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  1. As Mr. Harper correctly pointed out during the discussions with Peter Mansbridge and audience, most new PMs had little or no experience on the International stage. I do not see his lack of exposure in any way diminishing his capacity to represent us during talks with foreign leaders. If anything I believe that other heads of state will welcome his forthrightness and see it as a refreshing change from the wishy-washy, policy flipping of Martin.. I can't believe I had to get to the last page before we actually got back on topic. M/ Three days to go and it won't matter a whit anyway. Mr. Harper will form the next government with my blessings and best wishes. Canadians will wake up to a new way of governance on Jan. 24th. GO CONSERVATIVES.
  2. This is an interesting topic August. I too wonder how much of an effect blogs have had. I for one started blogging at the beginning of this campaign as I found it a great way to engage others in political discussions. One of my favorite bloggers is Warren Kinsella, read him daily, he is quoted often and by all but the libs (I wonder why, not). Also Bourque Newswatch is a good read daily. I live in a rural area an hour from the village of 1OO Mile House, BC. The major newspapers we get are The Vancouver Sun, The Province, The National Post and The Globe and Mail. I was a daily reader of the Post and Sun and less frequently the G&M. Now I read all the dailies I want on-line and find that I am much better informed for doing so. Whether blogging will influence politics or the way campaigns are run in the future is still debatable I think. I do believe that politicians should start paying more attention to them and to forums such as this one as they are a wonderful opportunity to understand how voters are thinking and feeling.
  3. The Ultimate in Superficiality Being a CPAC devotee and dedicated political news junkie I have had ample opportunity over the weeks of this campaign to listen as voters speak of their reasons for not choosing certain candidates. I have heard people say they won’t vote for a person because they don’t like his hair; his eyes; his smile; his moustache; his gestures; her voice; the way she chooses to dress; her nasal tone, or the one that I truly love (not) that they are sneaky. Sneaky? Evil and scary are words they throw out but when questioned as to why they feel that way, have no concrete answer. I have listened slack-jawed as they spew venom about policies, which exist only in their imagination. They have spoken about events that never took place and promises never made. I should admire their tenacity as they cling to these statements in the face of facts presented to them, yet I feel only despair of their incognizance and the magnitude of their shallowness. I find myself questioning their rationale. What is it, if anything, that motivates these people? Do they not realize that their vote is precious and valuable? Do they not know that there are thousands of people in this world whose lives are threatened or ended because they have the courage to go to a polling station? Yet, there they stand in all their misplaced superiority telling the watchers these scurrilous reasons behind their vote. How dare they. How bloody dare they. I am angered and outraged. I want to shake them and tell them to have some sense of decency. I want to be there with them at that moment and question them until they have finally come to the end of their faulty reasoning, willing them to listen to someone who does value the electoral process. I want to tell them how, no matter the times, I have voted and been disappointed; my vote is precious to me. It is a right won for me by men and women who died to make it so. I honor those men and those women by informing myself of the policies and platforms, which are presented by the various parties. When I go to mark my ballot I know exactly why I am voting for that person and I can defend my vote knowing that it is based on a thorough knowledge of my candidate and their party. My vote is a reminder to me always of the fact that I am privileged to live in a democracy. A democracy that is the result of lives given to ensure that we the citizens have the right to decide who will govern our country. It never was and never will be a right that should be taken lightly.
  4. Well Proud by now you must either thoroughly confused or wondering why you ever hoped to get factual, salient points about each of the parties, especially when the thread seems to wander off into other discussions. It is a little late now but I found that CPAC has excellent coverage of the entire campaign. Being independent of all political parties it has no axe to grind. There are call-in shows, on the street interviews with voters, interviews with all the candidates in constituencies across Canada and other programs that will inform your vote. With the time remaining you may want to catch some of their programming. You can find a list of their programs on their web-site. I applaud you for showing such an interest in the electoral process.
