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  1. “There is almost no case where Aboriginal title confers an absolute right,” Plant said. “Canadian law is always about balance. There are always cases where the greater social good will prevail over a private right, no matter how important or passionately held.” www.princegeorgecitizen.com/news/local-news/delgamuukw-did-not-settle-the-question-of-wet-suwet-en-title-1.24085622
  2. I actually bothered to read the entire screed....................funny thing............not one single word about the so-called 'crackdown by RCMP'. Next time find an article that provides details about the headline. Sheesh.
  3. And not a single link to the statement...........for all that the poster demands same from others. It is to laugh.
  4. A dirty secret about wind turbines. "Wind turbines may be carbon-free, but they’re not recyclable. A photograph of dozens of giant turbine blades dumped into a Wyoming landfill touched off a debate Wednesday on Twitter about wind power’s environmental drawbacks. The argument may be only beginning." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-31/turbines-in-landfill-trigger-debate-over-wind-s-dirty-downside
  5. How very true, Zeitgeist. Radical greenies will never admit nor care that their strident calls for the death of oil/natural gas lines would effectively condemn remote reserves to status quo. Which means that suicide, abuse, rampant drug use and all the other ills that plague such reserves will simply continue to be the norm. It doesn't take a genius to see how well those communities that have signed agreements with resource industries are doing compared to those that haven't or are prevented from doing so by ignorant, backward band councils and chiefs.
  6. Clean water on reserves: Build water treatment plants that plan for future increases in number of residents on reserves - then MAINTAIN them properly. If you have a solution that will bring the bands currently involved in land boundary disputes with each other - Everyone would love to hear it because until they do find a compromise there is nothing you, I or any government can do to resolve that issue. Rights and Titles: Get rid of the Indian. Disband the AFN and the INAC. Give every reserve member title to his or her own land. Duty to consult: Already entrenched in case you missed that.
  7. I fully support resolving Indigenous issues one of the most important being the riding Canada of the racist Indian Act that is fully supported by the AFN. Giving individual community members an actual voice in decision making without fear of being shunned by corrupt bands and chiefs is of utmost importance. Teresa Spence wasn't and isn't the only chief who used Federal funding for her own gain - there are numerous examples of such fraudulent activity by certain chiefs. Get rid of the Indian Act. Get rid of the AFN. Give every single member of a reserve title to their land. Support bands that understand resource extraction is the only way to improve life in their communities. Greta who? Sorry I don't bother to pay attention to children who preach but don't bother to stay in school so they might actually learn how to make our world a better place.
  8. Clueless and racist too, Zeitgeist. She is all for depriving millions of FNs the ability to heat their homes, provide good jobs and be equal partners in Canada's resource industry. All hat and no cattle, her.
  9. Obviously she cares not a whit for anyone but herself........a real Marie Antoinette but instead of 'let them eat cake' with her it's 'let them freeze, I'm just fine. Ah the humanity.
  10. Well of course the majority of Canadians are on-side with the majority of FNs that support resource extraction. We'd like nothing better than to see those communities reap the benefits that lie under their feet. We also support tearing up the racist Indian Act though all of us have a fight on our hands trying to get the fat cat AFN to give up their power in order for ordinary FNs to have a say. You want to bellyache about how bad things are for FNs, best you start going after the AFN.
  11. You want more? My collection goes all the way back to Clayoquot. Yet to see a post-protest photo that didn't include piles of garbage and filth left behind.
  12. Not too worry, PIK............all it took was a bunch of cash. Quelle surprise. $240M land-claim settlement with Akwesasne Mohawks approved by federal Liberal cabinet https://nationalpost.com/news/cabinet-approves-240m-mohawk-settlement-for-132-year-old-land-claim
  13. 'Keepers of the Earth' burning tires. You just can't make this stuff up.
