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  1. To be honest, Argus - the little potato doesn't have much of, if any, record worth mentioning unless it is one of failure, contempt for Canadians and a litany of lies. Thus he left to the age-old liberal tactics of attacking the opposition.
  2. Ah, Realitycheck - you really need to live up to your moniker.
  3. After decades of one party rule, Alberta finally broke the trend when Rachel's NDP government was elected. She had no easy job and I give her some credit for trying to stand up for the provinces interests. The die was cast against her for many reasons not the least of which was a back-lash against the anti-oil antics of the little potato's government. My friends in Alberta who voted UCP told me they did so more as rebuttal of the Feds then as a full-out support of the UCP.
  4. Congratulations to the people of Alberta who voted for Hope and chose the UCP by a large majority, I might add. Yet another great addition to the Blue Wave. Hope to see NB join the crew.
  5. I agree with all the points except for the 'well-intentioned' bit, Argus. Idiots aren't known to have many intentions - good or otherwise - being that they have a difficult time even trying to form a single coherent thought. After watching him perform for over 3 years now, I am of the opinion that he is shallow, narcissistic, given to huge flights of fancy and sorely lacking in leadership ability. His niche politics approach to governing and championing of social justice initiatives over and above the common good has been divisive and corrosive.
  6. Christie Blatchford: After the way Trudeau treated them, why do they even still want to be Liberals? " For God’s sakes, why are those other people — the muscled-out and muzzled Jody Wilson-Raybould, the booted and betrayed Jane Philpott, the deeply confused members of Philpott’s riding association in Markham-Stouffville, Ont., — all still proclaiming themselves to be proud Liberals? " https://nationalpost.com/opinion/christie-blatchford-after-the-way-trudeau-treated-them-why-do-they-even-still-want-to-be-liberals?video_autoplay=true
  7. "Wilson-Raybould warned about the potential knock-on effect in cases like Norman's, although she suggested the government's conduct in Norman's case has been above reproach. 'The cases are not dissimilar' "We can stand up in the House of Commons on [the case of Vice-Admiral Mark] Norman on — totally appropriately on Norman — on extradition, and we can talk about the rule of law," she said in the recorded conversation. "The cases are not dissimilar. The principle, or the integrity, of how we act and respond to the tools we have available and what we should and shouldn't do, again ... I just don't know." https://ca.news.yahoo.com/spectre-political-interference-linking-snc-080000953.html She was sitting AG and this file was on her desk. We'll see if her incautious remarks regarding the government's involvement in this affair were simply ill-thought or a symptom of her own presumptions.
  8. "In Canada, the day a newly elected MP/MLA shows up at the liegislature (not a spelling error) he is taken by the ear by the party whip, dragged down to the depths of the building into a dank, odious room kept especially for the purpose and shown "Where The Bear Shat In The Buckwheat". IOW, my party right or wrong. " I love the dank, odious room part, Reality. LOL You so so funny.
  9. Principled. We will see how that statement holds up once the Vice-Admiral Norman affair takes over the headlines, Betsy. The former AG was involved in that mess too.
  10. Well you got the first sentence right. The rest is of no interest to me being a Canadian.
  11. Ah Betsy, representing their constituents is one thing - being totally disloyal to the party they chose is another.
  12. Whether it comforts them or not matters not to me, Argus. This is plain old politics. You tow the party line and recognize that the PM is your de facto boss and thereby show your loyalty or you are out. There is not a single political party in Canada that does not recognize and nurture party loyalty.
  13. Honestly, Realitycheck..........I could care less what happens to these two except for the fact that they are the best enablers of the Conservative Party that we've had in ages. Every single thing they have done to irritate the PM and their fellow members has been a boon to our party. Keep it up ladies you are doing a fine job and we thank you.
  14. "I have just been informed by the Prime Minister of Canada that I am removed from the Liberal caucus and as the confirmed Vancouver Granville candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2019 federal election." Jody Wilson-Raybould
  15. There are bad apples in every segment of society Robert and judging all natives by a handful is generalization I will never support. I know many native people living as I do close to a reserve and the majority of them are no different than any of my other friends.
  16. There are some reserves that are operating the same as any municipality, Cannuck and they deserve all the credit due them. I don't lump all reserves together but your points are all very well taken.
  17. Out of 'thumbs up' for today, so consider this just that.
  18. Thank you for your knowledge and insights into this issue, cannuck. They are much appreciated.
  19. In the first place there is no way 'we' can give them Yukon, Nunavut or NWT. In the second place, I highly doubt that the citizens of those territories would welcome the invasion and I can't say as I would blame them one bit. I completely understand your frustration with this issue Robert but I will never ever condone the breaking up of our country to appease less than 3% of the population. It is a NO GO from the start.
  20. No one is ever going to 'give them back OUR country' so you can put that thought aside. This country belongs to all Canadians no matter their race and the sooner some of the activist types finally realize that, the sooner things just might actually approach the reconciliation that all of us are hoping to see.
  21. I've been waiting for that 'self-sustainability' to kick in for over 60 years. There are some reserves that are well functioning communities with high employment, good living conditions and well educated members but there are many more that will never attain that status due to where they are located. They will remain virtual 'wards of the state' with no hope for a better future in sight as they will never have a way of becoming self- sustaining. They adamantly refuse to relocate yet are willing to see their children die of suicide or drug overdoses. It is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. It is these reserves that need to be dealt with in some manner that is beneficial to them and to the country.
  22. Interesting question, Zeitgeist but considering any money that is given to the natives is taken out of our taxes and the distribution of same is solely up to the government of the day, don't you think it is rather moot? Just asking.
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