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  1. Thorough vetting, is imperative .......especially for those coming from "hot spots." There should be a cap as to how many from various countries are allowed each year. There should be a healthy balance from different parts of the world. Immigrants from cultures that are the same as ours should comprise vastly more, in comparison with those that aren't. It's only practical. Just as some parts of Europe had waken up, it should be one of our stipulations for those applying to come here - burquas (or anything that covers the face), will not be allowed.....after all, we surely do not want to perpetuate this degrading practice on women - with some of these women being apathetic, and even all for it (which will surely be passed down to their daughters).
  2. Yes, we still go to the Asian Section (Cambodian/Vietnamese) to shop, there's a positive atmosphere in them. Some communities like the Italian section ....and Danforth - we travelled all the way just to eat authentic Greek! We have to choose our immigrants, that's the key! If it's discriminatory to want to let in ONLY those who will readily be comfortable with, and accepting of the Canadian way of life - so be it. There's no shame in being choosy, and wanting only the best we can have for all residents in this country.
  3. But, have you heard of "no-go zones?" In mid-90's I was talking to a young father (a white guy, my co-worker), who worried about his children growing up in their neighborhood. Those days, the Somalis had taken over their neighborhood, and they did intimidate people, he said. He was struggling financially so he couldn't afford to move his family out of that place. Come to think of it now - I wonder how he's doing, and if they still reside in that neighborhood. That scenario is tame compared to what I read about some no-go zones in other countries now. I wonder if we have such places that aren't talked about by the media?
  4. That's the problem! They don't. They're not assimilating! Why???? Refer to Bernier's explanation! Grouping together has been a problem before.....even so now. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/25/AR2006082501169.html
  5. Then don't complain about Islam's treatment of women! Accept that difference. And that goes for honor-killings, too!
  6. True! The same for the USA! Yes, immigrants had founded and shaped these two countries the way they are - Canada and USA. But take note - from what countries did most of those immigrants come from?
  7. He's vocalizing what so many Canadians are hesitant to say.
  8. Mainstream media trying to create a wedge between Scheer and Bernier.

  9. Now we know why backdoor channels were being used! The previous government knew well enough. So....why the sudden tweet? Have they tweeted about China? We're not talking about Trump. Speaking of double standard.....what about how Trudeau deals with China - whose government he'd said to admire? Like I said - you don't understand.
  10. Sorry. Cant' take that site seriously. Yooo-hoooo? Am I DoP or BC? Anyway, I'm not going to rely on your words alone. Lol. You're the one who mostly misunderstand what's being said. I don't know what you're on about. You're also not getting this, I can see that. What's this? Your trademark? FYI, I don't care whether KSA looked like a spoiled brat. That undiplomatic tweet still costs us - that's what matters. --- See? You got it all wrong again.
  11. EH? Who's inviting these Saudis to stay? Talking about the consequences of undiplomatic tweets by Trudeau admin does not translate to an invitation for terrorists to stay! Anyway.....how come they're here? Do you know? Yes, let's keep that in mind if you want to talk perspective. You're losing it, Gosthacked.
  12. betsy

    It's Irrational To be An Atheist

  13. betsy

    It's Irrational To be An Atheist

    I'm not talking about proof. I'm talking about evidence(s). Big difference. Atheism has nothing to stand on - whatsoever!