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  1. You do realize there have been highly successful women throughout history, or don't you? From what you write one might think that all women have needed the social justice contracts that some are demanding. Fact is, they got where they did but hard work and dedication. There is more to history than just your narrow version.
  2. Please explain in great detail exactly what Zeitgeist stated that was slanderous because I saw not a single world of slander in his comments. As for your juvenile comment about education, we all have much to learn in order to find a solution to this matter - every single person who cares to see natives lead long and happy lives - and that, jacee includes you.
  3. What an interesting and very very telling comment.
  4. Ah but it always is, isn't jacee with no accounting as to where the money is going. With never a change in fortunes. In case it missed your notice there are many well-run productive reserves in Canada. High employment, low rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and all the myriad of ills that befall other reserves. That being the case, why aren't the less fortunate reserves making regular trips to the successful ones? Why aren't natives reaching out to other natives to help them get ahead? Could it be that they might learn that it took hard dedicated work and patience to bring their reserves out of the sorry state that so many others find themselves in and, once knowing that there was a no big cash pay--out along with the knowledge given, no one was really interested.
  5. I well understand why many native lawyers would line up to work with Wilson-Raybould. Plenty of billing hours working on land claims. Since we still don't know exactly what trudeau did or didn't do, I'll reserve my comments until or if a public inquiry is called. Let's see some factual documented evidence that supports what witnesses have been saying. No need for more oral testimony that can't be backed up with facts.
  6. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/liberals-on-justice-committee-pull-plug-on-snc-lavalin-probe
  7. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-snc-lavalin-is-a-sideshow-to-the-real-wilson-raybould-issue?video_autoplay=true
  8. Whoa. Sorry Rue...............I forgot to add the '/s'. Frankly, I don't any party who would want to work with the former Crown Prosecutor now - way too much baggage.
  9. To be of service to others........nah, it's my dog and my friends.
  10. No. Feelings are not logical nor are they information based. They are emotions and as such should be kept out of all debate. Use your brain and forget the emoting.
  11. To answer the topic question - no. The real question is are these raving hags intelligent enough to understand the importance of a warning?
  12. You appear to write with some moral authority about native issues so tell me this. Why aren't successful native communities being sought out by those less fortunate for help in improving their circumstances? After all, the former managed to get way beyond the current poor-me mantra of some natives and thereby provide their people with good jobs, decent housing, clean water, good educations etc. So I am curious as to why the current crop of activists aren't spending time with those communities instead of taking every opportunity to make natives sound like poor hapless souls hard done by all. Fact is, there are thousands of natives who are hard working productive members of our society. They have much to teach you. Will you learn from them?
  13. I'm sure Maxime would welcome her with open arms..............oops................as I recall someone already did that. Okay - a firm handshake.
  14. Considering that the Justice Committee just decided to go 'in camera' next week, you may get your wish but I highly doubt it. With the libs in complete control they can call whom they please and deny anyone they have no interest in hearing from again. Not that I care on whit to hear or see anyone talking about this or hearing their version of 'the truth. If there is factual evidence in the form of documentation to back up any of the alleged misdoings - bring it forward or disband the committee.
  15. Sorry, Argus - I have no respect for Chavannes. None at all.
  16. Geppetto fulfilled his assigned role today with a complete rebuttal of all the most salient points of Wilson-Raybould's testimony. He maintained a calm demeanor throughout the proceedings and never took the bait of those trying to get a rise out of him. I don't doubt for a single moment that he believes his version of events - whether anyone else does besides dyed-in-the-wool liberals is up for debate. For me the surreal moment was once again provided by the Privy Council's clerk - he of hysterical assassination comments during his first appearance. Today he was beside himself over comments appearing in social media. Apparently, there were more than a few folks who found his opening comments last time to be bizarre to say the least - and had absolutely nothing to do with the matter at hand. Unlike Geppetto, he was combative at times and as the questions became more pointed, I was wondering if his blood pressure was out of control as his face kept getting redder and redder. The sooner he is shown the door the better.
  17. Were I a liberal, my thoughts for a new leader would lie with Jane Philpott. Not only has a fuller understanding of how Parliament works and has held more important portfolios, she is respected on both sides of the House. Once I thought Freeland might have also been a good candidate but after showing her blind support of all things liberal, she's out.
  18. You are right about losing respect for her, Argus. You can count me in on that. I let her first comment go by but this last one did it for me. Until she showed her true colors, I had a lot of admiration for the woman. Now I'm left just shaking my head.
  19. Considering what Billie had to say tonight about the resignation, you are right. He'll sink with the ship. He really has nothing to lose. If he isn't re-elected he can always retire to his mansion in Europe and drink wine.
  20. There is much being said on Power Play today about the non-partisanship of many of the cabinet members. This is important as nonpartisans are much less likely to tow the party line - in other words they have no years long loyalty to the party. They were told that all their decisions would be with consensus of cabinet but now are seeing that the only consensus between jt and himself.
  21. The party would be much further ahead to have Jane Philpott run as leader. She has much more experience in a variety of other portfolios than the other women so far. As for Brison, several political pundits have opined that Scottie had to go due to his involvement in the Admiral Norman affair and should it come to it - the little potato did not want to see one of his ministers testifying.
  22. I'm wondering, in spite of her show of support last week, if Freeland may not be having second thoughts. She's a smart cookie and can see which way the wind is blowing. If there is indeed a crisis in cabinet and after such a high-profile resignation based on a principled stand, those left standing with their leader could very well fall with him too and for such a shameful reason.
  23. Wilson-Raybould left herself wide open to this type of characterization referring to her ethnicity as a guide to her decisions. The only real problem is that she is not a Plains Indian and should more appropriately be dressed as a member of her own clan.
  24. Any bets on who is next Argus...........because I'll lay you even odds that this is just the start of more defections.
  25. No way, PIK...........I want to see the little potato have to wear this and any other coming defections all the way to the polls where we will finally be able to rid ourselves of the twit.
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