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  1. Start the crash course asap! As in ........NOW! Kidding aside, maybe you should make arrangements with his vet? Surely they'd know how to get to him?
  2. Pushing the security of maintaining 6 feet of distancing (and washing of hands) as the ONLY means of stopping the rapid spread of this virus, is giving a false sense of security! What you guys are missing - or, wilfully dismissing - is the fact that no one here is advocating wearing a mask IN LIEU of distancing/washing of hands! I'm saying: Wearing a mask provides an ADDED protection! ADDITIONAL PROTECTION! WHAT IS FREAKIN' WRONG WITH THAT? Even Tam changed her tune: https://www.hilltimes.com/2020/04/07/politics-this-morning-412/242436 Some grocery stores do not enforce the safe distancing inside the store! Bulk Barn really takes it a step farther - but that's to protect their inventory and their staff. That's okay. Speaking of store clerks - they are at the front-line too. The clerks on the floor stocking shelves or cleaning spills - they are out there with the public! They should be protected from the public. You guys better understand what is being said. I think some of you are merely giving knee-jerk responses without giving any thought at all at what is being said! And you folks wonder why I have to resort to super large and colored fonts? The attempt to shame came from those folks who felt that people advocating for masks ought to be shamed! Go ahead - review the discussion! What I did was merely show that they are arguing from ignorance!
  3. A lot of ignorant responses here coming from people who just want to argue for the sake of arguing! Even when their responses are so juvenile! Vaccines could be at least a year away - in the meantime, doctors and leaders are telling us to do our best to....... ......................help stop the virus from spreading FAST! Yoohooo, get that head of yours from under the sand. You're afraid - that's understandable. Fear can make someone irrational. You've got to face your fear! BUT, just because you want to convince yourself that this virus is no big deal, doesn't mean it isn't! Lol, you don't watch enough disaster movies, don't you? It's people with that mentality that are usually the first ones to go! The sooner you wrap your head around that, the better chance we'll have and safer we'll all be. Canada’s top doctor says wearing non-medical masks ‘sensible’ in certain situations Lol, now, people like Rue goes against Tam! I wonder how he'll try to put a spin on that.
  4. Lol. Here we go: https://www.hilltimes.com/2020/04/07/politics-this-morning-412/242436 It's like pulling teeth, isn't it? As I've explained here - that's where I wear my mask - when shopping for my groceries! Lol again. As I've pointed out in the OP: HOW THE HECK DO I KNOW IF SOMEONE IS ASYMPTOMATIC? For all we know.....I COULD BE CARRYING THE VIRUS (ASYMPTOMATIC), AND I WOULDN'T KNOW IT EITHER! If you don't have any symptoms - how the heck would you even know you're sick? DUH? That's why we all should wear masks! Assume that we could be sick! It's better to err on the side of caution! Capisce?
  5. No. It's about the inconsistencies in Dr Tam's updates. Read the OP. If it makes you feel any better about wearing a mask - Doug Ford had already seen the practicality of wearing a mask! Any ADDED PROTECTION is welcomed. You can make your own mask! Do you guys understand the critical situation of having so many patients swamping the hospital that doesn't have enough equipments for everyone? Can you imagine having several patients who can't breathe without any ventilators to give them? All you can do is hold their hands until they die! (IF we have enough frontline workers available for that). At a time like this, and all that worries you is about.........shaming?
  6. Well - that one day a week you do your groceries could be just the day you happen to be 6 feet from an asymptomatic person, who sneezed into his arm a tad too late! The effort of staying home the full 6 days of that freakin week becomes all for naught! And like I said, the breeze/wind factor should be considered how far airborne virus can reach! 6 feet may not be the magic number! Being told to physically distance at 6 feet.......lulls you into false security that at 6 ft, you are unreachable! If one is in the habit of touching her face - the mask is more likely to serve as a reminder NOT TO! Lol. Believe me, the mask has its unique way to remind you it is there.......... plastered on your face!
  7. Lol. Would you want to stick around to see if it just wants to play?
  8. But you're the one being ignorant. That's the point.
  9. Go ahead, fearless man. Btw, I'm not a "powerless" victim. I'm using my power - my thinking power. I'm not a mindless sheep that just take the words of politicians especially so when questionable statements are being made. Some reporters are also hammering away at the inconsistencies in Dr Tam's narrative! I'm not simply imagining it.
  10. I dismiss your irrational response! You're cluttering the thread with your ignorant and short-sighted views. At least, politicians are doing their politicking - that's their excuse. What about you? What do you gain from arguing on this thread? You want to be superman? Show us you're fearless? Go ahead - I'm not stopping you!
  11. Do you? Do you understand what entails "airborne?" If I sneeze on a windy day and you're about 15 feet from me - you think it isn't possible for the droplets to reach you? You think everything is visible? You'll probably be lulled by your false sense of security that just because you're several feet away from me, that you're safe. You're taking a chance on something you hardly know. We don't know much about this virus.
  12. I want to have an added protection. :shrug: Why is that so hard to register? Btw, how do you know for sure that 6 meters is enough? If someone sneezes - i suppose it depends on the strength of the sneeze. You've got to consider the wind factor, too -how windy or breezy it is can determine how far that sneeze droplet can go. Does the virus know enough to measure the distance?
  13. You don't have the facts either! WE DON'T FULLY KNOW! Nothing wrong with fear. especially fear of something we don't fully understand! FEAR, is a natural self-preservation instinct! Wilfull ignorance - or the inability to foresee the possibilities, on the other hand, is not. It would be an anomaly. It can make you - or a loved one - dead! If we are in the wild, your chances for survival is nil.
  14. It's not a matter of whether you're high-risked or scared! It's a civic duty to try to help stem the spread, especially so when we don't know how it will be in hospitals without any proper equipments! You don't want the hospitals to be swamped with gasping patients without any ventilators available. I don't understand the mentality on how you guys would try to dissuade people from doing what's only practical.
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