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  1. Well said, Zeitgeist and I agree with your sentiments - in full.
  2. Probably? Not hardly - won't see is more like it as the MSM and other media continue to support the riotous behavior of the thugs, punks, scofflaws and covidiots. Portland is becoming a cesspit due to the inaction of those in power who should be concerned about the destruction on their streets but continue to tow the PC line. Sad that.
  3. Excellent points made by the author of the thread.
  4. I find it very interesting that you intentionally misread another person's post. Why is it so hard for you to understand exactly what is written instead of making lame claims about taking away constitutional rights where none was suggested. I realize from having read your posts that you have an agenda that excludes comments which do not fall within your limited guidelines but please dear use your brain when replying lest you be thought uneducated and unable to discern what is really being stated.
  5. Right you are, Infidel Dog. I watched/listened to the Mayor of Seattle yesterday stating quite firmly that there would be a curfew at 5PM and that EVERYONE should go home. Hours later I am watching as the covidiots still wandering about the streets in large groups in spite of that. Once you are told to make tracks, it is on you if you are caught up in an ensuing riot.
  6. Another great post, Goddess.
  7. https://firearmrights.ca/en/we-are-going-to-court/
  8. Nothing wrong at all with disagreeing on a subject as long as one is willing to backup their thoughts, comments with facts and proof to support their claims - if they don't they leave themselves open to just criticism.
  9. Actually all male animals fight for the right to breed and some die doing so. Bears will also eat the young of others - Old Split Lip in Banff just killed his second cub this year. So much for animals not fighting and killing.
  10. There are some folks who are simply opposed to something because it is the PC thing to do, Argus. In this person's case that seems to be the guiding rule - not facts, not proof - just PC feelings.
  11. It would behoove you to post a link that supports your comments because I do believe you are blowing smoke out your butt.
  12. https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/P...etition=e-2574 Signed and signature confirmed.
  13. An alert may very well have prevented some deaths but as I mentioned that was up to the RCMP command - not the officers of the ground who did as best they could in awful circumstances.
  14. The RCMP on the ground did not know the killer was posing as a member nor that he was driving a fake police cruiser until just after 8AM in the morning - hours after the killings began and shortly before he killed Constable Stevenson, burned his vehicle and hers, shot a passerby and stole his vehicle. Issuing an Emergency Alert is a decision made by command not by the officers involved in the chase who were doing their level best in a rural area with many back roads over a widespread area under very trying and confusing circumstances. I for one am not about to question nor reprove them.
  15. Over dramatize the fact that rural communities are not equipped to take care of their own RESIDENTS during this crisis. What about sheltering in place don't these people get. What about over-burdened health facilities don't they get. It is beyond belief that some part-time cottagers can't check their privilege during this time.
  16. Home is where they should be staying, eyeball. They were told to shelter in place. That does not mean traveling to your part-time cottage in a rural area.
  17. "Why not if you have a cottage?" As symptoms don't show up right away, it is easy for people to think..........'oh I'll just go up to the cottage and get away from heavily infected areas'. Trouble is if they do come down with the virus, we DO NOT have the facilities to manage our own, let alone those from away. It is really just that simple. Don't further burden a system that is barely able to take care of it's own citizens at the best of times.
  18. They are supposed to go straight home and arrange to have groceries etc delivered. There are agencies equipped to take care of those who don't have family or friends to do that for them.
  19. Sounds familiar, TSS. I live in a rural area in northern BC and our health resources are minimal at best. The population of our specific area is 20,000 souls and we have but 64 acute care beds in our small hospital. Other communities don't even have a hospital. Lately we've seen many people from the Lower Mainland coming up early to open their cottages. The CRD (a local form of government) had to enact regulations that will force these people to a 14-day quarantine and they are to come prepared for the duration - no stopping to shop or visit. Straight to your cabin and stay their until t
  20. If it was just something that they wanted to do to avoid delays then why weren't they upfront with the Opposition parties and provincial premiers from the beginning? Why wait until the very day they were to read the bill in the HoC before releasing their final draft? I can well understand that the government needs the ability to move quickly to respond to new developments during this crisis but that does not give them the right to forgo Parliamentary approval which as has just been demonstrated, can take place in a a day or two.
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