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  1. When Willis speaks out about the New World Order it is more significant when one of us does because he is laying more on the line. They may actually kill him.
  2. Bruce Willis was a neocon and supported neocon policies. He has now come out to make the statement. From Vanity Fairs June Issue "I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted," adds the Die Hard star. " These people put a lot on the line to come out and make these statements. They my be no more knowledgeable than any of us but its still not the same as one of us showing how ridiculous the official version of 9/11 is.
  3. Ron Paul / Debate Wins in every category - suppressed by mainstream pressitute media.
  4. If I were you Riverwind, I would stop replying to my posts - *especially* when you feel the urge to educate me. The textbooks are not wrong. They just don't tell the whole truth.
  5. This is an example of simple thinking and posting as if you are some kind of authority when clearly you are not. This is normally the case with Riverwind as has been shown repeatedly. I don't tolerate this kind of thing and when you post something you should understand what you are talking about or else get called on it. Lets start with the $2100.00 The bank lends out 1990.00 and that gets deposited in the bank as another asset. The banks assets then become 2100 + 1990, of which 90 % of the additional $1990 can be lent out. The net owed to the banks becomes $2100 + $1990 + $1791 + $1611 + $
  6. Lots of things are actually impossible. A building collapsing down through itself is only one of them. The building should have collapsed down through the air, not the building - unless the second law of thermodynamics is wrong. Some other examples are: Kennedy being shot from that distance with that many shots fired in such a short time from Oswalds rifle, the damage that was done to the OK Murrah building from the truck bomb and the FBI not having any involvement in the wtc'93 "terrorist" attack. Its impossible for anyone on the group to show me a single scientific statement made by Riverwi
  7. No, it doesn't. Lots of economists like it. Its you that misrepresents just about everything with your know it all attitude and know nothing reality. You have misrepresented banking in the above statement.
  8. Thats probably true but the books I have read and the courses I have taken probably does in terms on monetary issues and economics.
  9. I'm just going by their actions and philosophy, not whether the Protocols were a hoax or not. The Protocols - a Neocon Manifesto (I'm going to research this more and write an essay -point by point I think. There are a few people who will publish my essays.)
  10. Who is giving anyone free money ? Who suggested this ? Do you just make everything up as you go along ? Are you some kind of cointelpro operative that is using stupidity as some form of psychological warfare ?
  11. You could watch the video links I have posted. Money As Debt is a 47 minute cartoon. Nothing could be easier. An 8 year old could understand it. Its a brilliant piece of work, the favorite amoung monetary reformers all over the world. You have listened to me rant about the banks for 6 months. You have told me that I am all wrong in how I handle everything - advice that I didn't even ask for - you state you know nothing about money and you still haven't watched this video. Why don't you give it 5 minutes and if you don't like it the just stop watching it.
  12. Proven incompetents ? You really need to start reading books and stop watching so miuch television. Is there anything you have ever seen on TV that you do not believe?. Iraq is going perfectly according to plan. I have explained to you that the plan for Iraq is to break it up into three parts and have the Standard Oil and Federal Reserve cartels get in plus privatize all of their infrastructure. This plan is well known and I have linked a book written by Brzezinsky and explained that it is part of PNAC which is also available online. What is wrong with you ?
  13. Its likely that the neocons have infiltrated the liberals to create divisions to destroy the party from the inside - same essential thing that they are doing to the country. Harper is a neocon and they are essentially a party of psycopaths that take the Protocols of Zion to heart. Nothing is beneath these people and there is virtually nothing that they cannot get away with as Bush Inc. has illustrated. Its too bad that people are so dumbed down that they cannot see something is wrong when Harper is disliked so much and there is such a huge gap in the donations. But people still think Osama at
  14. The thing is that Harper wants to put soldiers on the street. But so do the liberals, NDP & Greens. The only non globalist parties are too small to be counted. Canadian Action Party has the best platform but little chance of getting common Canadians to understand it because they are too dumbed down by mainstream media. The Council Of Canadians is helping with great stuff on the NAU, but who is going to read that if Jack Bauer or wrestling is on TV ?
  15. You could help out by showing me a single correct scientific staement by Riverwind. This would greatly increase his credibility and may work toward me believeing him.
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