher has been ridiculed for her 'performative wokeness' after she claimed that viral Bernie Sanders wearing mittens at President Joe Biden's inauguration was a lesson in 'white privilege and male privilege.'

    High school teacher Ingrid Seyer-Ochi penned the San Francisco Chronicle op-ed published on Sunday, nearly two weeks after Sanders and his mittens took the internet by storm. 

    In it, she criticized the 79-year-old senator for wrapping up against the cold in his mittens and winter coat, while she claimed that his female colleagues, and especially women of color such as Vice President Kamala Harris, did not have the same opportunity to dress down for such a prestigious event.

    "Sen. Sanders is no white supremacist insurrectionist. But he manifests privilege, white privilege, male privilege and class privilege, in ways that my students could see and feel,' Seyer-Ochi, who earns six figures working for the San Francisco Unified School District, wrote.

    Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a high school teacher in San Franscisco, has received criticism after publishing an op-ed calling Bernie Sanders' mittens a lesson in 'white privilege'

    Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a high school teacher in San Franscisco, has received criticism after publishing an op-ed calling Bernie Sanders' mittens a lesson in 'white privilege'


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  3. 14 minutes ago, Aristides said:

    Then the US is doomed.

    Well they are doomed to lose their status as the world's biggest economy once the Chinese take first place.  What will happen then is only conjecture.  This new regime can do nothing to halt that progress but stand by and watch it happen. 

    "Meanwhile, China’s growth continues. And with every passing year, its weight in key markets increases. For commodities such as oil, it is by far the largest growth market. In 2018, it created a yuan-based futures contract, which amid the gyrations in dollar-priced oil markets in the spring of 2020 proved its worth as a safe haven. In Shanghai, the price of oil never went negative. Meanwhile, foreign investors are ever more attracted to the interest rates on offer on Chinese bonds. Almost 10 percent of China’s sovereign bonds are now foreign-owned. That share will increase as the bonds are included in the main indices. But this is welcome diversification rather than an immediate threat to dollar hegemony."


  4. 41 minutes ago, Petros said:

    That is because many of the cult is still brainwashed, and are going through an identity crisis. Give them several months, and the cult will die out.  With each passing day, more people are abandoning the MAGA sinking ship.  Hopefully, they will return to reality.

    Well good luck with that. pete.  People don't abandon their beliefs simply because a new regime takes over.  The fact is that over 70,0000 people voted for the orange man.  I doubt all of them were cultists.  I also doubt that Biden's agenda is going to do anything to change their minds. 

  5. 24 minutes ago, Petros said:



    America once again has a competent leader for the first time in four years. Hopefully Biden can undo some of the damage that raging lunatic did in his four years of terror. America needs to regain it's standing in the World. We must make sure a man like Trump never is allowed to circumvent democracy again.

    Congratulations, President Joe Biden.

    Wishful thinking that Canadians can do anything about who is or is not Pres, pete. It will be most interesting to watch US politics in the next two years before the next Senate elections in 2022.  Biden has a tough row to hoe what with the goon squad nipping continuously nipping at his heels, making outrageous demands and attempting to cancel anyone that refuses to march in lock-step.  I wish him luck.  He will need every bit he can garner.

  6. On 12/6/2020 at 2:24 AM, betsy said:

    You know what.....I'm not in a hurry to get the vaccine.  Vaccines seems to have been rushed up, that it's actually spooking me.  That they all went through trials is well and good - a couple of months? - that, it still makes me wonder about side-effects in the long run, like a year after?

    I'm okay with waiting at the end of the line.

    I'll be at the back of the line with you Betsy.  The possible long term effects are still a question in my mind.

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  7. 18 hours ago, bcsapper said:

    Well, I used "plumbers" because that's who you usually call when everything is plugged with shit.  I didn't know about Nixon's plumbers. 

    I wonder if that's why he used the name.

    "On Thanksgiving evening of 1971, David Young arrived home from his planning at the Special Investigative Unit, when his grandmother asked him, "What do you do at the White House?" He replied, "I am helping the president stop some leaks." She exclaimed, "Oh, you're a plumber!" Young, E. Howard Hunt, and G. Gordon Liddy then put up a sign on their office with the title "The Plumbers" but it was taken down since their covert operations were supposed to be top secret. Still, the name stuck for the group.[3]"


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  8. On 2/20/2020 at 10:02 AM, Zeitgeist said:

    The truth is that any community that relies on outside funding to remain in a particular location is unsustainable.  Other than transitional funding away from such a location, no matter how "sovereign" one might consider the place, no ongoing outside funding should be provided.  On what basis, being a member of a select race?  It's just wrong.  All conversations about Indigenous issues always end on that note.  No self-determination without self-sustainability.  Those communities that can survive on their own without infusions from the outside, that can collect their own taxes to pay completely for their own services, are indeed independent.  How many such communities are there in Canada that could do that?  I'm also talking about covering the costs of health and education, of course, as currently taxpayers are paying for those for Indigenous.   Independence has to mean independence.  Almost always, when I hear about calls for greater autonomy, there is a request for more programs or funding from taxpayers.  Land claims will continue to go through the courts (unless Canada ceases to exist), but what value does that property have if it can't be privately owned and exchanged?  Reserve land that can't be sold ties Indigenous to one geographic location because that's where the free land and tax benefits are.  Indigenous status cards are another form of race-based privilege that creates pressure to only intermarry within the tribe.  It's retrograde, unhealthy institutionalized segregation and dependence.  No real progress can take place with the Indian Act, status cards, and the current reservation system in my opinion.  My opinion, however, will be construed as "colonial".  The way forward has to come from Indigenous.  

