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  1. betsy

    Toronto Al Quds Rally

    Here is part of an open letter that was addressed to the Atty General, and several officials regarding the Al Quds rally. May 17, 2018 Open Letter Hon. Yasir Naqvi Attorney General of Ontario McMurtry-Scott Building 720 Bay Street, 11th Floor Toronto, ON M7A 2S9 CC: Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario), John Tory (Mayor of Toronto), Jody Wilson-Raybould (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada), Jackie Gordon (The Sergeant at Arms of the Ontario Legislature), Chrystia Freeland (Minister of Foreign Affairs, MP for Toronto Centre), Dave Levac (Speaker of the House of the Ontario Legislature), Mark Saunders (Chief of the Toronto Police Services), Paul Boniferro (Deputy Attorney General of Ontario), James Pasternak (Toronto City Councillor for Ward 10), Kristyn Wong-Tam (Toronto City Councillor for Ward 27) Thursday May 17, 2018 Dear Mr. Naqvi, The rally on June 24th of last year was the most extreme of any Toronto Al Quds Rally the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) has witnessed. Our organization, which monitors each year’s rally on behalf of the community we represent and on behalf of basic human decency and respect, noted numerous instances of hatred - many of which we believe clearly violate sections 319.1 and 319.2 of the Criminal Code - including a speech given by notorious Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett who vehemently denied the right of Israel’s existence, and including a song played on repeat by rally organizers – named ‘Declare it a Popular Revolution’ – which includes the lyrics (about the Jewish community) “stab whoever you see, five, six, ten, twelve… Declare a Popular Revolution… Make us happy with bombing a bus… cut off (their heads), stab (them), run over (them), launch an attack on them.”[ii] It was also reported that ‘Nazi Salutes’ by Al Quds Rally attendees were directed at Jewish counter-demonstrators,[iii] in addition to a speech delivered by radical Mississauga Imam Maulana Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri who declared that “the systemic elimination of Jews… Israelis, Zionists should know, that it is the (religious) law that whoever oppresses, he has to be eliminated.”[iv] These acts of pure hatred toward an identifiable group can simply not be permitted. The above examples are only a portion of the disgraceful, dangerous, and hate-filled occurrences which were recorded by FSWC, and only a small portion of the publicly recorded instances of hatred at the annual Toronto Al Quds Rally readily available online for the world to see. The Jewish community feels extremely vulnerable both here at home and abroad. The Canadian Jewish community – continually the most targeted group for hate-motivated crime in Canada - remains on high alert over a spate of antisemitic attacks in our own country and province, as well as throughout America and much of Europe. In fact, per Statistics Canada, the Jewish community has been the most targeted for hate-crimes since at least 2013 – with 2016 being the worst year on record.[v] According to the same report, hate-crimes targeting the Jewish community accounted for 48% of all hate-crimes motivated by religion, despite the Jewish community comprising less than 2% of the Canadian population.[vi] In recent reports from police services in Toronto[vii] and Hamilton[viii], the Jewish population remains the top target of hate motivated crimes, and incidents have increased year over year. We at FSWC believe, given the political climate in Canada, as well as the fragile climate in the Middle East, that allowing this event to move forward on Saturday June 9th is both reckless and dangerous. Ignorance in the face of hatred must no longer be tolerated or accepted. https://www.friendsofsimonwiesenthal...to-al-quds-day The rally was allowed to go on. I highlighted those high-ranking officials who could've acted on it, had they wished to. All of them had opted to look the other way, and in doing so - had clearly given approval for this kind of hatred to be directed towards the Jews. They have all become enablers!
  2. betsy

    The Jim Acosta Lawsuit.

    From what I understand - he got his pass back as a temporary relief (because he wasn't given due process), but the litigation is still going on. This is just round 1. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/15/media/cnn-lawsuit-decision-postponed/index.html
  3. Watching first season of Law and Order (1990?) - lol.....the name Donald Trump  came up twice already!   :D

    1. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      He was a well known shady real estate developer before he was a reality TV star. You probably don't remember the world before reality TV. It was awesome.

    2. DogOnPorch


      Doonesbury was the comic strip that made The Donald a household name across America/Canada. Trump was a regular character that Uncle Duke worked for as well as JJ Caucus, who painted Michelangelo style frescoes on his yacht's ceilings....lots of nude Trump cherubs...classic. 


