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  1. No offense taken however the CBoC contrary to what you say is an independent organization affiliated with it's US counterpart. I think it was important to point out the fact that the CPC of its own volition gave the CBoC it's platform to further point out the transparency of its platform. The CPC has been continually accused of having a hidden agenda. By putting this information forward Canadians will have a better chance to judge for themselves which of the parties truly has a hidden agenda and it isn't the CPC. Thank you so much for your comments.
  2. There are times when I simply don't understand what my fellow female citizens are thinking or if indeed they are at all. Countless times I have heard them respond to a reporter's inquiries about Mr. Harper by stating that they: don't like his hair; don't like his eyes; don't like his smile; think he is sneaky; and thus they won't vote for him. How absurd, how shallow, how stupid. Yet these same types would be screaming to the heavens should Mr. Harper decide to say have bot-ox for his lips, or dye his hair or have his eyes done, which thank the Goddess he never will. How can anyone base the
  3. The Conservative Party of Canada released a letter from the Conference Board of Canada today. In the letter, the CboC gave full marks to the CPC fiscal plan. Prior to this announcement, the CPC gave full access to the entire platform and all budgetary measures therein. A bold move by anyone’s standards though not surprising as the CPC platform is not only fiscally viable it ensures that any contingencies are also dealt with properly. The letter from the CboC stated that the plan was definitely affordable not just in the short term but through the year 2011. A superb example of due diligen
  4. The lack of long terms goals and ideals, vision one might call it, is a huge factor in the current state of Canadian affairs. Should anyone other than myself be interested in what this lack means to us they could do worse than to read this fellow's blog. The specific blog is titled “A Ship Without a Rudder”. Read on fellow posters then maybe you will be inspired to 'invision' a new Canada. http://commonsense.blog.ca/
  5. I am also from the West, British Columbia to be exact and though 'hatred' is not a word I would use to describe the utter lack of faith I have in any government that is formed by members mainly in Eastern riding's. This lack of faith has a long and sordid history for I have lived in the West all my life and know only too well how we have suffered under Eastern agendas, thus a previous post on 199 reasons not to vote liberal. Sure money has something to do with it. Specifically the fact that we in the West are treated as nothing more or less than a money bank to fund policies that help the
  6. I wonder if anyone in this forum can check this river god person out? #1) Harper has no personal army, let alone one active in Iraq. #2) The CPC will work with the U.S. on the Missile Defence Shield while keeping the interests of Canada at the forefront of any negotiations. #3) Martin had no choice but to start paying down the debt. The Mulroney government left Canada with it's financial back against the wall. He did so by cutting transfer payments to the provinces and we all know where that got us. #4) A CPC government will immediately install measures whereby all ministries will be a
  7. Please tell me just who is "dragging" Canadians "screaming" to the Conservatives. From everything I read, hear and see a lot of us(Canadians) are simply choosing the only viable alternative to a party who like the CPC of the Mulroney era, need to be sent to the Hinterland for a complete make-over. The Conservative party is ahead in the polls because they have stated their message and have stayed on track with the message. The CPC is the first resort of thinking Canadians. I agree completely that the liberals are losing this election. They are losing only because they lied to us, they
  8. Oops, sorry this does not belong here. Is there a school where you learn all the bells and whistles for forums???? And just what hallucinogenic substances have you been playing with lately
  9. I am guilty of forgetfulness. So when I read this blog I was completely taken aback that I could not remember more than a quarter of these submissions. How could anyone possibly vote for the Liberals? Well maybe like me it is faulty memory, however I don't need to read the entire list to know how badly Liberals have governed us. Anyone interested in the list of 199 reasons may wish to visit this blog. Ver...rrry enlightening. http://www.blog.ca/index.php/grantrant?s=1...R&submit=Search
  10. Interesting that you should mention the Austrailian 'option'. I have been thinking along those lines myself. It certainly is worth a discussion. What do we gain or what do we lose by mandating that citizens vote. How about some opinions on the subject.
  11. Right on Betsy. To overuse that phrase once more.....NOW IS THE TIME TO VOTE CONSERVATIVE.
  12. I might pay a bit more attention to this rant should the writer care enough to check their spelling..too busy getting that baloney off their chest? Or maybe just too short an attention span.
  13. OOOh scary. If that is the way you deal with others who don't share whatever ideology you currently epose no wonder you are firmly not a Consevative. We do not propose to 'drive' anything into someones skull. We prefer to believe that people given enough information are able to decide for themselves which way to vote.
  14. I firmly believe that a Conservative government will finally be place on January 24.
  15. I think you might have a better handle on that actually as you live there. What do your friends and neighbors say? Could it be that historically Quebec and Ontario have always held the power and the pull and are simply terrified of giving it up? Or is it that anyone living in downtown Toronto or Montreal have absolutely no conception of how us Westerners think? They listen to the Eastern based media who rarely if ever shine a decent light on the West, and that is all they know, or care to. Or maybe they simply like crooks and liars.
  16. Voting for the Conservative party best represents my ideals. Negative it may be but the liberal party does need to be taught a lesson just as the Mulroney Conservatives needed one. However are things to change if we don't stand up as people and say ENOUGH. Sad to say but true, a vote for anyone other than a Conservative candidate is a vote for the liberals. Sad to say because I also happen to like the Green Party platform and would in other circumstances give my vote to them as I think they deserve a voice government.
  17. Where do you get these jokes they are absolutely hilarious. I like the moral of this one.
  18. I could also say the if the CPC wanted to appear more mainstream, they could try to froce out some of their members who are further right-wing than most, especially the Fascists and the Neo-Cons. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :angry: Name me just one Rovik, just one. Come on take your pick give me the name of a "Fascist" in the Conservative party and I will personally make it my new mission in life to hunt him/her down and find out about their fascist beliefs. What the hell is a "Neo-Con?"
  19. Don't know what they would do. I know what I would do if I were them. First, I would introduce legislation to greatly expand the role of the Auditor General, to increase her budget and give her power to examine the books of every government department or agency, or any other organization the government gives money to. Then I would request audits of the Business Development Bank, CIDA, and those foundation trusts where Martin stashed billions of dollars. You would have no difficulty getting any of this through the House. Next, I would put in place a new system of appointments to high offices t
  20. When will people wake up and realize It Is Not the business of any government to create jobs! That is done by the private sector without which we wouldn't have the money to spend on social programs. And why would anyone want to "preserve Health Care" the way it is currenlty run. Social Infrastructure? You want more governmnet intervention in your life??? Slim chance is still a chance and we Conservatives will run with it.
  21. While we're engaged in full scale hyperbole, I'd like to ask why on earth anyone would want a Conservative lead theocracy in our once free land?!?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Full scale hyperbole?????? Wake up! They are common theives. They belong in jail. I want a Conservative Majority in order to see morality, accountability and fiscal stability in our federal government.
  22. Oh puhlease leave the Constitution alone. Read what you will into the mention of God and his religious affiliation, I have a copy of the Constitution and I can't find a reference to his being a Christian. As has been stated numerous times in these postings we have the freedom to choose how we worship, where and of what. No more need be done except maybe a little tolerance on all our parts.
  23. Yes but do we want the courts making laws that govern our rights. Shouldn't it be the work of the federal government to do so? Just asking.
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