    Agreed in full. Very well put.

  9. On 2/20/2020 at 9:19 AM, Rue said:

    I isolate the above words. They get to the heart f one of the continuing legal issues. When Canada's non indigenous government created the structure of the myriad of indigenous nations we mixed unelected (inherited, bloodline Chiefs) with elected ones. That in itself has created problems as has a lack of uniformity in approaching business by the Chiefs of each nation. Some take kick-backs and look the other way and do not spent it on their communities but hoard it for themselves. Some engage in actually very creative and constructive alliances with businesses employing people from their nations and protecting their environment and building infrastructure in their communities...and  some do not trust any form of Western business and shun it. Because of that there is no uniform approach and its very complex as technically each nation among the nations is equal in legal authority and there is no strong leader who can unify these nations at this time. As well some nations have unpaid bills from businesses and still seek compensation for  violated treaties while others do not as they have been compensated. 

    The nations within the nation of nations are split. That now  requires an indigenous  politician with a backbone to be able to sit down and talk with vision and leadership and rally disparate causes and interests.

    Me Z I personally believe the whole reservation system was created because it was an exercise in couching or sanitizing or containing indigenous people in open air prisons and keeping them separate from European settlers. That was then. Dwelling on the past simply prevents moving ahead. Yes the reservation system was part of an exercise to jail people without using walls. Its time to take those walls or reservations down.  Enough already. Its time to  focus on what can be done now to heal any remainingconflicts. It is also  time to deal head on with the corruption within the indigenous self governing structure and with the ineptitude in our own federal government's handing of the indigenous portfolio. The question is will anyone surface from the indigenous and on indigenous communities who can do this?  It certainly won't be Prince Justin of Trudeau or his Band of Merry Men, Bill, Seamus, etc.


    What it will take is strong Indigenous leadership from bands that have proven to be successful, whose communities have secure employment and the necessities of life.  There are many of them across this country and it is past time they step up and show other indigenous communities that looking forward not backward, working with - not against - provincial and federal governments will help them to attain their goals.

  10. On 11/24/2020 at 4:50 PM, bcsapper said:

    Given the craziness they are rescuing them from, they probably should be known as "The Plumbers".

    Considering that 'The Plumbers' was the name given to Nixon's illegal goon squads, I doubt that using it for the Dems is a good choice..........but then, that's just me.

    "The White House Plumbers, sometimes simply called the Plumbers, the " Room 16 Project ," or more officially, the White House "Special Investigations Unit" was a covert White House Special Investigations Unit, established within a week after the publication of the "Pentagon Papers" in June 1971, during the presidency of Richard Nixon. "

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Plumbers#:~:text=The White House Plumbers%2C sometimes simply called the,June 1971%2C during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

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  11. On 12/4/2020 at 9:25 AM, taxme said:

    I am still baffled by people like you when the liberal party leader of BC says that he was going to abolish ICBC and cut the PST for a year to help people along during these terrible times of a plandemic and yet you go and vote NDP. Not to bright a thing to have done. So, you must be a socialist then and you appear to me as though you do not know all that much about politics. Just saying. ;)

    Throwing my vote away on the liberals who had not a chance in hell of winning? Nope.

  12. On 10/27/2020 at 9:43 AM, taxme said:

    It's now official. Welcome to socialism and communism in BC. The buffoons In BC have now spoken and they prefer to have more government, more taxes and less freedom in their lives. I always knew that most of the people living in BC were socialists and communists and this election now has proven that. If one is looking for economic growth in BC they best go elsewhere. BC is not open for business. All we are going to get now here in BC is more big government. The buffoons that voted for the NDP have no idea what they have just done to themselves. 

    The liberals wanted to get rid of ICBC and abolish the PST for one year and the buffoons passed that up. Why would anyone living in BC want to pass that up? This only proves that the buffoons in BC want more government and more taxes and thus they will get their wish. Just wait until the lies and farce about Convid20 gets up and running. They the people are really their own worse enemy. Aw well. :unsure:

    The only choice in this election was the NDP, ts at least for this buffoon.  Blame it on that silly woman elected to head the green party for demanding that Horgan stay an election till 2021.  After enduring four dismal years of Weaver and his ilk stymieing any efforts by the NDP to advance our economy, I was determined they would be shut-out this time around.  Seeing them left with only two seats did my heart good.  IMO, the NDP are not hard-line socialists nor are they by any means communist - those labels better apply to the aforementioned greens.  Also, IMO, Horgan has done a decent job during the pandemic and I believe that with a majority government he will continue to do so.  Sometimes the people get it right and this was one of those times.