  5. Am I missing something or is this thread intended to address aboriginal issues?????? Of course Phil Fontaine and the other band chiefs want to keep Martin and the libs in power. The very idea of having to be accountable for the BILLIONS of taxpayers dollars that are funneled directly into their hands scares the shit out of them. They are also for maintaining the status quo regarding the rights of women on reserves. As things stand now on many reserves it is the chief and his band of cronies who divvy up the funds leaving the majority of residents out in the cold, literally in some cases. I for one would like to see Aboriginal self-government, accountability for funding and the institution of the right for individual aboriginals to own property. Once these issues are taken care of Aboriginals can join the rest of us citizens in paying taxes to the various levels of government.
  6. Yes indeed I too would like to read this document, where can we find it Geoffery?????
  7. These are some of the major problems as I see them, in Canada today.  Total and Complete Accountability in the Federal Government  Health care  Imbalance of Provincial and Federal Powers  Aboriginal Accountability  The Armed Forces (or lack thereof)  Policing of our borders, especially the North  A top heavy Public Service  Crime and Punishment  Immigration These are my solutions to the problems. 1. Make every single department/ ministry accountable to an independent body  Ensure that all ministers of government are held accountable for their actions 2. Ensure efficient access by providing both private and public health care administered by a public body and payable through our medical insurance 3. Off-load responsibilities to the provinces in jurisdictions that are much better addressed by people in the area who know most about the problems and possible solutions. 4. Negotiate Aboriginal self –government, enshrine their right to own property, and then hold them responsible for paying taxes. 5. Double the size of our Armed Forces, increase the size of our reserves, equip them to all modern standards, and most especially provide them with salaries and housing that befits their contribution to the protection of our country. 6. Arm all of our border guards after enrolling them in courses that encompass all the possible situations they may face in their duties. 7. Implement a job by job review of all positions within the Public Service and eliminate all unnecessary positions, make them accountable for their work. 8. Move Federal prisons to the North for the most violent of criminals. Put the criminals to work building and maintaining facilities for the Armed Forces; which will be stationed there on a rotational basis, to guard against infiltration by foreign interests. A life sentence is just that, a life sentence no chance for parole or early release. 9. Put in place programs in foreign countries that educate all prospective immigrants to the rules, regulations and necessary documents for entry into our country. In addition, have policies in place, which thoroughly screen all immigrants for any hint of ties to terrorist organizations. Institute programs that facilitate the process for all immigrants with documented professions and skills.
  8. The chances of Stephen Harper being corrupted once he is in power are zero, zip, nil, nada. Mr. Harper given a Conservative majority will move quickly to clean up the government. The CPC policies are quite straight forward concerning their dedication to bringing total accountability to the Federal government. An elected Senate will finally provide the western provinces a voice in the Senate and hopefully reduce the talk of western separatism. The only scary thing about this election is the very faint possibility of a liberal minority and subsequent return to the status quo.
  9. Taken from the Globe and Mail, Friday January 13th 2006, the following: “The insight: “This is all about the facts and laying bare the facts about Stephen Harper,” liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said. The source: The quote is paraphrased from an opinion piece that appeared in the Washington Times. The piece was written by Patrick Basham of the Cato Institute, a Washington-based libertarian think-tank that favors minimalist government. The quote: The use of direct quotation marks suggests that the ad presents an exact quote. Not so. The quote is a liberal paraphrase of a lengthy piece. For example, the original article says a Harper victory ‘may’ put a smile on George Bush’s face. The rejigs the quote to say such victory ‘will’ do so.” So much for the facts Ujjal and nothing but the facts. Next time you make a statement you just might want to check THE FACTS, instead of basing your words on lies. Just another example of the much vaunted liberal integrity.
  10. Polygamy law unjust say Feds Multiple partners Here in Canada Here in our bedrooms The more the merrier Coming soon to your neighborhood Martin to scrap NWC Polygamy reigns Oh Canada
  11. mowich

    Media Bias

    Interesting comment by a caller on CPAC's Prime Time Politics tonight. The question concerned media coverage during the campaign. The caller stated that she felt there was a definite media bias towards the CPC as they 'let' Mr. Harper talk about policy, whereas they 'always' went after Mr. Martin about the scandals, etc. Peter Van Duesen came back with the reply that unlike Dithers Mr. Harper always stated he would take questions first, about policy then questions about other issues. Peter went onto to say he was surprised that Martin hadn't picked up on this and decided to do likewise. Maybe just another example of the implosion of the libs, don't stay on message, just open mouth and respond.
