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  1. How do you vote? It won't let me. I vote NO! "You people," means new immigrants! Are new immigrants all visible minorities? You tell me there are no new white immigrants? Even if he was wrong in making assumptions that people he saw were all new immigrants - can't we give the guy a break for obviously being emotional about Remembrance Day? Looks like a lot of people are more into policing what other people say - lol, our Canadian soldiers had died for the right to express ourselves!
  2. Train To Busan It's from South Korea with subtitles - and it's entertainingly good!
  3. Enana leaving Canada (and changing its name). Other companies will be talking about this, and it may spur them to leave as well. It will serve as a warn to others from investing here. It surely is not worth any companies while to invest and linger in Canada - what with all regulations (and the lawsuits that usually follow)!
  4. I have never heard of Chong...….
  5. What do you guys think of McKay?
  6. A couple of pundits were saying there's talks going on behind closed door. That even Harper was said to be telling conservatives to "calm down."
  7. Demonizing any platform that seeks to LESSEN immigration in any way, is the new tactic by globalists who want to knock down borders and sovereignty! Trudeau, and the other socialist-leaning parties are blue-blooded globalists! They have too, all the mainstream Canadian media on their side - some, most likely even in their pocket! Sadly, majority of Canadians have been brainwashed and "programmed" - thanks largely to our media - and had lost the capability to think practically - heck, they don't think for themselves anymore! Common sense, is alien to them! True conservatism is dead in Canada. The only chance of its revival would be for Canada to really hit rock bottom - not unlike Venezuela! "Flooding" rich and once powerful western nations, is a way to weaken them! Just look at European nations!
  8. It's time to have new leader! With all the scandal attached to Trudeau, the Conservative party should be sweeping a majority with no problem - and yet, it was so excruciatingly painful watching Scheer in his campaign! I ended up changing the channel when he's on! All his strategists should be booted out! I'm not surprised he had a hard time. He came out looking so weak! There's no fire in that man's belly!
  9. I don't, too. Thus I told you right away. What I was responding to was your definition of an "extreme globalist," which I say is faulty! Behind closed doors, do you think there isn't any quid pro quo being negotiated by all nations' leaders especially so if one has the upper hand? Surely you guys aren't that naïve, eh?
  10. So, it's your opinion. ….and? I already told you I wouldn't know anything about it! Heck, that's the first time I even heard someone mention that! What do you want me to say?
  11. I was saying, "like living with mom and dad" - comparing the parental dependency with that scenario.
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