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  1. I want to know why he'd painted himself black THREE TIMES. 

    Lol - to go through the lengthy process of applying make-up to any visible spots - why do it three times?

    For laughs?

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    2. BubberMiley


      Would you now agree though that your past whining about the political timing of such negative revelations (like you did, for example, with Christine Ford's allegations) was an extremely weak argument? I can't imagine whining about the timing of these allegations. It would feel really pathetic.

    3. OftenWrong


      I want to know what he thinks when he meets and talks to black people?

    4. OftenWrong


      Re Betsy, my guess is sexual fetish.

  2. The apology means squat!

    Third video comes out!    How many more?   There are hints that there may be more.....


    Why didn't you bring this up last night?

    Which part of transparency is so hard to get, Justin?

    Anyway, why this obsession on blacks?

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      lets not forget about honesty, integrity , not to mention some basic leadership principles, doing government differently, all went down the tubes with SNC affair, ethics commissions reports. How many times has he called the right racist, only to have 3 MP's dismissed for racist remarks, and then  brown and black faces, next he will mimic Asians....

    2. betsy


      Maybe he already mimicked Asians!   :lol:

      Waiting for the video.......

  3. “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” - Trudeau.

    Only because you've been caught!

    You can't deny it!  Your Liberal Party can't deny it!   Time Magazine had contacted people to verify it was you!


    Why didn't you come out and talked about it before the news came out?

    Why didn't you volunteer the information that you have done the same thing in High School?  You only mentioned it because you were asked!


    You've done it twice.  Kapelos noted you evaded a question that asked - "are there more?"

    Anyway, why pick on and make fun of  a black face? TWICE! (that we know of).


    “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I am deeply sorry.”

    It was considered racist in 2001!



    You're quick to paint Bernier as racist.....when what you've done is a whole lot worse than what he proposes!  Seen through the eyes of a logical and unbiased thinker - his proposal isn't racist .............but, making fun of black people's color, IS!

    Have you ever dressed up as an asian?  Have you worn make-up with slanted eyes?

    Have you ever parodied a Pakistani?


    Why were you so harsh on other parties (especially with the Conservatives) who also have made alleged offenses stated in the past - and yet, you know ............that you  have a much worse skeleton in your own closet?


    Lol.  Doing a so-called "expose" with Scheer with that video - hah!   What goes around, comes around!

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    2. BubberMiley


      Let's hope so. 

    3. AngusThermopyle


      Poor Bubber, I guess you didn't actually listen to his sort of apology. You know, the one where he tried to turn it around with his statements about we. We can do better as a nation sort of claptrap. I'm not part of his we, I've never worn black face, neither has anyone I know. So...no...he isn't owning it, like usual he's trying to deflect and spread the blame. I understand how that point would have flown right over your head but do try to keep up.

    4. BubberMiley


      Poor Angus. He so wants to look like he knows what he's talking about.

  4. Stabbings in Kingston, Ontario.  Video footage:



    Anyone know if the suspect has been named?


  5. If a Christian who gives honor and praise, and glorify Jesus and the symbol of Cross, and he partakes in Communion, and yet does not believe that Jesus and God are One and the Same - that God is Jesus as human - then, Jesus becomes an idol. It also makes the Bible non-credible, makes Jesus contradict Himself, and thus He becomes just another false prophet. That's why it is so important to believe that Jesus is God.
  6. Justin, 10 - 15 years from now?

    Pedro Pascal - the stand-in for Justin? 




  7. Chic Fil A opens in Toronto, with about 60  protesters - and leftist news media make it sound like it's a big deal! :lol:

    Look how long the line-up is for those who want to eat!

    These socialist groups are so pathetic!



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    2. BubberMiley


      Being gay = being socialist in betsyland?

    3. OftenWrong


      Typical leftists, doing what is illegal. Hopefully this won''t continue. If it does, the restaurant has the right to have these people arrested.

    4. scribblet


      They won`t do that unless they get violent.  I love the way people just walk around them into the restaurant. it`s just chicken folks.  Nothing a guy in the U.S. says is going to affect anyone`s rights here. 

