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  1. By supporting every whinging, demanding, eagerly offended dolt that wants a selfie in the hope of getting liked.
  2. With all that has come to light about the shady dealings, financial irregularities, forced employee NDAs, firing of the chair and then the entire board by WE it is simply beyond belief that no one in the entire liberal government thought to simply google the so-called charity whilst doing their so-called 'due diligence'. If this is the way entities are investigated by this government, I wonder how many other under-the-table deals are going on right now with no oversight what-so-ever.
  3. The problem is that anyone comparing Harper's government with what we see happening in the liberal camp these days do not think, NB. It is all about feelings with those types. Logic and facts have no place in their twisted ideology.
  4. Public messages stating "love thy neighbor' or 'do unto others' would be a far better idea. The problem with awareness campaigns is they mushroom. Any group who feels disadvantaged in anyway has the same right to public awareness messages. And there is nothing uplifting about messages depicting abuse.
  5. Not in today's pc climate, bc. There are far too many weak-minded people in places of power who support and enable that type of behavior. It is the voices of common sense and personal responsibility that are being silenced by the cancel culture groupies.
  6. Well, Proud...........people are going to do what they want and unless you support total government oversight into every area of our lives, you will just have to realize that there will always be a certain segment of the population bent on doing harm to themselves.
  7. Ah someone else who obviously believes that the government should regulate every single part of our lives and personal responsibility be damned. Alcohol is not the problem. People who lack control over their impulses are the problem.
  8. In defense of what? Just what are those rioting in the streets defending? Their right to vandalize? Their right to destroy private businesses and people's livelihoods? Their right to hold cities hostage? Sheesh.
  9. Great question, scribblet. I wish I had an answer for you but at every turn it is the whingers and whiners, those who eagerly embrace victim-hood, the spineless and all those who reject personal responsibility in favor of becoming one of the mindless herd who get the headlines and let's face it, it's only the headlines a lot of people pay attention to these days.
  10. Engagement is not something today's eagerly offended understand. They are more into 'in your face' howling, screaming and demanding. Trying to 'engage' with anyone like that is simply an exercise in futility.
  11. 1. Doesn't appear that any of those companies bottom lines are being impacted by the 'boycotts'. Hmmmn "Academic freedom, as defined by freedom to publish without punishment, and freedom to speak should be guaranteed." They are. However that doesn't stop the eagerly offended from demanding that their voice and only their voice be heard. It doesn't stop them from demanding that anyone's opinion that does not fall within their narrow guidelines of what is and is not acceptable be immediately censored. It would be interesting to know just how many of these 'protestors' will be
  12. The city of Portland is little more than a shit-show and the vandals, thugs and punks have control while their sad excuse for a mayor joins the rioters as numbers of those infected with covid-19 continue to rise in the city.
  13. My contempt for trudy and billy knows no bounds. Their supreme arrogance and sense of entitlement is absolutely sickening.
  14. Good frickin' grief. No wonder this country is in such sorry shape if you are any example of a Trudeau supporter.
  15. Three thumbs up for this, Argus.
  16. Great article, thanks for this Argus.
  17. Right you are, NB and he is still laughing fodder in India over costumes incident.
  18. True. Every..............single ..............word, and thank you for that.
  19. He frickin' ADMITTED it! Or in your haste to cast aspersions on conservatives did you happen to miss that?
  20. LOL, Betsy - good luck with that. The Communist Broadcasting Network aka cbc is solidly in the liberal camp and nothing less than defunding that useless biased network will suffice. The CTV though not quite as heavily biased as the cbc, are still on the virtue-signalling band wagon with a heavy emphasis on featuring anyone with an unsubstantiated axe to grind or the latest whinge about someone's hurt feelings. Both go to great lengths to dig up that type of garbage in order to avoid more coverage of the latest in the long line of Truduea/Morneau scandals.
  21. I agree with your opinion, Michael. However, the longer the protests, defacing of statues, burning of public and private buildings, riots and marches go on - accompanied by wall-to-wall coverage that is biased in the extreme - the less those of us who support the underlying issues will continue to do so. I, for one, am fed up to the teeth with the 'poor me attitude' and the 'I'm so hard done by' sentiments. If anyone of these whinging dolts were transported to a country like Syria, they would soon learn what REAL injustice and inhumanity is.
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