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  1. I find it passing strange that Ford had no problems with Kavanaugh being elected judge to a lower court there able to make decisions regarding the fate of others every single day.
  2. "This does not mean that everything is black and white. That every accused is Harvey Weinstein. I'm sure we'll find the correct way to deal with this explosive cultural movement." I sure hope you are right, but watching those screaming shrieking harpies littering the halls of the Senate yesterday did little more than show their absolute inability to deal with this matter in a sound reasoning manner. The list of unsubstantiated allegations against men grows daily. Men are being pilloried for simply looking the wrong way at a woman. I don't see an end to this calamity any time soon.
  3. Alleged behavior - let's get that straight. Three of the four people who Dr Ford said were there, do not support her testimony. From all apparent testimony, letters of support from both men and women, Judge Kavanaugh has led an exemplary life as an adult. To have these unsupported allegations brought up now is nothing more than a sickening effort by the Dems to stall the nomination hearings. Feinstien should be removed immediately.
  4. Good question. A better one might be why Dr Ford decided to sit on this for so long? Why did she not come forward now when she had ample opportunity to make her accusations decades ago. She obviously believes that something happened to her but was it Kavanaugh - I most certainly have my doubts. I do feel for Dr Ford as she is obviously little more than a pawn in the hands of the Dems and will be discarded as soon as the hearings have ended.
  5. I imagine there are a plethora of men and women who look back on their younger years with some if not a lot of regret for their actions. That it should define who they are now is specious at best. How they have lived their lives since that time is what should count - not unsupported allegations from over three decades ago that had they been properly reported at the time may very well have been found to be without merit.
  6. Well hello there Machjo or as you are known in Canadian Content forums - White Unifier. Found this post and decided to share it with other members on CC - just so you know.
  7. Not all of them, Argus. Huff Post Canada allows commenting on it's articles and I take full advantage of it. The CBC is but a left-wing tool of the Liberal government.
  8. If a couple of memes are the best you can come up with to show your disregard for Andrew, it should be an easy ride to election day for us Conservatives. LOL
  9. You are absolutely right, eyeball. We were presented with a one-sided story for the most part and that did no one any good. I was lucky enough to go school with students from the Cree nation in our area. Through them, we were able to gain a much better understanding of the indigenous point of view. But that option was not available to all Canadian students and due to that many grew up believing exactly what they were told in school. In the last decade or so, Canadians have come to realize that - due to those FNs that have come forth to tell their side of the story. That said, w
  10. It is extremely time consuming, and no, I do not have the time to check every single news story. I check what I believe is important and do what I can to let others know what I have found.
  11. Would you care to expand upon your comment, eyeball. I would be interested in knowing exactly what 'crap' you are referring to in your post. I don't like making assumptions.
  12. That NP article was the first glimmer of hope in tracking down the truth, Centerpiece. From it I was able to dig deeper and find more and more facts about the true story of Charlie. It angers me no end that our kids are being made to read, study and accept as fact what is a fictionalized account of a young boys life and death. And to think the author of the book is held up as a hero.
  13. We are capable of checking facts, James though it is difficult and there are many false leads, it can be done.
  14. It is difficult, time-consuming and frustrating, Bonam. Just finding that first piece confirming the lies can take numerous searches using numerous different headings. Once that is found it does get a bit easier as you at least have more leads and a better understanding of exactly what to search for. It does take commitment. Unfortunately, most people have neither the time nor the opportunity to research a story. There is so much disinformation on the net and so very many sites that continue the lie. One must be totally dedicated to their goal. The reward is being able to expose the fall
  15. I must apologize to the forum. I broke the rules by posting an article. I am sorry for that. The article was written by Robert McBain refuting claims in a story called the 'The Secret Path' about a young native boy called Charlie Wenjack. After much due diligence, Mr McBain was able to prove that much of what was written was little more than a pack of lies. The truth is that Charlie Wenjack actually attended a public school in Kenora, ON. He only boarded at Ceclia Jeffrey Indian Residential School. The school was NOT run by Catholics but by the Women's Missionary Society of
  16. I agree that treaties most definitely need to be negotiated, eyeball. That said, here in BC one of the roadblocks is the fact that there are some bands whose claims overlap that of others and they are unable or unwilling to come to terms. The government can do nothing but stand by and hope that reason and compromise will eventually win the day.
  17. No one is well-served by the continual litany of wrongs done. No one. Is this what we are to hear again next year.......and the year following? When will enough time have passed that the sins of previous police forces not be visited upon the current force. What was once truly a celebration of inclusiveness, has now become a source of rancor and divisiveness. Sad that.
  18. As in many other matters these days, it is the so-called 'entitled' few who are clamoring, and getting, all the attention. Meanwhile, on many reserves across Canada, lives are being lived. Business is being done. The kids are being educated. Parents are providing for their families. Too bad it isn't their voices we hear on the news or read about in the newspapers. I am quite sure they would have a lot to say about the yammering minority.
  19. It could have been avoided had the people in the car not been bent on mayhem as was amply proven in the trial. It appears that personal responsibility for one's own actions was sadly lacking by these young people and a young life was taken and that is very sad. Now the natives are all up in arms over the not guilty verdict. Where were they when the youths took off on a day of drinking, shooting off their rifle and invading two farms? Where were the parents? How did the youths get the rifle and who did it belong to? There are consequences to one's actions and it is about time the Nat
  20. http://nationalpost.com/opinion/christie-blatchford-heres-where-laurier-can-stick-their-apology-to-lindsay-shepherd
  21. Taken from a transcript of the video. In other words straight from the horse's mouth. Plimlott is one of Lindsay's interrogators. "Pimlott: He’s a public figure, and a lot of people there like (American white supremacist) Richard Spencer of, I don’t like calling them alt-right, it gives them too much legitimacy, but Richard Spencer, right? The Nazis actually used, this is a historic—issues around the free speech idea in the 1920s in Weimar Germany as an issue around which which is what they’re using now. We know that someone like Richard Spencer is using theories and ideas that don’t ha
  22. https://soundcloud.com/tristin-john-...ity-professors The above is the entire inquisition of Lindsay Shepherd by the three creeps on the board. Have a listen, you might just learn something. IMO, those three creeps should be fired immediately. Lindsay Shepherd is one smart strong cookie and more power to her. Universities should now be on notice that these types of biased and bullying interrogations will no longer be tolerated.
  23. It would have been nice had she taken the time in her tweet to apologize. Considering her excruciating performance accompanied as it was with grotesque gyrations, I'm not all that surprised that she chose to ignore that little item and focus on herself. Sad that.
  24. So because you hate Kessel you are willing to throw the entire team off the bus, eh. This morning I've been reading a lot about how that disallowed goal - that in my opinion was a good goal save for a whistle that was way too quick - and how the Preds were robbed, and how they could have won had it been a good goal. Well the fact is that the Preds had 4 PP chances, two of them back to back and with just under a minute of 5 on 3 but they still couldn't get the job done. In Pekka's barn, the rookie goal-tender Matt Murray stood on his head and gave my team the chance to win. Preds and t
  25. The Pittsburgh Penguins hoisted the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row tonight and they did it in Bridgestone arena in Game 6. I am over the moon with joy for my Pens. I believed that there was nothing Sid would like better than to bookend this fantastic season he's had with yet another Stanley Cup and that's just what he and his teammates did tonight. And they did it without Chris Letang and Nik Bonino. The Predators were formidable foes through-out the series and I give them full credit for playing their hearts out.
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