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  1. I could also say the if the CPC wanted to appear more mainstream, they could try to froce out some of their members who are further right-wing than most, especially the Fascists and the Neo-Cons. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :angry: Name me just one Rovik, just one. Come on take your pick give me the name of a "Fascist" in the Conservative party and I will personally make it my new mission in life to hunt him/her down and find out about their fascist beliefs. What the hell is a "Neo-Con?"
  2. Don't know what they would do. I know what I would do if I were them. First, I would introduce legislation to greatly expand the role of the Auditor General, to increase her budget and give her power to examine the books of every government department or agency, or any other organization the government gives money to. Then I would request audits of the Business Development Bank, CIDA, and those foundation trusts where Martin stashed billions of dollars. You would have no difficulty getting any of this through the House. Next, I would put in place a new system of appointments to high offices t
  3. When will people wake up and realize It Is Not the business of any government to create jobs! That is done by the private sector without which we wouldn't have the money to spend on social programs. And why would anyone want to "preserve Health Care" the way it is currenlty run. Social Infrastructure? You want more governmnet intervention in your life??? Slim chance is still a chance and we Conservatives will run with it.
  4. While we're engaged in full scale hyperbole, I'd like to ask why on earth anyone would want a Conservative lead theocracy in our once free land?!?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Full scale hyperbole?????? Wake up! They are common theives. They belong in jail. I want a Conservative Majority in order to see morality, accountability and fiscal stability in our federal government.
  5. Oh puhlease leave the Constitution alone. Read what you will into the mention of God and his religious affiliation, I have a copy of the Constitution and I can't find a reference to his being a Christian. As has been stated numerous times in these postings we have the freedom to choose how we worship, where and of what. No more need be done except maybe a little tolerance on all our parts.
  6. Yes but do we want the courts making laws that govern our rights. Shouldn't it be the work of the federal government to do so? Just asking.
  7. Well maybe they should. The right to vote comes with the challenge to be informed. Every source of information available should be used to inform our opinions and our vote. “Many (if not most) voters do not use the Internet for information and for them, "blogs" (if they know the term at all) have a vaguely unsavory allure. Not reliable.” Says who? You? Then have the balls to say so. Blah, blah, blah, the liberals will go on the attack, what they are a pack of wolves? The media has been trying to “dig up dirt” on Stephen Harper for years and the best they can do is to tell us they don’
  8. Stephen Harper’s stand on gay marriage to is to call for a free vote. You don’t trust individuals what are you a collective? The government given the first opportunity would be sitting right next to you now telling you what to do, when, for how long and with no reason why. And your point is? And being able to get the care you need NOW is a bad thing? You go Stephen and thank the Goddess for Mr. Manning. Sheesh following the various machinations of your mind is well boggling to mine. He opposes public funded day care, good. However he sees the need for families to have access to same
  9. Jack Layton is a fine man as I'm sure are all NDP candidates, no matter that they are all completely deluded. The NDP party is based on Marxist doctrine and we saw just how well that worked in the Soviet Union. Under an NDP government we would be regulated to death, cared for from cradle to grave and dependent on the government for every aspect of our lives. They do not understand that it is not the business of the government to create jobs it is the business of the private sector. They would create jobs by increasing the number of people in the public service, government jobs, union jobs,
  10. Hi Betsy; This is what I believe. Yes we have a big surplus and knowing the liberals they have once again lied to us about the true numbers. They have consistenly done so since the Chretien era. One of the reasons we have a surplus is addressed in your question about taxes. We are one of the highest taxed nations in the world both personally and corporately. And yes it is about time we got a tax break especially in light of the fact that the liberals are running their campaign on tax dollars stolen during the Quebec Ad-Scam and never paid back. Liberals tend to dodge any questions on t
  11. After years of running with the old liberal line about Stephen Harper being the devil and yet more years of trying their best to dig up any dirt, sorry none there, I guess all they have left is his looks. Pretty pathetic when you think about it. At least it proves they have nothing else to 'harp' on. The man is decent, moral and intelligent which is much more than can be said for the liberal leader.
  12. Progressive (adjective) of, relating to, or characterized by progress. Progress (noun) to move forward, to proceed; to develop to a higher, better or more advanced stage
  13. Let's see now Natural Resources, Education, Health, Immigration to name a few. The exclusive right to tax for same. Many of the problems besetting the Federal government are due to their continuing hold on the powers that should rightly reside with the provincial governments. A federal government free of these concerns could dedicate itself to issues of international importance such as rebuilding our military.
  14. Hey what ever happened to free speech, a cornerstone of this country you say you love. We don't "hate" Canada we simply see it as a defunct union due to the imperialist attitudes of the East. Canada is still a country where people of many political persuasions have the right and freedom to express their views, at least it was last time I looked.
  15. Quote [How many seperatist movements have you guys got out there? It's no wonder the Liberals don't take Western seperation seriously. Divide and be conquered, lads. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We are already divided and conquered. Divided by the invisible line that exists in the mind of the Ontario power brokers which sits squarely on the border with Manitoba. We are conquered by the short sighted policy makers of Liberal and former Conservative governments. Quite frankly we will keep starting parties until we find one that suits the needs of all the provinces from Manitoba to Briti
  16. Radical it may be but heartfelt just the same. Fifty-six years of promises given and promises broken, of industries and companies and headquarters being assigned to Quebec and Ontario. I have lived in the West all my life and know all too well the treatment we get from the Federal government. Which brings me to the only solution I see possible for a united Canada. The devolution of federal power. It is time that the provinces took back the portfolios that were ceded during the first world war.
  17. Western Alienation is a fact to many of us. The idea of the separation of our provinces from the ROC brings smiles to our faces. The best thing that could happen to such a movement would be the election of a Liberal government.
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