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  1. Anyone still wondering why they call it the 'Left Coast'........stay tuned the reasons will be on full display in the coming days.
  2. Today the Liberal government of Canada approved Line 3 and Kinder Morgan but said no to Northern Gateway pipelines. I fully support all these decisions. This is good for ALL Canadians.
  3. No. The foundation is just an aside to the real story which is the fact that the PM sees no apparent need to follow the rules he himself outlined concerning pay-for-play. It would also be refreshing if he would stick around to face the music himself instead of leaving to the other members of his government........who so far are doing a really poor job.
  4. The MSM does not seem to be too interested Boges. I did several searches trying to follow up on the article. I finally came across this website which is the official student newspaper for St Francis Xavier university - one of the unis to be a recipient of the satellite transmission of Ms Henein's talk - Bishop University in Antigonish, NS is the hosting body. Unless you have a strong stomach, I'd bypass the article and read the comments at the bottom of the page. I'm glad I did as it was refreshing to read articulate commentary upholding the need for open debate on our university campuses. http://www.mogaznews.com/en/World-News/259895.html
  5. Chuck Strahl, a former Conservative MP, resigned from a directorship of the Trudeau Foundation because the Liberals were invoking his name when unsuccessfully trying to extricate their leader from charges of influence peddling. “While I have always supported the goals of the foundation to promote discussion of and education in the humanities, I am unwilling to be used as a foil for the Liberal Party of Canada, who has chosen to use my participation in foundation activities as some sort of cover for their own questionable conduct,” Mr. Strahl told foundation president Morris Rosenberg. " http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ex-mp-chuck-strahl-resigns-from-trudeau-foundation/article33014375/ Grasping at straws they are.........those liberals.
  6. I was ready to head off and read some of the political joke thread. Glad I didn't this is the best laugh I have had in ages. All of you are simply quite wonderful. Thank you so much for all the chuckles. This is a great forum, one of the best on the net. Personal insults, etc. do not have a place here I agree. However, I did not realize that I could not refer to Paul Martin as "D......s". sorry. I will have to make sure that I do not go over the line, would hate to be banned from such an entertaining site. Mowich
  7. Hello Nocrap; Not a grandma but old enough to be one. Don't know what you are apologizing for but admire the fact that you felt you had to and did so. In the case of postings as you see some people do not have the vocabulary necessary to maintain a sedate form of posting, don't let it get to you. I am a Conservative and yet I will jump all over them when I don't agree with what they are doing. I don't believe in blindly following the party line and always reserve the right to criticise my own party as well as others. It is a free society and debate helps keep it that way. Post on Nocrap, I will be reading you. Mowich
  8. I have been a Conservative since Stephen Harper won the party leadership race. Before that, I was a Reformer. I campaigned for the party; blogged on their behalf; persuaded friends to give them a chance; proudly marched into the polling station and gave them my vote; and on election eve I watched as they took enough seats to form a minority government. I was ecstatic. On the day, that Stephen Harper took the oath of office and became our Prime Minister I again watched every moment of the ceremony, sometimes with tears of joy in my eyes. I had but one fleeting moment of hesitation when I heard that David Emerson had ‘crossed the floor’ and would be sworn in as a Cabinet minister. Caught up in the euphoria I never gave it a second thought, then. The second thought came a day later as the headlines screamed of Emerson’s ‘betrayal’. I soon found myself thinking back to how I felt when Belinda Stronach crossed the floor. I realized that I did not support this move at all. In fact, I thought it smacked of cheap opportunism and political expediency. I kept these thoughts to myself. When I did write about the appointment it was only to state that Mr. Emerson, in my opinion should sit as an independent. Adding that, were I a Liberal supporter in his constituency I too would be extremely upset. As time went on, the furor refused to abate, and neither Mr. Harper nor Mr. Emerson would address the issue. I began to have some misgivings. Surely, I thought someone would step up and talk to the public. If the PM, and if Emerson felt that this was right and just, then why were neither of them willing to speak on the matter? Misgiving gave way to skepticism. I knew of course that Stephen Harper did not like the media. I knew it was not his way to comment on every little thing he did, nor was he one for photo ops. Still that was before he was Prime Minister of my country. That was before he had a responsibility to speak on matters that were of importance to Canadian citizens. This was obviously important and he said nothing. The days passed and my uncertainty simmered. It seemed that the Emerson affair was loosing steam in the media. Then the Shapiro inquiry was announced. The PM finally spoke and his words dashed any hope that here, finally, he would allay my suspicions. Instead of speaking to the Emerson issue he took umbrage with the inquiry and refused all cooperation, then disappeared back to his office. Not another word did he speak on this or any other subject not related to the now famous, Five Pillars of the campaign. The few press conferences he held were short, and to the point, a few questions were taken and then he was gone again. Then he appeared as by magic in Afghanistan. How in hell did he get there, my mind wondered, stupidly? Not