  14. "Buffalo believes there are groups that want to land lock Canada’s natural resources and using environmental concerns to do it. “And some of our people have been more or less taken, involved in that but spinning to a form that I want to protect mother earth,” says Buffalo. Buffalo says he has heard of environmental groups coming on reserve and offering $300 per person and “$500 if they’re wearing feathers” to come out and participate in protests." https://aptnnews.ca/2020/03/03/energy-sector-advocate-wonders-whos-pulling-the-strings-in-opposing-oil-and-gas-projects-in-canada/
  15. Ah, it's easy for her to whinge about pipelines, oil and natural gas, Zeitgeist she has no skin in the game - unlike a majority of FNs in remote communities who welcome the chance to sign with resource companies. For all her whinging and finger-pointing, she cares not about the people in those communities and would gladly see them left to live off the public dole. For shame.
  16. LOL.....tell that garbage to the numerous FN bands who are working towards buying the line which I fully and completely support. As Stephen Buffalo - head of the IRC - stated "“The pipeline, in my view is safe. When First Nations own it then they can protect it a lot better,” says Buffalo." Buffalo says the fact is, in western Canada, oil and gas is all around First Nations and he believes its warranted they participate. Buffalo says most of the communities are not trying to be “oil rich tycoons” they’re just trying to tackle issues of poverty, the opioid crisis, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. “As we continue forward, 643 First Nations will not see very much increase in their federal funding under the Indian Act. So, we have to find a different way and economic development is probably our only way and for some of our communities it’s being involved in the sector. And if that means partnering with a US based company operating out of Calgary, that’s what its going to be” says Buffalo." aptnnews.ca/2020/03/03/energy-sector-advocate-wonders-whos-pulling-the-strings-in-opposing-oil-and-gas-projects-in-canada/ Best you go peddle your mantra to Stephen who I am more than sure will put you in your place in a heartbeat.
  17. Many of the Aboriginal nations named in the articles are the same ones that deny other Aboriginal communities any right to a better life. Such hypocrisy.
  18. Groups funding eco-terrorism Tides Foundation, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Rockefeller Brothers, Oak Foundation, Stand.earth, Georgia Strait Alliance, Living Oceans Society, Ecojustice, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, etc...etc....etc.... https://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/news/local-news/anti-pipeline-funds-flow-from-unexpected-sources-1.23660942 Keep drinking the far left socialist agenda kool-aid.
  19. "The demand hasn’t gone away, and if the supply doesn’t come from Canada, it will come from somewhere else, likely at a higher price because supply is reduced. " I would add it will come from countries whose environmental record in no way compares to the stringent protocols enforced by various levels of our governments. There are well-off Aboriginal communities fighting pipelines without a care for their poorer brethren. They obviously believe that the poorer Aboriginal communities should be left to live off the public dole - monies which never have and never will be able to address all the problems facing remote communities. I have nothing but scorn for those wealthy Aboriginal communities that continue to prolong the suffering and hardship of poorer communities by continuing to impede their ability to make agreements with resource companies.
  20. You do realize that no residential schools exist in Canada today, or do you? Millions of dollars have been paid out to those who attended the schools yet conditions on remote reserves have changed little due to the fact that they have absolutely no way of lifting their communities out of poverty without making use of the resources on in in their lands. If you really care about those communities best you support them in their efforts to find well-paying jobs which will not only improve conditions but address other social issues such as the high rate of suicides on some reserves.
  21. In 2013, Wet’suwet’en received $886,959 from Pacific Trail Pipelines. In 2014, Wet’suwet’en received $504,259 from Coastal Gaslink. In 2015, Wet’suwet’en received $2,147,042 from Coastal Gaslink and $757,439 from Pacific Trail Pipelines. In 2016, Wet’suwet’en received $59,109 from Coastal Gaslink and $33,560 from Pacific Trail Pipelines. In 2017, Wet’suwet’en received $10,000 from Coastal Gaslink Pipelines In 2018, Wet’suwet’en received $13,000 from Coastal Gaslink Pipelines. PLUS government transfers!!!! After all, it is about the environment!!!
  22. Aboriginal title stops well short of a veto over resource projects as per Delgamuukw.
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