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  1. betsy


    You have to wonder why indeed they broke that story. Must be the CBC is getting quite concerned, too! If the CBC feels they have to break this story - Canadians should be truly alarmed by this.
  2. betsy


    WRONG! Was there ever a time when a person that's considered a concern to our national security ever granted permanent resident status? Was there ever a time during Harper's government wherein this same thing happened? Did Harper government ever make a mockery of our national security? yes, they are! One terrorist is too many. Go ahead, why don't you ask people who'd lost loved ones, or survived a terror attack!
  3. Here comes the next goal of environmentalists - which could very well be imposed by Trudeau, if he's given a second term.  


    Expect a hike in meat prices.

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    2. DogOnPorch


      Nothing humans do at this point 'helps the planet'. We are our own infestation. 

    3. bcsapper


      Yeah, we're lemmings, that's for sure.

    4. DogOnPorch


      Any savings you make via 'doing the right thing' are instantly wiped out by the addition of millions of new mouths.

      No sign of stopping.

  4. betsy


    And here's the latest mockery of our security system! https://www.reddeeradvocate.com/opinion/speedy-acceptance-of-saudi-shows-refugee-systems-flaws/
  5. betsy


    Botched handling of gangster refugee claimant exposes Canada's screening weaknesses https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/gangster-refugee-canada-immigration-screening-1.4943292 Boy, considering these expose' comes from CBC......... .................................the reality must be much more serious than this.
  6. betsy


    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbsa-permanent-residency-error-1.4978765 This should be chilling enough. I'm beginning to think like a conspiracy theorist - suspecting a collusion between Trudeau government and Islamists!
  7. betsy


    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbsa-permanent-residency-error-1.4978765 A NUMBER OF VULNERABILITIES? How many vulnerabilities are we talking about here? What kinds of vulnerabilities are these when this person was granted permanent residence? Obviously, Goodale and Trudeau lied to Canadians about being prepared to admit so many refugees! How can you trust our leaders when they're blatantly caught giving false reassurances? How can we have confidence in their decisions?
  8. betsy


    Remember the influx of refugees from Syria? And, how Goodale and Trudeau assured us about the vetting process? How do you explain this? https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbsa-permanent-residency-error-1.4978765 How do you make mistakes as serious as this? When national security is involved - we can't afford any mistakes! How many more "mistakes" are there that hasn't been discovered yet? The Trudeau and Goodale must be held accountable! These two were the ones who'd open our borders despite concerns about the vetting process!
  9. FN wants to buy the pipeline!

    Whom are we kidding here?  This is another shell game!

    Canadian taxpayers bought the pipeline - and, Canadian taxpayers will be the one buying it too for FN!  Double whammy for taxpayers!

    Lol.   Canadians are surely taking a terrible beating from Trudeau government!   slapping.gif


    There's no letting up, eh......taking us through the grinder!

  10. Ahhh.....I think I get it now.

    This is a political position for Trudeau:  standing up against Saudi Arabia (over human/women's rights).   Of course, Canadians will unify behind their Prime Minister against a tyrannical Saudi Arabia......which is good for the coming election. 

    Just look at the photo ops with Freeland.   How many refugees are personally greeted and embraced by a foreign minister?

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    2. QuebecOverCanada


      A game in which the bigger of a victim you are, the most you get. I bet you make strong nations with these kinds of examples.

    3. scribblet


      Another one wants out but is still in Saudi. ..  good luck to her getting out





    4. AngusThermopyle


      And of course Asia and family are still in hiding. I guess she doesn't qualify for help since she only spent eight years in solitary confinement while awaiting execution for committing blasphemy by drinking from a cup that was for Muslims. I guess she's got it too good, hiding with her family while the majority of a country looks for her so they can kill her, and presumably her family too. Or...they just don't make for as good a photo op. Go Libs go!

  11. Why hasn't Trudeau offered an asylum to a Christian woman (Asia Bibi), and yet it's readily offered to a non-Christian?


    Canada open to receiving Saudi woman fleeing family, officials confirm




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    2. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Simple, because Trudeau is a piece of shit!


    3. betsy


      Yes.   Don't get me wrong - I don't resent asylum being offered to this lady who renounced Islam, but it's the non-response to a Christian, that's grating.

      Furthermore, this lady had Australia as her choice - and Australia was on the verge of taking her.  And, unlike the case of Asia Bibi - there are other countries that expressed interest.   There was no need for Canada to step in.

    4. scribblet


      But Trudeau didn't and won't 

  12. Unifor Dias criticizes government (Ontario and Fed) for being quiet about GM.   What does Dias think?   That they can force a company to remain open and operate - just because the Union demands it?  Are you kidding me?


    Enough of that grandstanding, Dias!

    I know it hurts Canada to lose so many jobs - but, the sooner we accept that reality,  the better it'll be.    


    MOVE ON!


  13. What's up with Halifax?  Taxi drivers getting charged with sexual assaults.


    Basam Al-Rawi faces a charge of sexual assault, after an acquittal was overturned last January by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.  




      Seyed Abolghasem Sadat Lavasani Bozor, 74, was charged with sexual assault and was scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court on Tuesday.




    A third one is un-named.


    1. scribblet


      I didn't realize there had been a few of them...   how do you regulate this?

    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      PSSST this did not happen , these men are not Muslim, they don't do that stuff.....that would be Islamophobic….

    3. betsy


      The third one is un-named.

      I suppose.....they won't be naming suspects from now on.

  14. I suppose, it depends on the motive. Some older people want to have young mates to boost up their self-esteem. We have "boy toys" (who can forget Cher?), and "cougars" for women - a term if not mistaken I think, popularized by Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher. There's no denying it that younger people are quite attractive. Lol, when you reach a certain age (as in old age) - all young people look pleasing to the eye! It depends too what age you both are. Women in their forties could comfortably settle nicely with a much older man compared to a woman in her thirties. Realistically - especially in this day and age - it's almost impossible to keep that May-December relationship long-lasting.
  15. betsy

    Clarification on Baiting

    Well, maybe only the most blatant ones should be reported. If it isn't blatant trolling, it's open to interpretation.....otherwise, it'd be blatant! Like, I don't see the bragging posts about the USA as "trolling"..... after all there is indeed an attitude among some Canadian posters to belittle the US President. Our own Justin Trudeau had done so (doing a bitchy snide swipe) at every opportunity he got. In fact, he's been pontificating to other nations about the "values" of Canada, which apparently is now grating among Canadians (according to pundits on Question Period)! Lol. If this "holier-than-thou" is getting on the nerves of Canadians - imagine how it must be for other world leaders! This is a political forum. The "bragging" is political. It is personal attacks that are the serious crimes in a forum. Trolling, not so much...... And please, I don't want the mods to be deleting posts just because someone reported it as "trolling." That's what's happening to some forums (including the one started by smallC). It doesn't fly. Those are the forums that eventually end up getting really dead.