a single word had leaked about his visit. I was dumb-founded; truly, that he could have such iron-fisted control over the news was simply overwhelming. I give him credit for the visit, it is important that he show his support in this manner. I also give him credit for not making a political show out of the trip, as a previous PM had. Still, it was a masterful show of the power he wields when it comes to containing leaks. So masterful in fact that it should have set off warning bells in my head. Nevertheless, it did not; I was content in the moment. Again, it was not to be for long. This announcement today makes me very angry. It reeks of despotism. The last time I checked everyone including cabinet ministers and government officials had the right of free speech. Not anymore, not if you are a member of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. Makes me wonder what draconian measure he may have up his sleeve for the ROC. He does not have the right to muzzle people this way. He simply does not. I agree that matters of national security should be vetted, but not to speak or write, at all, about anything, unless the PMO clears it? Get real. I will be one of the first to applaud any Conservative in government who has the back bone to stand up and refute this edict, it can not go unchallenged. This is no less than a form of tyranny. Mr. Harper is telling his government and the Canadian people that he cannot rely on the intelligence of his own people. He does not trust them. In effect, he is saying that he and he alone is capable of conceiving messages for public dispensation. He is denying cabinet ministers and bureaucrats the right to free speech. This proclamation does nothing but stir up resentment, well-founded resentment. It does not foster teamwork or unity. It is divisive. It makes puppets of them all. The Puppet Master would do well to watch his back. This is a minority government. Unity must be unequivocal. This measure works against that unity. If Stephen Harper wants to lead his party to a majority in the next election he better get down off his throne and start spending some time with the common people. I am not happy with him. I am very displeased with his actions. He will have to work very hard to regain the trust I once had in him. I am a Conservative supporter. If I am this upset, imagine how all the borderline voters must feel. Mr. Harper still has a chance to turn things around; he can begin by apologizing publicly to his ministers and other government members for his lack of faith. He can restore their ability to speak for themselves. Then he can come out of his office more often and talk to us. He can reign in his inherent disregard for the media. It is the only method he has in which to reach the millions of Canadians who deserve to hear from their Prime Minister, more frequently. So suck it up Stephen and start acting like a human being. Or, this could very well be your swan song.
  9. The fact is that our troops are in Afganistan, whether we Canadians like it or not. We should have an open debate on the subject. However, as long as our men and women are putting their lives on the line, they deserve our complete support. I applaud Mr. Harper for his visit and hope that it does indeed help the troop morale.
  10. Much as I would dearly love to see the liberal assholes tried and fried I would never agree with spending the millions of taxpayers dollars it would take to bring them to court and see the process through the ensuing appeals. As was said they are out of power now and for a long time to come. Let's get on with governing the country.
  11. The reality is that nothing can be done to stop someone from crossing the floor. I would never support any form of legislation that would attempt to stop the practise. I do not like the fact but I will live with it rather than trying to impose any form of restriction. As can be seen from the last election Stronach's supporters were quite happy with her move to the liberal bench, at least they were when they thought she would be in government able to work for them in a place of power. Emmerson will need to seek another venue in which to run as his constituency is not a Conservative strong hold.
  12. I am a staunch Conservative supporter, elated that we now form the government, albeit a minority. Having Emmerson in Cabinet tasked with the job of overseeing the Gateway Project, the 2010 Olympics and working to settle the Softwood lumber dispute is a shrewd political move. Instead of being shut-out by sitting in the Opposition benches Emmerson can now work for the people of our province in a constructive manner. He has a reputation of taking on big projects and seeing them through to completion. The Vancouver airport expansion project was one of his biggest coups and thanks to him we now have a world class facility. Having been chief CEO of Canfor, BC's largest forestry company he has intimate knowledge that will enable him to deal effectively with the US. The 2010 Olympics are important not only to BC but all of Canada with Emmerson at the Federal level, able to assist the Provincial government when and if they need advice or help the chances of hosting a world class event have vastly improved. Does the defection sit well with me? No, it doesn't. Do I wish that our representative from Vancouver had been elected by his constituents to the House, yes I do. Were I one of those who voted him in as a Liberal I too would be extremely upset. Though I understand the political expediency behind this move and as stated do realize the benefit to my province, I am not at all happy with the manner in which it was handled. I am much more comfortable with the Fortier appointment to the Senate as once the government is able to bring forward legislation which enables the election of members to the Senate, he will have to step down and run for office. Though we now have both Vancouver and Montreal with representation in Ottawa I do wish the entire matter had been above board and more in line with the ethical standards of the party.
