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  1. Good post. On point and very true.
  2. Excellent summation, Zeitgeist. The only point I would take issue with is your statement - "Of course they have little support, no money, and no expertise on how to....". The fact is that many if not most of these mobs are well paid for their illegal acts by such as Tides Foundation and other NGOs bent on preventing any of Canada's resources from getting to market.
  3. The 'economy needs to be put on a path to zero growth'? I'm sure that will go far to solving the problems on reserves when the funds dry up because there is no money in the governments treasury. Did you even bother to think before you typed that drivel???
  4. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, taxme - it is just the radical 'woke' who believe otherwise and try at every opportunity to shut down any opinion that does not fall in line with their activist ideologies. Their twisted conception of 'free speech' mistakenly has them believing that 'feelings' give them the right to shutter and de-platform anyone's opinion that might do so while failing to realize that facts matter and that 'feelings' are not and never will be a valid and just argument against them.
  5. https://torontosun.com/news/national/memo-cbc-loses-in-the-billions-after-hnic-fallout Memo: CBC loses in the billions after HNIC fallout The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is hemorrhaging billions of dollars after losing the rights to Hockey Night In Canada, according to an internal federal memo. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the television network is out more than $2 billion after losing the 12-year licensing rights to Hockey Night In Canada. The memo, which was obtained via Access To Information, contradicts claims by network executive that the HNIC contract was only worth a “few dollars.” In a confidential report, the CBC claims it remains “the cornerstone of culture and democracy” despite the large loss in ad revenue. “CBC Television lost its long-standing flagship sports broadcast Hockey Night In Canada which had been part of the broadcaster’s programming lineup for fifty-five years,” CBC staff wrote in a 2019 briefing note to then-Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez. In 2013, Rogers Communications Inc. paid $4.2 billion for the HNIC rights, which runs until 2026. The note stated the CBC’s annual ad revenue dropped by about $175 million, which equates to $2.1 billion over a 12-year period. Rogers allows the CBC to license games but without the lucrative revenue generated by advertisements. Drawing more than a million viewers weekly, HNIC was once CBC’s highest-rated program. At the time, CBC execs claimed the losses were insignificant when Rogers picked up the rights. “We have not lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the hockey contract,” then CBC head Hubert Lacroix said in 2015 testimony at the Senate communications committee. “We lost a few dollars.” “When you look at the broadcasting rights and the cost to produce hockey, and the revenues on the other side, and when you look at it over six years, we didn’t make money on this contract,” Lacroix testified. At the time, senators questioned Lacroix’s claim. “If you can’t make money on hockey in Canada, I don’t know what you could make money on,” Senator Michael MacDonald (Conservative-N.S.) stated. “This was very poor management.” Other ex-CBC executives saw the HNIC loss as disastrous. “The loss of hockey is going to have serious financial consequences,” said ex-CBC exec vice-president Richard Stursberg while testifying to the Senate communications committee. “You not only lose the profits from hockey, you also lose your capacity to sell the rest of your advertising at reasonable prices.” “The way you would do it is you’d say, ‘If you would like to have hockey, then you have to buy this dog over here that nobody wants.’ I would say, ‘But I don’t want the dog,’ and you would say: ‘I’m sorry, you have to take the dog if you want the hockey,’” Stursberg testified. “So, hockey is not only important in its own right, it’s important because it props up the rest of the advertising sales.” CBC’s main revenue source is a $1.2 billion annual parliamentary grant. Last year, the network saw ad revenues drop by 37%, from $178 million to $112.5 million. The briefing note to Rodriguez included a draft report from the CBC, which cited its “cornerstone of culture and democracy” claim. “CBC continues to face financial pressures,” staff wrote. Only the Communist Broadcasting Network could lose money in an inept attempt to broadcast hockey in Canada. I am 100% onside with Erin O'Toole defunding this money losing PR wing of the liberal government.
  6. Hey taxme - good to see you in this forum too - always happy to see your insightful and on point comments. Now I am off to CC to raise more hell.
  7. If the Canadian media had an ounce of integrity, they would pull all their so-called journalists and reporters off this story. Let the mobs and the thugs carry on with their illegal blockades but not a single Canadian news outlet should be seen reporting on them. No coverage except that which highlights the MAJORITY of FNs and Canadians who support the projects. Quit pandering to these punks.
  8. I could not agree with you more, bush_cheney 2004. Our virtue-signalling sickening excuse for a PM hasn't the guts to stand up for the rule of law. He can mouth all the platitudes he wants but when Canada really needs a strong leader this puke is missing in action.
  9. All the while leaving mountains of filth and garbage in their wake for other clean up. Yeah they really care about the land. Sheesh.
  10. And after they removed all the thugs and outside interlopers, they had to spend thousands of dollars cleaning up the toxic mess left by the so-called 'defenders of the land and water'. Same bullshit that goes on with any protest here in Canada - the worst polluters are always those that say they are there to 'defend' something.
  11. Absolutely on point article by Jonathan Kay, Argus.
  12. Standing beside the tracks? FFS, where do you get your news from? They are BLOCKADING the tracks. They have effectively shut down our rail lines preventing goods from being transported to communities in need. So get off your silly little soap box and start looking at the situation as it is. Thugs and mobs are holding our country to ransom.
  13. It does, jacee. What is not nor ever will be a right is the blockading of our rail lines and the thugs and wanna-be significant types doing so need to be removed immediately and thrown in a jail cell.
  14. Gladly. "The report indicates that CBC English-language TV ad revenue is down 37%, with less than 1% of Canadians watching local CBC newscasts at suppertime." https://lakesuperiornews.com/Opinion/Trump-on-Twitter/less-than-1-of-canadians-watch
  15. Thus we see the Communist Broadcasting Network aka CBC begging for more federal subsidies in order to prop up their falling revenues. Less than 1% of Canadians bother to tune in anymore and the corp announced that revenues are down by 37% this year. Time to yank their license and de-fund this sad excuse for a public broadcaster.
  16. We here in the West may not agree with Quebec politics but I for one am not about to throw an entire province under the bus simply because of politics. There are millions of wonderful people living in that province, my relatives among them.
  17. "Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world's ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all." John W. Gardner
  18. So your main arguments rely on age old happenings that have no application today. Right.
  19. "Murphy, a self-described socialist and radical feminist, has been an outspoken critic of the transgender activist movement, claiming that it has an outsized sociopolitical influence, especially in her native Canada." https://www.dailywire.com/news/progressive-feminist-suspended-twitter-after-frank-camp
  20. Rona Ambrose or Lisa Raitt - either one would have my vote.
  21. mowich

    Canada Day

    I had my septic tank pumped out on Canada Day. Considering the sad state of our nation, getting rid of some shit seemed like a fitting thing to do. I'll celebrate the day again when this country gets back on track, boots the current government down the road and once again represents something to be proud of as right now it doesn't.
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