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  1. I'll hold off condemning anyone for this until the RCMP have finished investigating. Both the company and the printer stated they had no hand in the decals. Until further notice, I take them at their word because in the current anti-oil/pipeline climate, I would not put it above someone on that side of the debate to be responsible in order to stir up yet more controversy. Just sayin'.
  2. 3 They have tried repeatedly. Governments ignored them. The hereditary chiefs in question did no such thing. When they had the chance to take the government to trial after being told they must in order to prove title - they chose not to do so. Then, they sat on their asses and waited till long after agreements were signed with numerous bands along the line and work was well in progress to say they opposed the deal. Talk about coming late to the party. No matter what comes out of the current talks, the hereditary chiefs in question will not gain title to the lands in question until or
  3. LOL.............wonderfully apt observation there, Argus.
  4. “There are people who are saying that the Delgamuukw decision affirms Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en title, and that is not correct,” said Geoff Plant, former B.C. attorney general, treaty minister and lawyer for the Crown in the original Delgamuukw trial. “It affirmed that title exists in law but said that the Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan would essentially need to start all over with a new trial.” “We’re not talking about proven Aboriginal title,” said Thomas Isaac, author of Aboriginal Law and former chief treaty negotiator for the B.C. government. “We’re talking about asserted title, and we’re t
  5. Ah, but 'feeling they should have veto' is a far cry from legally having one now isn't, Zeitgeist and that has been clearly stated by Delgamuukw they don't. It is interesting that the very same hereditary chiefs making all the noise about the Coastal Gaslink line are also the ones who chose not to go forward with a trial to prove their land claims. How they could possibly think they have a leg to stand on after abandoning the process is beyond puzzling.
  6. Well that's nice and good to know. Now could you please explain why it is 5 old men who are in the headlines? Are you a fascist?
  7. The level of support? Get real. A majority of those protesting are anything but supporting the obstructionist chiefs - they have agendas that have nothing to do with pipelines or land claims.
  8. She's just very very misinformed, Zeitgeist.
  9. The imbroglio over the Coastal GasLink pipeline speaks to the failure of the treaty process, which was supposed to resolve the Wet’suwet’en rights and title issue out of court. The Wet’suwet’en reached the agreement-in-principle stage but then abandoned the treaty table about two years ago.
  10. Wrong - again. Delgamuukw did not settle the question of Wet’suwet’en title As protests in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline continue to rage across the country, a number of Wet’suwet’en and their supporters have pointed to the landmark Delgamuukw decision to support their position. That position is that the hereditary chiefs are the rightful title-holders of traditional land, and that only they can make decisions about what happens on that land. They cite the landmark Supreme Court of Canada Delgamuukw decision as affirming Wet’su
  11. It is but that is not what you were implying now is it? You were implying that it had been enshrined by the Feds which is most certainly not the case and if these illegal blockades continue you can be darn sure that it will pushed even farther off the liberal agenda as it should. With any hope, it will die on the order table.
  12. Top marks for an excellent post, Zeitgeist.
  13. Thank you so much for all the facts you have and are presenting, DogOnPorch. I also thank you for the links.
  14. Oh puhlease. You are in favor of a bunch of old men nearing the end of their lives who are condemning all the younger generations present and in the future to a continued life of poverty, poor education, poor health facilities and all the other benefits that would come from the Coastal Gaslink line. FYI, those so-called hereditary chiefs were given years - years to come forward with there concerns. Instead they sat on their asses until long after negotiations were finished and the bands along the line had signed agreements with the company. Then they went to Coastal Gaslink demanding a new
  15. It is a far cry from civil disobedience to illegally blockading rail lines but I doubt you are able to understand the difference. Sad that.
  16. Ah..........so it was clan mothers who took away hereditary titles from the Wet'suwet'en women now in court to fight that decision. Good to know.
  17. You think they could develop that in the North especially around all those remote communities who do not have manufacturing plants nearby nor any other means of income except the public purse. Would be great if they could but the fact is that can't and won't happen - due to the remoteness. So as you cheer for the demise of the Teck mine, know that you are supporting the continued impoverishment of those communities.
  18. "In an email to Ricochet, the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy said that “the EAO has not rejected CGL’s report” and is asking the company for more information, including “how the feedback from Indigenous nations has been responded to and addressed.” “CGL is authorized to conduct pre-construction activities and this may continued during this 30 day period.” Coastal GasLink told CBC in a statement that the company hopes to engage Unist’ot’en shortly to address concerns."
  19. Nothing. Nada. Just a futile attempt to deflect from the fact that she cannot produce a reliable source for her falsehoods.
  20. Excuse me? You are much smarter than that. Just in case, cite means that you give a reliable source. FB is the least reliable source out there and a really feeble attempt at trying to make your specious comment legit.
  21. Strange...........I've read four different articles on the counter-protestors in Edmonton, watched several broadcasts including one on cbc about it - and if anyone was going to mention any of the groups mentioned above it would be them - and you know what not one single mention of any of them. Where do you get your news from?
  22. Don't hold your breath, the drama queen doesn't like facts.
  23. By not allowing remote FN communities to partnership with resource companies is simply condemning them to decades more of subsistence living on government funding. Resource extraction in such communities is the ONLY way the bands will be able to provide decent employment for their people. In addition to employment the ongoing royalties will give the bands funds to build better homes, well-maintained water plants, better schools, better health facilities and the list goes on. I will never support the implementation of UNDRIP as it would enshrine two levels of law in Canada and no democr
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