  13. I believe that Google made the right choice. After all people are not stupid and if they want information they will get, Google just makes it that much easier. By restricting some of the searches yet remaining viable in China they left the door open to easing such restrictions in the future. Yes China has much to do in terms of democratic reform. The documentary China Rises has touched on many of the inequalities and corruption that exists at all levels of the system. However who would have believed two decades ago that Shanghai would now be a bastion of capitalism. Reform will come when the people of China are ready to demand it, it is their decision to make not ours. Denying them even a restricted use of Google is just another form of repression.
  14. Thank you tml12 I will check this site out. C?
  15. It is not the fact the Gomery is/was biased that is the news. The news is that not only did he allow an insider privileged data while excluding all other media, he did so by breaking his own rules of procedure. Francois Perrault used taxpayers money to write a book using information gained through communication with Gomery and witnesses. No other legitimate member of the media was allowed such direct access. Hell no other reporter/journalist was allowed within ten meters of the hearing while Perrault sat front and center busily typing away. C/
  16. As I watched one good man after another withdraw their names from leadership contention I couldn't help but wonder, what do they know that we don't? Perhaps they were privy to further charges against the previous government. Did they know that the DND was under investigation and charges would be laid against a former manager? Did they know about the book written by a Gomery insider? Do they know of other pending investigations? Or are they simply too smart to associate themselves with a party so steeped in corruption that the stink will last for decades. Whatever the reason they were quick to act. Personally I hope the libs choose the terminally arrogant Scott Brison, what a gift he would be to the Conservatives.
  17. What surprises me is that not one reporter in the English media has even hinted at this news. I posted this news on my blog yesterday after also reading Kinsella's blog. Gomery is delivering the last of his report today and I am wondering if anyone will ask him about this book. Will be watching to see. C/
  18. I recently caught a broadcast from a US station that was hosted by a man called Michael Savage. After listening to him I then googled his name and was taken to his web-site. Reading through his pages I became even more interested in this man. He speaks to the extreme right and is outrageous in his comments on many topics. I do not agree with much of what he has to say but I do feel the need to learn more about him. I am wondering if anyone knows where I might find information about him.
  19. A storm of protest blew across the world yesterday with news of the Hamas victory in the Palestinian election. Hair stood erect on my neck as I viewed the election ads presented by the Hamas party. They gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘attack ads’. Identity masked by black hoods, rows of men knelt side by side, machine guns poised to fire. The message clearly spoke to the terrorist arm of this party. The Islamic Resistance Movement aka Hamas was formed to fight for the liberation of Palestine. In this instance the word should be, and is taken, literally. The followers of Hamas have dedicated their lives to freeing Palestine from the ‘Zionist’ hordes by any method, but most notably that of complete and total annihilation. According to the Hamas interpretation of Allah’s words, they are to seek out and murder every Jew on the land: “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say ‘O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’.” According to the 1988 founding convenant of Hamas ‘initiative, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of Hamas. Jihad they say is the only solution; everything else is a waste of time. Whereas the Israelis have taken steps to remove their peoples from certain areas of Palestine, Hamas is not appeased -for them it is truly all or nothing. That they will do all to achieve their goal is implicit in their charter. Allah they say commands them to do so, thus armed with religious fervor they give their lives to the fight. Hamas has ties to Al-Qaeda, in leadership and recruitment areas. Al-Qaeda has decreed that all nations are on notice of terrorist attacks who do not support the Jihadist view. Not only these terrorist groups that are to be feared; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons, which will be used against Israel. He has long been a Holocaust denier stating that it is a hoax and that the murder of six million Jews is a ‘fairy tale.’ Should there still be doubt concerning the threat posed, the fact that other Muslim leaders continually refuse to vociferously condemn such words and actions, must lay that to rest. Even the so-called mainstream Arab media’s are willingly abetting the terrorists by joining in the Holocaust denial and blaming ‘the sons of Zion’ for ‘manufacturing the Holocaust’ and ‘ manipulating the new world order’. In the eyes of Hamas, Al-Qaeda and others, I am an infidel, an unbeliever, as I do not worship Allah. Therefore, I am a potential target for elimination. Personally, I am not worried that this will happen, as there is no local branch of Hamas ready to hunt me down. However, my country Canada is a Christian based nation and it is a target for this group as it does not bow down to the Allah espoused by such groups and never will. The election of this terrorist organization should be a clear call for those of us who value life and liberty. We can no longer stand idly by as nations of the world stand threatened for once they have been conquered so shall we be. Let there be no mistake of interpretation here as long as we stand for freedom of thought, religion and ideal we are in danger. As long as we refuse to support the ideals of terrorist organizations, we are will remain enemies of the jihad and in line for future