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  1. CTV covered a good portion of the Cohen hearings, bush-cheney. So we got treated to two leader's being thrown under the bus on the same day. Great day for political junkies.
  2. I just bet the little potato is burning up the phone lines to his old pal Gerry. "Help me, Gerry......help me." LOL
  3. Anyone taking bets that his climate barbie will hang in until the bitter end?
  4. I particularly applaud her - being the first of the one's who've left - for stating clearly that she has lost confidence in the government.
  5. So much for the little potato hoping his latest money give-away would head the news tonight - not a chance in hell of that happening now. This will rule the news all night.
  6. The left wing - most especially the liberal arm of it - cares nothing about the West, Alberta or it's unemployed workers. They will resort to any tactics to try and save Eastern jobs though as is being witnessed now.
  7. Almost zero chance of that happening now that she's crossed the party line and told the truth about what happened while she was acting AG. The PM all but said that she's a goner. Of course, she could always join the Greenies or NDP and give it a run there. I would never want to see her join our party though - not interested in native activists with leftist agendas.
  8. Well they didn't go far considering he was in Montreal when he made his remarks about JWR's testimony. The only thing missing were the buses.
  9. After listening to his remarks in Montreal today, it appears that he is in for the short run - up to the election. JWR's future however is definitely in peril if what the PM stated today. "I completely disagree with the former attorney general’s version of events,” he said, adding he had not ruled out whether she will remain a Liberal MP or be allowed to run for the party in the fall election. “I haven’t listened to all her testimony and I won’t decide before I do.”
  10. I agree that while still acting AG she probably could not resign. However, once she was pushed out and given Vet Affairs, she had evry opportunity to come forward. She did eventually resign but only after the 'still in cabinet' remarks by JT. Moot point though as it looks like her tenure as a liberal MP may soon be over if JT's remarks today are any indication of her future with the party.
  11. Ah but she did - in her FB post after her removal from the AG post and again in the committee meeting today.
  12. Wrong. She ratted him out big time. She ratted out the PMO, the clerk of the Privy Council. Finally we know the truth behind all the PMs lies and subterfuge.
  13. So now we know that continuous and sustained pressure was put on the former AG and she stood her ground. I applaud her for that. What I do not and will not condone is the fact that she should have come forward with her concerns. She should have resigned her post instead of waiting until the PM stupidly said she was still in cabinet.
  14. Watching the Cohen hearing right now. Republicans on committee are losing their minds over his testimony and their tempers.
  15. Should that ever happen we might as well just hand over control of the country to the native activists. Now wouldn't that be a fine thing considering that they can't even run their own reserves competently. Wilson-Raybould may very well be in this for herself as most politicians are but that in no way makes her good PM material. We've already seen what electing a drama teacher to the position has done to our country thus giving an activist native control would be the complete and total ruin of our country.
  16. Not too worry, Army Guy..........just wanted you to know that not all BCer's are in lock-step with the NIMBYs on the Left Coast. I completely agree that the ROC should not be held hostage to the leftist policies of the BC government. Unfortunately, we too are ignored and dismissed by them so there is little we can do except support all those who oppose their far left policies.
  17. While you make some very valid points, I would like to remind you that not all BCers are in lock-step with the idiots on the Left Coast. Those of us in the Interior of the province have supported and still support Alberta getting its product to market by pipeline. But then the leftist media bias in this country is not interested in opposing views so I doubt you would have known that.
  18. Also as a Conservative, the last person I want is someone whose known beliefs are in lock-step with the leftist ideologies of the liberal party. She is so steeped in that BS I doubt she could ever change her ways. Best she stays right where she is and quietly sinks into oblivion with the rest of her lib buddies.
  19. You may very well be right but until .........or if, she is ever allowed to tell her side of this unholy mess, we will never know what actually happened. I have very little faith that this so-called Justice Committee will resolve the matter. IMO, only an open and public inquiry where all those involved are allowed to speak openly and truthfully will the truth behind this scandal be revealed.
  20. She may be appearing before the Justice Committee but the question remains - will she be forthcoming or will she continue to cry privilege or, on the advice of her lawyer refuse to answer certain questions. The small amount of respect that she may have erodes with every time she refuses to come forward and speak.
  21. Wilson-Raybauld is the last person the Conservative Party needs as a candidate steeped as she is in the liberal ideology of minorities first and the majority can go hang themselves. Her politics in no way align with those of intelligent thinking Canadians. They do align well with those whose 'feeling's' govern their politics instead of logic.
  22. It may not have been 'all on her' when this story first broke but it sure is now. The fact that she still maintains her silence in spite of having met with her lawyer, says so much about what she considers important in this matter - and it sure isn't that the truth should come sooner rather than later. Stay silent JWR and the drama will continue.
  23. It has nothing what-so-ever to do with ethnicity or gender, scribblet - no matter how much certain activists are trying to make it so. Some folks just feel they have to make themselves seem so much more important than they really are - sad that.
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