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  1. Lol. They're running around like chickens with their heads cut off right now! They're all waiting for the vaccine. You better read the OP again and again until it sinks in.
  2. So there you go - REGENERON - Trump's antibodies cocktail - approved!

    He was right after all.


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    2. Boges


      Many of Trump's supporters don't differentiate between levels of development. 

      It's "Life begins at Conception" or Bust. 

    3. betsy




      So there you go - REGENERON - Trump's antibodies cocktail - approved!

      He was right after all.


      You two, better get your act together. :P

    4. BubberMiley


      I'm surprised to find betsy approves of abortion now.  All it took was a new orange saviour. :lol:

  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-government-opens-the-door-to-gatherings-of-up-to-250-people-in-covid-red-zones-1.5806774
  4. I saw it streaming on CBC. Ahhh....here's an explanation: Large gatherings in red zones allowed in ‘very rare’ and ‘exceptional’ cases: Quebec ministry Quebec’s health ministry says large gatherings of up to 250 people are only permitted in “very rare” and “exceptional” cases in designated novel coronavirus red zones as confusion swirls over what is allowed and what is not. https://globalnews.ca/news/7470445/quebec-red-zone-gatherings/ ....such as?
  5. No I don't believe in conspiracy theories - but the way things are being done by Legault (as an example) would really feed into it. Are we surprised there are people who do believe in conspiracy theories - and are we surprised that people (whether they believe in cons. theories or not), don't take covid-19 seriously? How do you explain the justification of 250 people in a gathering being allowed in a red zone?
  6. I'm having a hard time processing this latest news. It's questionable enough how come extending Christmas break for schools is "out of the question," but today the news report says that Quebec allows gatherings of up to 250 people in RED zones! Quebec is among the top hardest hit province! I don't know what's happening. Either our elected officials are running around like chickens with their heads cut off- clueless, really and just giving us so much talking point full of bs...... ..............or, the conspiracy theories are true! That covid-19 is being used m
  7. I'm out of the loop. What's happening with the lawsuits?
  8. Lol. Near the end of the video - what happened to Obama? He looks like something from Star Wars!
  9. Is there a lawsuit connected to Dominion system?
  10. Everyone have their own reason for going where they want to go.....it only seems to prove this: the grass always look greener somewhere?
  11. Nobody among the left is talking about the therapeutics that Trump took when he got covid - Remdesivir -  which is now approved for use by the FDA!

    Lol.   They mocked and criticize Trump for using therapeutics - and now, they're all mum about that!

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    2. betsy


      I watched it! 

      take it or leave it!

    3. Boges


      I'll leave it, I'm pretty sure you're referencing mocking him for not taking Hydroxychloraquine. 

      Remdesivir seems to work, but it's not a cure. It keep people who are very sick from dying. It's got to be taken in the Hospital over 5 days. So if everyone needed it to recover, the Healthcare system would collapse. 

      Either Trump was very sick and need some extraordinary medical care, or they over treated him. . . because he's the POTUS. 

    4. BubberMiley


      Waitaminute! Are you praising therapeutics derived from fetal tissue? What the hell?

  12. Release the Kraken!



    1. sharkman


      Hell yeah.  I saw that video yesterday and that woman should run for president one day.  

    2. bcsapper


      Unleash the Agronox!!!

      The Agronox

  13. ...and they did swell on election day! But now, we know why Joe was not worried about the huge crowds for Trump! The Dems had already got Plan B set up. It's called, "in the bag!"
  14. Joe doesn't have to drop dead! At his age (and his obvious cognitive decline), all they have to do is deem him unfit! I'll give him a full year - at the most. I don't expect a scandalous scenario - it will happen behind closed doors with the Dems brass. Joe will step down. I bet that's always been the plan!
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