elimination. The war has already begun though not a bomb has been dropped on Canadian soil. It began with our lax immigration policies and inept screening of candidates for entrance into Canada. It continued with the allowance of a known terrorist to treatment for wounds received fighting for a Al-Queda in Afghanistan in a Canadian hospital. It was further tested when certain Muslims strove to have Sharia law enshrined as their right for justice in Canadian law. Let me be perfectly clear - I am not condemning Muslims as a whole, not in any way. I am condemning the militant arm of an organization called Hamas and anyone who supports them. Were I a Muslim I would do all I could to stand against them, speak out at every opportunity in support of Canadian ideals and rights. Were I a Muslim I would strive to distance myself from any taint associated with this aberration of Allah’s creed. I believe Canadians of all religious persuasions should stand together in opposition of this election, democratic though it was. It makes a mockery of all democratic states in the world. If we do not voice loudly our abhorrence of this terrorist group, if we stay silent while they work to achieve their goals, we will be as guilty as those citizens of Germany who did nothing to stop Hitler. But this time it will not only be Jews who suffer and die, in time it will be all citizens of all nations who do not worship the Allah of Hamas. A definite move in this direction would be to adopt the proposal by the Centre for the Study of Democracy at Queen’s University. This organization has put forward two papers which promote the inception of a new organization they would call ‘Democracy Canada.’ Specifically it would be an important plank in our foreign policy platform. Reporting directly to Parliament, not the Government, it would assume the role of teaching people of other nations the necessary steps in developing and implementing democratic processes eventually leading to democratic elections. Composed of members from all parties, itself truly non-partisan, it would become an important tool for Canada in spreading the goals and ideals of democracy around the world. For those who share my views - and I hope that all thinking Canadians would - I urge you to write your local MP informing them of your wish that they get on board the Democracy Canada initiative. Stand up for Canada by taking positive approaches in spreading true democracy around the world. In addition ask that they support all measures ensuring that immigration policies promote the entrance of worthy applicants while barring any chance that even one single terrorist suspect be allowed across our borders. Terminology: Jihad - A Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels. Zi·on·ism An organized movement of world Jewry that arose in Europe in the late 19th century with the aim of reconstituting a Jewish state in Palestine. Modern Zionism is concerned with the development and support of the state of Israel. C/
  20. Okay folks, the topics have been posted, our views have been commented on and discussed now its time to show that we stand behind our convictions. Get out and vote. Urge your family to do the same. Drive those unable to do so themselves to the polls. Put the rhetoric and histrionics behind us and mark your ballot. Let us show the world that how our country is governed matters to us. Let's get the vote out. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a voter turnout that hits the high 70's or more. So let us do everything we can to ensure that everyone we know has the opportunity to vote today.
  21. What a wonderful example of tolerance and respect. Betsy can stand up for herself but I couldn't help but respond to this shallow attack from someone who obviously does not realize that the Reform party no longer exists, unfortunately. Makes me wonder who is paying you. C/
  22. Betsy I am so proud of you for taking such a visible interest in the political process, most especially as you have come from another country. I too welcome you and thank you for choosing Canada as your new country. I am a Wiccan, not a Christian, the principle behind Wicca is "and it harm none, do what you will'. Another principle is the respect due others for their beliefs, which I fully support. I am also a vegetarian. I am not a vegan. There is a difference. I still eat poultry, fish and dairy products. I stopped eating beef and pork when my doctor told me it would help my arthritis. He was right, it did. However when I am invited for dinner I do not impose my diet on my hosts. I gratefully accept their hospitality and food. One meal does not make a difference to my health. I believe that everyone deserves my respect and understanding unless the views they hold are indecent or inhuman. This of course includes everyone who holds opposing political views. I have always held to the belief that the more diverse our ideologies in Canada the better chance we have of attaining the kind of country we can all be proud to call our home.
  23. Good point Betsy. I have been wondering about this myself. There is an almost terrifying 'desperation' behind Martin's remarks these last few days. I can't believe that is simply losing his position as PM. I don't believe it is because he cares about Canada, he has proven the opposite for too many years. So what is it that has him screaming lies about the other parties? So yes I do believe that once the Conservatives form the government and start looking into the finances they will uncover more fraud, more corruption and more liberal ineptitude. C/
  24. In rank order. If there is a tie, it’s up to you to decide. CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA 9 of your answers match the ideas of this party: health care, early childhood, parliamentary reform, taxes, economy, relations with provinces, international aid, gun control, environment . LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA 2 of your answers match the ideas of this party: employment insurance, national defence . BLOC QUÉBÉCOIS 1 of your answers match the ideas of this party: education .
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