  13. On 8/11/2020 at 2:11 PM, dialamah said:

    I think it should be addressed earlier on - most people don't kill anyone the first time they drive drunk and usually have previous court appearances. 

    My opinion is that a first offense results in those in-vehicle breathalizers and out-patient addiction treatment of a minimum six months, will jail time for non compliance   Second  offense - in-person addction treatment, six months minimum and minimum one year loss of licence.  Third offense, jail time, probation and loss of licence until proof of long term sobriety  - at least a year, maybe as long as 5 years.

    Or something along those lines.  I've a friend who realized he had to stop driving drunk when he smucked up a work vehicle and had to use the in-vehicle breathalyzers in his work truck as well as his personal vehicle.  Ever since, he's been religious about using transit or taxi if he's been drinking.

    I find those to be very sensible solutions, Dia. 

  14. On 11/14/2020 at 7:14 PM, Moonlight Graham said:

    If you represent Canadians as the PM you could bother to swing by at least one of the parades, especially if all the other parties are.

    If you disagree with homosexuality you're a turd bigot and your religious beliefs shouldn't be a cover for it.  In several Muslim countries homosexuals are put to death.

    If the PM chooses to march in parades then he should march in all parades no matter who is holding them.  Fair is fair.  But if he only chooses to march in gay parades he is doing little more than virtue-signalling while showing his disdain for the participants of other parades. 

  15. On 11/3/2020 at 8:26 AM, Queenmandy85 said:

    Taxme, you really have no concept of what it was like to live under actual communism. There was a guy at work who was born in the Soviet Union in the last days of Stalin and was unable to get out until the collapse of the communists. He hated communism but had a special rage against people who called anyone on the left a communist. He called it an insult to people who actually lived under communism. 

    Read Solzhenitsyn.

    I wonder.  Would the same apply to those who lived under Nazi rule when they hear anyone on the right labelled as such? 

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  16. On 11/2/2020 at 11:21 AM, taxme said:

    BC has pretty much become the socialist/communist capital of Canada where fun has now been outlawed. If this farce of a Convid 19 lie is allowed to continue on here in BC and in the rest of Canada then we will all learn as to what it is like living in a communist country. And I can guarantee you that you ain't going to like it, pardner.

    Just keep listening to those lying Canadian comrade politicians and the lying Canadian PRAVDA media, and those so called health lying experts like comrades Bonnie Henry and comrade T. Tam and you will end up with communism very soon. 

    When people can get out there and have fun like we once were able to do we were all happy and joyous. Look at us today? All going around and looking like a bunch of zombie buffoons wearing face diaper masks and social distancing and some even locking themselves down for fear of catching a non-existent real dangerous China virus. 

    I say that we should all get back to the old normal days and ways of doing things and let's all get out there and have fun and dam the consequences. Herd immunity is the answer to control this Convid 19 virus, not lock downs. Works for me. :D

    "BC has pretty much become the socialist/communist capital of Canada......."  I get a kick out of people who presume they have the right to speak for the population of province as if they were all in the grip of some great mind meld.  Fact is, you don't even speak for a significant percentage of Vancouver's population let alone the entire province.  FYI the Heartland of our province has proved time and again to be pretty darn conservative so your comment in totally baseless.

    Fun is many things to many people.  Those of us who were born prior to the advent of television know well how to keep ourselves happy and are managing to do so following all of Dr Henry's guidelines.  So happiness isn't dead in our little corner of the world.  It sad that such is not the case in yours.

  17. On 11/18/2020 at 4:57 AM, sidewinder said:

    You might become paranoid if you use facebook a lot and google "centra"

    Then read this and make up your own mind


    I was watching the hearings when Zuck was asked that question and almost laughed my butt off when he replied that he had no knowledge of it.  As if.  I found the hearings really informative but was not that surprised to hear about the tracking that goes on across platforms.  That they are getting away with it - now that is alarming. 

  18. 10 hours ago, betsy said:

    I'm having a hard time processing this latest news.   It's questionable enough how come extending Christmas break for schools is "out of the question," but today the news report says that Quebec allows gatherings of up to 250 people in RED zones!

    Quebec is among the top hardest hit province!


    I don't know what's happening.   Either our elected officials are running around like chickens with their heads cut off- clueless, really and just giving us so much talking point full of bs......


    ..............or, the conspiracy theories are true!  That covid-19 is being used more for politics and isn't as serious as being portrayed by WHO, UN, liberal governments and media!

    What is happening is that our elected officials are doing their best to make sure that Canadians get the latest updates on what where Canada is at in all jurisdictions with the virus, the latest on pandemic guidelines and how they are planning on getting more covid testing sites available.   Have they been perfect - no but I do believe they are working in our best interests. 

    Conspiracy theories?  Please, Betsy.  Are you a flat-earther by chance?  Just wondering. 

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