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  1. "Now is the time to declare martial law in Canada. Anyone caught outside their home can be sent to prison for up to 1 year." According to the latest numbers, the people who have recovered from the virus by far outnumber those who have died. And of those who have succumbed to the virus, most had underlying health conditions. There is no need to declare martial law and the idea that someone would be sent to jail for a year should they break any such draconian measure is ludicrous. "If we close all our borders and forced everyone to stay inside their home for 3 weeks, the virus would
  2. " Queue the mass panic...." - which you are only contributing to with this post. Get a grip.
  3. Try checking smaller stores, scrib. Our local country store had no shortage of any products including TP and hand sanitizer. Just saying.
  4. The cbc loathe Trump and will take any opportunity to watch him make a fool of himself - they are rarely disappointed which I'm sure brings glee to the hearts of all those virtue-signalling censorious twits in the corp.
  5. But................but that's not what Trump said today. According to him his 'good friend' is just fine - no worries.
  6. "The economy will continue being the economy,...." A total nonsense statement much like 'the budget will balance itself'. "......but sustainable, and as eyeball said, not dependent on growth, " Sustainable upon what? You do realize that economies depend on growth..............course not. ''....live within its means, " L O L ".......distribute wealth more usefully so money circulates within our economy rather than being hoarded by corporations and super wealthy people offshore, hidden from taxes." What 'wealth'? The wealth of our country lies in her people.
  7. The list of Indigenous groups that have officially endorsed the Frontier project has grown to 14: Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Mikisew Cree First Nation Fort McKay First Nation Fort Chipewyan Métis Fort McKay Métis Fort McMurray Métis 1935 Fort McMurray First Nation #468 Métis Nation of Alberta - Region 1 and its member locals: Athabasca Landing Local # 2010 Buffalo Lake Local # 2002 Conklin Local # 193 Lac La Biche Local # 1909 Owl River Local # 1949 Willow Lake Local # 780
  8. "......must be the first consideration in determining whether the legislation or action in question can be justified." True...............but not the last.
  9. Opinion: The link between oilsands development and First Nations prosperity "But First Nations involved in the oilsands have higher incomes and rates of employment compared with many First Nations across Canada and, in select cases, even when compared with the general population. Fort McKay’s median employment income is higher than of nine of the 10 provinces, where median incomes range from $45,183 (Prince Edward Island) to $55,696 (Newfoundland and Labrador). Only Alberta, with a median employment income of $64,090, is higher than Fort McKay. Likewise, across Canada, the average une
  10. First:" Governments could have prevented the RCMP attacks and the nation-wide blockades..." Total, complete and utter bullshit though not surprising considering you obviously have no conception whatsoever of the rule of law. Second: Pipeline project was ‘hijacked’ by ‘group of five guys,’ former Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief tells MPs The hereditary chiefs were being supported by environmentalists who were disrespecting the rest of the Wet’suwet’en community, Tait Day said. "The hereditary chiefs were being supported by environmentalists, Tait Day said, who were disres
  11. Thank heavens Pug no longer has any relevance whatsoever. Sitting in the nosebleed section of the HoC is exactly where she belongs.
  12. “There is almost no case where Aboriginal title confers an absolute right,” Plant said. “Canadian law is always about balance. There are always cases where the greater social good will prevail over a private right, no matter how important or passionately held.” www.princegeorgecitizen.com/news/local-news/delgamuukw-did-not-settle-the-question-of-wet-suwet-en-title-1.24085622
  13. I actually bothered to read the entire screed....................funny thing............not one single word about the so-called 'crackdown by RCMP'. Next time find an article that provides details about the headline. Sheesh.
  14. And not a single link to the statement...........for all that the poster demands same from others. It is to laugh.
  15. A dirty secret about wind turbines. "Wind turbines may be carbon-free, but they’re not recyclable. A photograph of dozens of giant turbine blades dumped into a Wyoming landfill touched off a debate Wednesday on Twitter about wind power’s environmental drawbacks. The argument may be only beginning." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-31/turbines-in-landfill-trigger-debate-over-wind-s-dirty-downside
  16. How very true, Zeitgeist. Radical greenies will never admit nor care that their strident calls for the death of oil/natural gas lines would effectively condemn remote reserves to status quo. Which means that suicide, abuse, rampant drug use and all the other ills that plague such reserves will simply continue to be the norm. It doesn't take a genius to see how well those communities that have signed agreements with resource industries are doing compared to those that haven't or are prevented from doing so by ignorant, backward band councils and chiefs.
  17. Clean water on reserves: Build water treatment plants that plan for future increases in number of residents on reserves - then MAINTAIN them properly. If you have a solution that will bring the bands currently involved in land boundary disputes with each other - Everyone would love to hear it because until they do find a compromise there is nothing you, I or any government can do to resolve that issue. Rights and Titles: Get rid of the Indian. Disband the AFN and the INAC. Give every reserve member title to his or her own land. Duty to consult: Already entrenched in case yo
  18. I fully support resolving Indigenous issues one of the most important being the riding Canada of the racist Indian Act that is fully supported by the AFN. Giving individual community members an actual voice in decision making without fear of being shunned by corrupt bands and chiefs is of utmost importance. Teresa Spence wasn't and isn't the only chief who used Federal funding for her own gain - there are numerous examples of such fraudulent activity by certain chiefs. Get rid of the Indian Act. Get rid of the AFN. Give every single member of a reserve title to their land. Supp
  19. Clueless and racist too, Zeitgeist. She is all for depriving millions of FNs the ability to heat their homes, provide good jobs and be equal partners in Canada's resource industry. All hat and no cattle, her.
  20. Obviously she cares not a whit for anyone but herself........a real Marie Antoinette but instead of 'let them eat cake' with her it's 'let them freeze, I'm just fine. Ah the humanity.
  21. Well of course the majority of Canadians are on-side with the majority of FNs that support resource extraction. We'd like nothing better than to see those communities reap the benefits that lie under their feet. We also support tearing up the racist Indian Act though all of us have a fight on our hands trying to get the fat cat AFN to give up their power in order for ordinary FNs to have a say. You want to bellyache about how bad things are for FNs, best you start going after the AFN.
  22. You want more? My collection goes all the way back to Clayoquot. Yet to see a post-protest photo that didn't include piles of garbage and filth left behind.
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