      Trump continues to make appearances in this long running strip.

  4. betsy

    Environmental Scams!

    Thanks to BushCheney for this: Correction to climate change study highlights flaws in peer-review process https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/peer-reviews-1.4907377 There goes another black mark on this so-called "peer reviews."
  5. betsy

    Toronto Al Quds Rally

    UK had denied asylum to Asia Bibi. The reason? They're afraid of the reaction from the Muslim community! https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/how-immigration-changes-britain/?fbclid=IwAR0XAxjZA-_8897jj1KoMYjFe_9pirmOJTiPm8voEuzFXBo29I74v95UVTo Lol. Since when did a minority group ever become this powerful enough to cow a government? We're seeing it now! John Tory is cowed by Al Quds. He's frozen stiff.
  6. betsy

    Toronto Al Quds Rally

    So......who's really calling the shots now in Canada?
  7. betsy

    Toronto Al Quds Rally

    John Tory proved himself useless in the face of this mockery! He allowed this last one to happen! https://www.bnaibrith.ca/toronto_mayors_assures_strong_action_on_al_quds_day_activity Just like Trudeau - he's all lip-service! A Quds are using children! https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/levy-illegal-anti-israel-hatefest-gets-green-light-from-city-hall-again
  8. betsy

    Toronto Al Quds Rally

    Of course you'd wonder.....why on earth the blatant hate rally of Al Quds is allowed to go on? https://torontosun.com/2017/08/26/jews-urge-attorney-general-to-stand-up-to-hate/wcm/876b7d5b-314d-4802-b7e2-f11a8e38e2d8 Why did they have to urge him? Did the urgings work at all? No. http://www.cjnews.com/news/canada/toronto-al-quds-day-rally-will-go-ahead-despite-efforts-to-stop-it Ford had promised to stop this rally. Huh. Maybe, he'll have to butt heads with Trudeau over this, too.
  9. We're very much into the topic of hatred recently. Trudeau just recently made an apology to Jews regarding the bigotry of refusing asylum during the time of Hitler, and he also brought up the recent massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh. However....a blatant hate-rally (which had broken our own Hate Laws), has been allowed to go on for years in Toronto. I'm thinking of the Islamist rally done by Al Quds. This rally is done every year in Toronto. Several complaints were filed against it, but surprisingly it still goes on, and the same message of hate is repeated: calling for the death of all Jews. https://www.bnaibrith.ca/sheikh_calls_for_eradication_of_israelis_at_toronto_al_quds_day_rally I checked out the law. Here's what the government says: https://lop.parl.ca/sites/PublicWebsite/default/en_CA/ResearchPublications/201825E So.....prosecution depends upon the consent of the Attorney General! Why is nothing being done? I got curious. Who's the past Attorney General of Ontario - before Caroline Mulroney? Yasir Naqvi. He's a Muslim. https://lfpress.com/2017/10/02/muslim-role-in-courts-opening-hailed-as-a-first/wcm/9a306d72-d4a7-048b-03e4-d00b19f637e0 Who can say that religion didn't play a role in his decisions?
  10. The irony of Michelle Obama.

      I suppose.....like everyone else in politics, or in any way connected to the White House who became overnight authors, Trump just have to be in Michelle's book! 

    So she goes around promoting her new book.  The media took some of her pot shot at Trump (of course)....and quoted her statement about him.  However.....this one about her worrying about the safety of her kids, makes me scratch my head. 

    Stephanopoulos noted, before reading a quote from the book released to the press where she claims Trump would’ve inspired a shooter to target her family:

    [A]nd she wrote, ‘What if someone with an unstable mind, loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls? Donald Trump with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk and for this I’d never forgive him.’


    Trump's questioning Obama's birth is OLD NEWS!  Didn't Trump reluctantly agree  in 2016, that Obama was born in the USA?   So, why's Michelle bringing this up again?


    Lol.  What if someone with an unstable mind happen to see her in the news today (promoting her book),  and see her quote:

    What if that person went looking for our girls?

    Didn't she just give them an idea?   bringing up an old issue (which didn't have any kook come looking for her girls).....

    If a kook comes looking for her girl now, where do you think that seed of idea came from - Trump or Michelle?

