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  1. All the while leaving mountains of filth and garbage in their wake for other clean up. Yeah they really care about the land. Sheesh.
  2. And after they removed all the thugs and outside interlopers, they had to spend thousands of dollars cleaning up the toxic mess left by the so-called 'defenders of the land and water'. Same bullshit that goes on with any protest here in Canada - the worst polluters are always those that say they are there to 'defend' something.
  3. Absolutely on point article by Jonathan Kay, Argus.
  4. Standing beside the tracks? FFS, where do you get your news from? They are BLOCKADING the tracks. They have effectively shut down our rail lines preventing goods from being transported to communities in need. So get off your silly little soap box and start looking at the situation as it is. Thugs and mobs are holding our country to ransom.
  5. It does, jacee. What is not nor ever will be a right is the blockading of our rail lines and the thugs and wanna-be significant types doing so need to be removed immediately and thrown in a jail cell.
  6. Gladly. "The report indicates that CBC English-language TV ad revenue is down 37%, with less than 1% of Canadians watching local CBC newscasts at suppertime." https://lakesuperiornews.com/Opinion/Trump-on-Twitter/less-than-1-of-canadians-watch
  7. Thus we see the Communist Broadcasting Network aka CBC begging for more federal subsidies in order to prop up their falling revenues. Less than 1% of Canadians bother to tune in anymore and the corp announced that revenues are down by 37% this year. Time to yank their license and de-fund this sad excuse for a public broadcaster.
  8. We here in the West may not agree with Quebec politics but I for one am not about to throw an entire province under the bus simply because of politics. There are millions of wonderful people living in that province, my relatives among them.
  9. "Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world's ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all." John W. Gardner
  10. So your main arguments rely on age old happenings that have no application today. Right.
  11. "Murphy, a self-described socialist and radical feminist, has been an outspoken critic of the transgender activist movement, claiming that it has an outsized sociopolitical influence, especially in her native Canada." https://www.dailywire.com/news/progressive-feminist-suspended-twitter-after-frank-camp
  12. Rona Ambrose or Lisa Raitt - either one would have my vote.
  13. I had my septic tank pumped out on Canada Day. Considering the sad state of our nation, getting rid of some shit seemed like a fitting thing to do. I'll celebrate the day again when this country gets back on track, boots the current government down the road and once again represents something to be proud of as right now it doesn't.
  14. So Canadians don't have the right to question or criticize a supposed human rights commission that is composed of some countries whose own human rights record is absolutely appalling. Give your head shake.
  15. These are some of the countries that currently occupy a seat on the UN Human Rights Commission China Nigeria Iraq Afghanistan Somalia Pakistan Democratic Republic of the Congo Every single one of them has the ignominious honor of winning a spot on the list of 10 ten countries with the WORST human rights records in the World. And, it is of long-standing. And we Canadians are supposed to take what this body says seriously?
  16. 'We don't want another 30 years of dictatorship': First Nation unites to oust 'lifetime' chief www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/ojibway-nation-saugeen-leadership-1.5189317 www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/first-nations-suicide-rate-3-times-higher-than-for-non-indigenous-people-statscan/ar-AADEEAj?li=AAggXBV
  17. "We must, as a community of nations, ensure that global average temperature does not rise more than 1.5 degrees C over pre-Industrial Revolution levels." Laudable goal. It will be interesting to see how this will be achievable considering the utter lack of interest on the part of some of the world's biggest polluters - because without them onside nothing will be achieved. Canada can spend billions going to a green economy losings thousands and thousands of jobs in the process as we watch the temperatures continue to rise and deadly weather events become more frequent.
  18. All races have done terrible things over the millennia and to some extent a few still are but no, it is only the White person who deserves shaming and blaming. What a farcical idiotic illogical notion.
  19. What an ignorant and ill-informed comment. Best you do your research before you post such erroneous drivel.
  20. They can but as long as the activist types hold sway we can forget that they will ever even try.
  21. If nothing else this crap report has managed to wake many Canadians up to the idiocy of the native activists continuous demands and refusal to take responsibility for themselves.
  22. What a great victory for the Vice-Admiral! Best move he made was to hire Marie - if anyone could bring this case to an end it would be her. However, weenies that they are, the Crown did not 'drop' the charges today. They 'stayed' them which means they have an entire year in which to decide whether to exonerate Mark Norman completely or bring forth actual, factual evidence against him. After listening to a couple of lawyers comments on this today, there is zero chance that they will proceed with the case especially as they have dragged their feet on submitting the necessary documents Marie
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