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  1. I truly enjoy watching the Jays play in Seattle against the Mariners. The fan support they get from Canadians who travel from all provinces of the country to attend the games is simply amazing. Hearing them sing our national anthem always brings shivers. They won 4 - 2 tonight but it was not their best effort by any means. The unforced errors by the defence really concern me including the ones by our pitchers especially when they advance runners. They still aren't able to get the small ball game down and were it not for the homers they would go wanting for runs. Marcus had a good so
  2. 1 pipeline approved - Kinder Morgan and approval for an extension to another line by our PM. With the help of Donald Trump, the Keystone line will also see approval soon. And this under the leadership of our Liberal PM - Justin Trudeau. Not, of course, that he had any choice in the matter what with all the money he has promised while our country sinks deeper into debt. It won't make the granola-eating Birkenstock crew happy - but then nothing short of turning off the taps and plunging our country into total darkness would appease them.
  3. Would you be so kind as to post links to specific articles that will provide some basis in fact for what you wrote in the post above. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of immigrants to our country are assimilating with little difficulty and that the extremist views you mention are to be found in the hearts and minds of homegrown Canadians.
  4. I could and I do when I have something useful to add to the discussion. Simply repeating the thoughts of one by using different words doesn't, IMO, further it at all.
  5. I like the new like/dislike feature. I find it an quick easy way to let someone know I either support or oppose their statements.
  6. I'm one of those 'Old Stock Canadians' which just means I am a descendant of earlier immigrants. Without immigration, this country would be a poorer much less diverse society. Those immigrants who came to Canada during the Mulroney years are now naturalized Canadians. Those coming now will be in 3 years time when they take the Oath of Citizenship but before they got here they were subjected to a vetting process that is the envy of many Americans and one of the reasons behind the temporary ban imposed by President Trump. We have free speech in Canada which gives anyone the right to talk
  7. Too bad the Ethics Commissioner waited until the Christmas break to haul Justin's ass in for chat about his pay for play - would have made for great watching in the House once the opposition parties got wind of his dressing down. "... the very clear principle laid down in the prime minister’s own instructions to ministers, which was not merely that “there should be no preferential access to government” given to contributors to the party, but that there should not even be the “appearance of preferential access.” The prime minister’s defence of his conduct would seem to be that how somethi
  8. I was reading that people were going back and taking it again, so I did too. The only thing I changed was my postal code and for the second time I fell into the Guardian category. This time I paid a lot more attention to the way questions were worded and I noticed that, not satisfied with addressing a certain subject once, they came back as many as three times in the case of one topic - the wording was changed but the result was the same. I almost felt as if I was being not so subtlety coerced into something. What a bloody waste of a 1/4 million dollars. I am still waiting for t
  9. If they don't identify as human then best we treat them like the animals they are - that way we can all breath a bit easier knowing their rights have been recognized.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/school-district-weighs-ban-of-to-kill-a-mockingbird-huck-finn-after-complaint/2016/12/03/92701c80-b8b0-11e6-a677-b608fbb3aaf6_story.html?utm_term=.741a986d6e96
  11. Funny how I remember the mountains of refuse and garbage environmentalists left in their wake - not for them the tedious, sickening job of cleaning up the mess......noooo, they were far too busy making sure some other piece of Earth was preserved while trashing the part they stood on.
  12. Justin Trudeau on the XL pipeline back in 2013 "Let me be clear: I support Keystone XL because, having examined the facts, and accepting the judgment of the National Energy Board, I believe it is in the national interest…On balance, it would create jobs and growth, strengthen our ties with the world’s most important market, and generate wealth…Most of all, it is in keeping with what I believe is a fundamental role of the Government of Canada: to open up markets abroad for Canadian resources, and to help create responsible and sustainable ways to get those resources to those markets."
  13. I so enjoy reading what Left Coast folks have to say about the pipeline approval - I really do. It is as if no one exists outside the bubble of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We here in the interior of the province have watched as you allowed clear cuts in order to build more homes; taken land out the ALR so you can build industries; dumped your sewage into the ocean with not a thought for the poor whales then or now; refused to take responsibility for your own garbage opting to ship it by truck which use fossil fuels - hundreds of kilometers to Cache Creek and you continue to flood your
  14. Don't hold your breath waiting for election reform any time soon. The multi-party committee tasked with the job of evaluating the various different systems and interviewing Canadians across the country, did their part. They produced an impressive 348 page report that recommended a system of proportional representation and a referendum. Unfortunately Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef wasn't happy with the result to the point where she berated committee members more than once in the House yesterday earning the immediate ire of opposition and committee members alike - 8 of whom ar
  15. I doubt the Minister of Natural Resources had peaceful protestors in mind when he spoke of using the military and police forces to quell the unruly. More likely he is well aware of the situation south of the border that has seen an initially peaceful protest erupt into battles - battles some say are sparked by paid provocateurs there only to cause as much mayhem and disturbance as possible. It is nothing more than laying down the ground rules before things get out of hand - something authorities in North Dakota are probably wishing they had done.
  16. The PM had little choice and save for Kinder Morgan, he got off pretty easy. Gateway was never going to fly. The Line 3 approval was basically a rubber stamp on a done deal that involves only replacing old pipe. Lost in all the sunny ways reporting is the fact that Justin has several times both during the election and once in government, spoken of the need to get the oil out of the ground. 70 cents of every energy dollar goes to the benefit of Canada and Canadians. Now he has to get behind the Kinder Morgan line, take appropriate steps against protestors, get the company onside with
  17. Bad day for Canada you say, I think not. Bad day for those who hypercritically oppose pipelines while making full use of all the by-products of oil. Get rid of your car, cell phone, computer and every other possession you have that is partly or wholly dependent on oil.............then come back and talk about how this is bad for Canada. You might actually have a leg to stand on then.
  18. Anyone still wondering why they call it the 'Left Coast'........stay tuned the reasons will be on full display in the coming days.
  19. Today the Liberal government of Canada approved Line 3 and Kinder Morgan but said no to Northern Gateway pipelines. I fully support all these decisions. This is good for ALL Canadians.
  20. No. The foundation is just an aside to the real story which is the fact that the PM sees no apparent need to follow the rules he himself outlined concerning pay-for-play. It would also be refreshing if he would stick around to face the music himself instead of leaving to the other members of his government........who so far are doing a really poor job.
  21. The MSM does not seem to be too interested Boges. I did several searches trying to follow up on the article. I finally came across this website which is the official student newspaper for St Francis Xavier university - one of the unis to be a recipient of the satellite transmission of Ms Henein's talk - Bishop University in Antigonish, NS is the hosting body. Unless you have a strong stomach, I'd bypass the article and read the comments at the bottom of the page. I'm glad I did as it was refreshing to read articulate commentary upholding the need for open debate on our university campuses.
  22. Chuck Strahl, a former Conservative MP, resigned from a directorship of the Trudeau Foundation because the Liberals were invoking his name when unsuccessfully trying to extricate their leader from charges of influence peddling. “While I have always supported the goals of the foundation to promote discussion of and education in the humanities, I am unwilling to be used as a foil for the Liberal Party of Canada, who has chosen to use my participation in foundation activities as some sort of cover for their own questionable conduct,” Mr. Strahl told foundation president Morris Rosenberg. "
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