  8. The Liberals revoked the candidacy of Hassan Guillet over an anti-Semitic comment. However, Hassan isn't only anti-Semitic - much worse, he is a terrorist sympathizer! Being a "former" imam - and based on his comment, we could even say he is a terrorist jihadist enabler! https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/liberals-revoke-candidacy-of-hassan-guillet-over-alleged-anti-semitic-posts Who is Raed Salah? http://jcpa.org/al-aksa-is-in-danger-libel/al-aksa-libel-raed-salah-and-the-vision-of-a-global-islamic-caliphate/ Why does the Liberals ignore that obvious fact?
  9. As long as they don't campaign on the promise to be different from other politicians, especially when they compare themselves with someone specific - like the way Trudeau compared himself to Harper! Openness and transparency - sunnyways bull s###! Btw I'm curious, who grabbed women by the pussy? The difference between conservatives and Liberals - Liberals dug up 2005 video of Scheer! Lol - does that ring a bell? Shades of that decades-old Trump recording that was dug up too!
  10. Hahahaha...... Here comes the Jesus-card! hahaha He's booted Wynne out - that's all that matters!
  11. OH, the sweet irony! No wonder fake news flourish! People just rely on headlines! .........and, when they do read - looks like they just go through the motion of it!
  12. Here's an environmentalist propaganda masquerading as a research study!




    Ate more MEATPesticides!  Food packaging!  Lol - those are the "red flags" that give away a so-called "study!" :lol:  BS!


    Did they forget the most likely biggest culprit of all?

    Hi tech?

    Is that so-called study done by environmentalist grade-schoolers? :lol:

    As an example, working as an office clerk in the 80's involves some physical movement (even just to walk to, and rummage through the file drawers)!   These days, a DESK JOB means just that!  You're stuck sitting by your desk.....and letting your fingers do the walking on the keyboard!  In the 80's, you physically move around handing out memos! Now, everyone gets it by email!

    What about shopping?  Physical movement is a big plus, that it almost justifies the spending!

    What's the mindset now?   If it can't be done online, I don't wanna hear it!


    What about the difference between lawn-cutting,  now and then?



    and landscaping professionals have adopted newer and smarter technology that allows them to cut huge swathes of land in record time.

    Today, almost anyone can complete their lawn work comfortably. And isn’t that the point of technology, to make our lives easier?




    Lol, even brains are more likely different now.   All these apps doing the thinking for you - reminding you even with the simplest task of doing your grocery lists!!  Your brains need not do some hard labor of thinking anymore!


    Unless they find a cure for it, I predict in the near future, dementia wouldn't be just the thing for the elderly!

    1. OftenWrong


      We Luddites know what the real problem is - dependence on technology makes us weaker. Meanwhile Charlie squats in the bush, getting stronger...

  13. You may call it "wordsmithing".......but in my book, that's called, "careful reading and analyzing what is actually being said." But that's the problem. The headline does not add up with Sandal's comment. Like I've said, your source indicate: https://globalnews.ca/news/2208213/ontario-will-allow-parents-opposed-to-sex-ed-curriculum-to-pull-kids-from-class/ If parents are allowed to withdraw their kids - what the heck does each board's policy got to do with it? If Ontario says parents are allowed to withdraw their kids - all Ontario boards should follow and have the same policy regarding withdrawal of kids! Read your whole article! On one hand, it says Ontario allows parents to withdraw their kids, and yet on the other Sandals say each board has its own policy! That looks like double talk to me......unless of course, you can explain it. What exactly does that mean? That must be the difference between Wynne's and Ford's regarding withdrawal of children. Wynne's wishy-washy, while Ford's is all-sweeping! I'm not deluded enough to expect politicians to deliver everything they promise....especially when a red hot-button like LGBTQ is involved. Lol, just seeing all the groups that went against him - it's understandable.
  14. Your source says: I have not been following but I suppose, all boards will now respect and adhere to this new policy. No, I'm not denying reality - just that you and I seem to have two differing "realities!" Your source indicate: "Each board has its own policy.....," what exactly does that mean?
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