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  1. A warning to rioters and protesters:


    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Just Made Mobbing Motorists a Dangerous Affair





    1. scribblet


      About time.   I've seen some of those videos where the mob a car, smash windows and sometimes drag the driver out and assault him.    Not sure what they think they are achieving by doing that.

  2. Let's face it. Corruption. It's in the Liberal's DNA. Anyone who still support them after all these things we've seen in the past 3 years must find nothing wrong with that at all.
  3. I guess, the first Presidential Debate on Sep 29 would be revelation day!
  4. Rich people being let in without going through quarantine procedures.

    I wanna know:   is there some form of corruption involved?

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    2. Shady


      Democrats need to stop fuelling hate with their irresponsible language.

    3. betsy


      Dia - you're blinded by your hate that you're not thinking straight. :)


      Idon't care whether they're Republicans or Dems or gays or KKK -

      how come they're being let in without any quarantine?

      Is there corruption going on? Somebody's palm getting greased, or what?

    4. dialamah


      Betsy, I'm agreeing with you - there is corruption involved.  

  5. How long will they keep her around?

    They're trying to figure out how to slow down the replacement nomination -  the CNN anchor hopes decency and decorum will be displayed since she hasn't been buried yet - this might be the longest wake in history!

    1. bcsapper


      So I just read that the Dems have the option of impeaching Trump again to keep the Senate tied up until it's too late to vote on a Supreme Court nomination.

      What fun!

    2. Argus


      Betsy once again reveals what a good Christian she is.:rolleyes:

    3. betsy


      Argus invokes the Christian card! :lol:


      I wonder what being a Christian has to do with what I've said?  Lol.....a taste of the next level of TDS we're gonna face after the election! Hahahahaha

  6. How do you know it isn't true? Lol - a US billionaire just came waltzing in without being quarantined! Maybe she was going to do some mega-shopping! These days, i don't put too much into anything politicians say. Everybody's saying "we got your back." Hello? We're back to an even worse line-up for testing! Heck, it wasn't too long ago when I heard, "we put our kids' safety first and foremost!" Lol. look at 'em now - they're being marched to the front line!
  7. That'll be okay, too! I'm assuming he'll carry on! I want someone with the same mindset as Trump!
  8. Schools will remain open in a second wave - even in red zones!  sez Quebec.   I think this will be the same everywhere.

    Lol....for all the postured outrage, they're  doing the same thing as Trump - except that Trump is brutally blunt about it!

    The economy has to go on with or without covid!  Sure there will be casualties - but that's just the way it is.

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    2. betsy


      Lol.   Whether the mask is effective or not - I'm saying, there won't be a shutdown as we saw it in the spring!  

      THE ECONOMY CAN'T AFFORD IT!   That's the bottom-line!


      Trump's been thinking about that all these time!  



    3. Boges


      Trump's achieved both economic hardship and world leading COVID-19 cases and deaths. 

    4. betsy


      What country isn't having any economic hardship????

  9. He is failing us again....big time! Other western countries has been using various methods for testing - Trudeau Gov is frozen like a deer caught in the lights again! And now that it looks like we're about to enter the second wave, none is being done to ease up the demands for testing. If someone has a symptom - why not just assume it's just the common cold or usual flu instead of lining up for hours? For all the criticism being heaped upon on Trump for not shutting down - I don't think we'll be shutting down either. Why do I say that? Look how all provinces a
  10. I seem to have lost my edit button. Also, the forum looks different (color). Is this normal? I found it!
  11. It sounds like a title to a disaster or a doomsday movie! The Day After November, they call it at another forum! Whoever wins..........some kind of a civil war is seriously looming. It may not be nationwide - but will begin in places we see now that have the two sides bearing arms and squaring off. How long it lasts and will it spread nation-wide, those are the questions. Many Americans feel it coming. Guns and ammo sales are surging through the roof. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-02/gun-demand-is-off-the-charts-in-u-s-even-for-an-election-year
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