  12. Oh PUhleeeese! Mr. Harper has merely put those comments in context, something you haven't done. He has not stepped away from them. Besides which he was right on to say what he did. Many people have been content to see this country become a Second Rate socialist country. But not anymore, thank saner minds. We were wrong not to support the US in the war, considering the fact that we did and do indeed have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This country would not be what it is today without the support and friendship of the United States. It is our biggest trading partner whether you like that or not. If nothing else they deserve our respect. I do not like Mr. Bush but I'll be damned if I am going to condemn a entire country when only and barely 50% of their population, not taking into account poor voter turn-out, elected the man. Mr. Harper will finally put Canada in a position to deal with the US on all our trade issues. He will also be the man to resolve the huge issue of the softwood lumber agreement, because he will act out of respect. Knock Mr. Harper all you want it will do you little good now.
  13. No offense taken however the CBoC contrary to what you say is an independent organization affiliated with it's US counterpart. I think it was important to point out the fact that the CPC of its own volition gave the CBoC it's platform to further point out the transparency of its platform. The CPC has been continually accused of having a hidden agenda. By putting this information forward Canadians will have a better chance to judge for themselves which of the parties truly has a hidden agenda and it isn't the CPC. Thank you so much for your comments.
  14. There are times when I simply don't understand what my fellow female citizens are thinking or if indeed they are at all. Countless times I have heard them respond to a reporter's inquiries about Mr. Harper by stating that they: don't like his hair; don't like his eyes; don't like his smile; think he is sneaky; and thus they won't vote for him. How absurd, how shallow, how stupid. Yet these same types would be screaming to the heavens should Mr. Harper decide to say have bot-ox for his lips, or dye his hair or have his eyes done, which thank the Goddess he never will. How can anyone base their vote upon the physical attributes of a person? No wonder our country is such a bloody mess if these are the reasons behind a voters choice of candidate. I happen to think wee Jackie Layton is a real cuddle-bug and sexy as hell. Doesn't mean I like or agree with his policies or that I would ever vote for him. Giles is pretty good eye-candy too, wouldn't vote, can't vote, for him either. Wake up people!!!! Do a some investigating, make an effort for pete's sake, find out the policies of all the parties make your vote one based on a clear understanding of your candidates platform. I would prefer of course that you vote Conservative however I realize that not every one is as enlightened to the benefits of a CPC government as myself and fellow CPC supporters, so whatever party you decide to vote for make sure your vote is intelligent.
  15. The Conservative Party of Canada released a letter from the Conference Board of Canada today. In the letter, the CboC gave full marks to the CPC fiscal plan. Prior to this announcement, the CPC gave full access to the entire platform and all budgetary measures therein. A bold move by anyone’s standards though not surprising as the CPC platform is not only fiscally viable it ensures that any contingencies are also dealt with properly. The letter from the CboC stated that the plan was definitely affordable not just in the short term but through the year 2011. A superb example of due diligence and economic forecasting not seen for many decades in Canada. In summation the chief economist Paul Darby wrote and I quote: “we found that the Conservative Party’s economic platform is affordable in each fiscal year from 2005-2006 through 2010-2011. In each year there is fiscal year there is enough room to pay down at least $3 billion a year in debt, as in the (government’s) fiscal plan.” In addition, they found, “Over the five-year forecast horizon to 2010-2011, the CboC economic and fiscal outlook suggests that there remains $15.7 billion in unallocated fiscal room, over and above the annual debt payment, which provides further cushion to ensure that deficits do not occur due to adverse economic effects.” Just what is the CboC? Thought you might ask so I googled them. The CboC is an independent, non-partisan (read not politically affiliated with any party), non-profit, privately funded, organization of “specialist in economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues”. They are also affiliated with but independent from the Conference Board of New York. Not an organization to be taken lightly and well able to make announcements on fiscal policy. This move has effectively taken any of the comments that the libs have made concerning CPC fiscal plans and shown them to be nothing more than lies and supposition. It will be most interesting to see what the libs will have to say about this latest announcement that is if they find time between fielding questions about all the scandal and RCMP investigations.