    We see a lot of loonies coming out now compared to 2016.  Michelle's more interested to promote her book, and looks like using her girls to sensationalize her book doesn't give her any concern for their safety.


    Talk about crap.



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    2. DogOnPorch


      Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump.....

    3. betsy



      Reminding people that Trump is a compulsive liar shouldn't provoke them to kill her children, but I'm not as in tune with the Trump supporter mindset as you are. 


      Michelle is referring to crazies.  Kooks and loonies, Don.   Kooks and loonies.   Stay focused.

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      I am well aware of the nature of Trump supporters.

  11. Attendance at Trump's Nevada rally quadruples Obama event total at UNLV arena




    Too bad Trump didn't have enough time to stump for House reps.

    1. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Failed presidents are the only ones ever concerned with how many paid "supporters" attend their rallies (What sort of president has a rally at this point in their term? A failed one.)

    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      I was wondering what could make someone so insecure as to post about comparative crowd size and then I saw this, which explains everything.


  12. Didn't Trudeau just gave $1 billion LAST YEAR  to Bombardier to KEEP JOBS? 


    The excutives even gave themselves fat raises!


    Apr 2017

    Last week, Trudeau said the government respects “the free market and the choices that companies will make.” On Monday, he said the government is “obviously not pleased” with Bombardier’s decision, “but we are happy to see it make decisions that are fixing that for Quebecers’ and Canadians’ confidence.”



    What f**king confidence is he on about when it isn't the first time Bombardier had been bailed out by Canadian taxpayers???

    So....today, Bombardier is laying off 5.000 workers!


    What happened to that billion?

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    2. DogOnPorch


      My bet is Air Bus if it's missing...so to speak.

    3. betsy


      Which Liberal politician is tied with Bombardier?   Chretien?

      There must be a reason why Bombardier is so cuddled by the Liberals!

    4. DogOnPorch


      Quebec...I thought.

  13. Don't let this Clement scandal bury something we ought to be really concerned about!  


    StatsCan taking our bank data without our knowledge!

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    2. scribblet


      This gov't takes thieving to a new level  

    3. betsy


      I think Clement's political career is finished.

    4. DogOnPorch


      As it should be...dumb move = dumb politician.

  14. Spare us the photo-op apology!  After all, the annual Al-Quds rally in Toronto is allowed to go on despite its  promotion of violence against Jews!


    Toronto Al-Quds Day rally will go ahead, despite efforts to stop it

    June 2018

    Just about every year, Jewish advocacy groups have complained that the rallies called for hate and violence directed toward Israel. Toronto police are still investigating a music video from last summer’s rally that glorified violence against Jews. That event also featured a speech by U.S. Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett.

    Two years ago, a Toronto-area teacher was suspended for praising terrorists and calling for violence against Israelis. And a hate crime complaint was filed in 2013, after one speaker urged people to shoot Israelis if they don’t leave Jerusalem, but it did not result in charges.


    1. DogOnPorch


      Yes...I do not appreciate his fake apology on behalf of my Jewish aunt who was aboard the MS St Louis.

    2. betsy


      Sheikh Calls for “Eradication” of Israelis at Toronto al-Quds Day Rally

       B'nai Brith Canada is in the process of filing a complaint with Toronto Police after a speaker at Saturday’s al-Quds Day rally in downtown Toronto called for the “eradication” of Israelis.

      Sheikh Shafiq Huda of the Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ont., made the remarks as part of the annual hatefest dedicated to the destruction of Israel, inaugurated by Iranian dictator Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979.


      Year after year, speakers at the Toronto al-Quds Day rally have praised terrorists and incited hatred against Jews and Israelis. Last year, organizers played background music that encouraged listeners to bomb Israeli buses, stab Israelis, and run them over.

      In 2013 and 2016, speakers called for Israelis to be shot, and in 2014, a Muslim cleric called for “yahoodi” (Arabic for “Jewish”) to be “dismantled.”

      Advocating genocide or wilfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group, such as Israelis, is a criminal offence contrary to sections 318 and 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code.



      What are you going to do about this, Justin?

    3. Goddess



      What are you going to do about this, Justin?

      Nothing. He'll do nothing about it.


    GOP win where Trump held recent rallies!

    No wonder Trump was really trying to cram as much as he can in the last few days!   Such stamina!