  16. The lack of long terms goals and ideals, vision one might call it, is a huge factor in the current state of Canadian affairs. Should anyone other than myself be interested in what this lack means to us they could do worse than to read this fellow's blog. The specific blog is titled “A Ship Without a Rudder”. Read on fellow posters then maybe you will be inspired to 'invision' a new Canada. http://commonsense.blog.ca/
  17. I am also from the West, British Columbia to be exact and though 'hatred' is not a word I would use to describe the utter lack of faith I have in any government that is formed by members mainly in Eastern riding's. This lack of faith has a long and sordid history for I have lived in the West all my life and know only too well how we have suffered under Eastern agendas, thus a previous post on 199 reasons not to vote liberal. Sure money has something to do with it. Specifically the fact that we in the West are treated as nothing more or less than a money bank to fund policies that help the East far more than they ever helped the West. We are not tired of sharing, at least I am not, however we are tired of the pillaging of our natural resources in order to fill the coffers of a corrupt regime of arrogant sycophants.
  18. I wonder if anyone in this forum can check this river god person out? #1) Harper has no personal army, let alone one active in Iraq. #2) The CPC will work with the U.S. on the Missile Defence Shield while keeping the interests of Canada at the forefront of any negotiations. #3) Martin had no choice but to start paying down the debt. The Mulroney government left Canada with it's financial back against the wall. He did so by cutting transfer payments to the provinces and we all know where that got us. #4) A CPC government will immediately install measures whereby all ministries will be answerable to Parliament for budgets and any cost overruns. It will move to restore accountability and responsibility to the government. If anyone has an agenda it is you and that being one of misguided, deluded, non-factual bullshit.
  19. Please tell me just who is "dragging" Canadians "screaming" to the Conservatives. From everything I read, hear and see a lot of us(Canadians) are simply choosing the only viable alternative to a party who like the CPC of the Mulroney era, need to be sent to the Hinterland for a complete make-over. The Conservative party is ahead in the polls because they have stated their message and have stayed on track with the message. The CPC is the first resort of thinking Canadians. I agree completely that the liberals are losing this election. They are losing only because they lied to us, they cheated us and they have nothing but contempt for the Canadian electorate. How dare they. Yes there will be a fundamental shift in the way this country is governed come January 24th, at least that is my fondest wish. The CPC actually believes that we Canadians have the ability to stand on our own two feet, are self-reliant and more than willing to work hard in order to contribute to a better Canada. You don't have to be a strategist to understand that the way the liberals are handling themselves in this election is laughable. Kinsella for one is right on track in his blogs. As for Mr. Martin, what goes around comes around, and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Chretien is watching this election and laughing his head off.
  20. Oops, sorry this does not belong here. Is there a school where you learn all the bells and whistles for forums???? And just what hallucinogenic substances have you been playing with lately
  21. I am guilty of forgetfulness. So when I read this blog I was completely taken aback that I could not remember more than a quarter of these submissions. How could anyone possibly vote for the Liberals? Well maybe like me it is faulty memory, however I don't need to read the entire list to know how badly Liberals have governed us. Anyone interested in the list of 199 reasons may wish to visit this blog. Ver...rrry enlightening. http://www.blog.ca/index.php/grantrant?s=1...R&submit=Search
  22. Interesting that you should mention the Austrailian 'option'. I have been thinking along those lines myself. It certainly is worth a discussion. What do we gain or what do we lose by mandating that citizens vote. How about some opinions on the subject.
  23. Right on Betsy. To overuse that phrase once more.....NOW IS THE TIME TO VOTE CONSERVATIVE.
  24. I might pay a bit more attention to this rant should the writer care enough to check their spelling..too busy getting that baloney off their chest? Or maybe just too short an attention span.
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