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  1. Senate Majority Leader assured evangelical voters, Kavanaugh will be confirmed!







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    2. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Look, the last thing the dems need is for this woman to be exposed as a radical and a liar - not knowing the truth works for them.  Right now they believe they have the upper hand.  She wont testify, at least wont take questions.  The best she'll do is give a statement(that we'll never see), then everybody will jump on the old "we didn't want her going through the Anita Hill abuse".  Nobody cares about Ford, It's all down to timing, did the dems stall enough?  

    3. bcsapper


      I think it's obvious that such was the plan when Dianne Feinstein held on to the accusation so long.  That suits me.  They should have waited until after the elections anyway.  

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Hal, it looks like you're wrong again. Thursday it is.

  2. betsy

    Environmental Scams!

    Why? Is there a ban for oil? List of countries by oil production https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_oil_production That they singled out the tar sands, actually support my point! Pick-n-choose! Nah. There's no real urgency!
  3. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I did answer your question. Read it again.
  4. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I don't care how you do your assessment. I didn't vote for you to be the Premier of Ontario - nor do I think you even ran for that position! As you'd said, ONTARIO IS BROKE! Lol, I already suspected that even before he came to power! Typical - we're all for getting rid of the deficits and climbing out of the hole - but only, if we're not affected in any way! He's gotta start somewhere! He can't afford to please everyone, he's got to be firm if he wants to achieve his goal - which is getting rid of the deficit! So, Toronto council cut it is! You don't like it, you don't agree - too bad - vote him out next time. Streamlining the government and saving through efficiency, are among the reasons I voted for Ford! Even if he touches and streamline the city where I am - I'm okay with that. I want him to do what he promised! I want to see the deficit down, or gone! That's what happens when you're broke - and you want to get out of being broke! You tighten up your belt! Unless, you can come up and produce a money tree - then, we're all laughing! Maybe you do, but I don't want more of the same - like, the Liberals playing shell-game with our money! And, this isn't about me! I gather you didn't vote for him. Well, I did! Enough said!
  5. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I'm an Ontarian. But, that's irrelevant.
  6. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I disagree. Any informed opinion, is relevant. Where I live is, irrelevant.
  7. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I'm expressing my opinion. Don't read it if you don't want it.......but, don't tell me I can't give my two cent!
  8. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    It's irrelevant whether we're Torontonians or not. May I remind you of our constitutional right - after all, isn't breach of free expression what anti-Fords are accusing him of? We have the right to our opinion.
  9. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    Whether it's "picayune" or not....that's subjective. It may be picayune to you, but it's not to me. I like to see the buck-saving start NOW! Let's just wait and see what the Supreme Court has to say about this. No point getting yourself all agitated..
  10. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    I heard a person being interviewed on TV (an expert of something).....that the Supreme Court will support this latest ruling that's been presided by three judges. The latest ruling had the judges criticizing the first one! Judge Belobaba erred in his decision and they explained how. He got slapped down. https://globalnews.ca/news/4464728/appeal-court-stay-toronto-city-council/ It's a done deal.
  11. betsy

    Environmental Scams!

    That's why they're simply picking and choosing......and being frivolous. With the carbon or pollution taxation - that's just plain money grab! There's no urgency.
  12. Ford was DRUNK!    By her own admission!




    According to Blasey, now Christine Blasey Ford, all three had been drinking; but the boys were especially intoxicated

    In other words, she was drunk too - but she says, the boys were more drunk than she was.  How can she tell ?   :lol:


    She can't remember details that other sex assault/rape victims could never forget! 



    Dr. Ford's testimony lacks key details




    No wonder she didmn't want to testify!  Can you imagine the cross-examination? :lol:


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    2. scribblet



      Tentatively as she is demanding that he testifies first...   which is unusual as the accused  can't speak to the issue unless he knows what the accuser has said.  

      All designed to drag it out and run down the clock.   Grassley is nuts if he lets the Dems. roll over him on this one.


    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It's obvious that she doesn't want to testify.  The Dems are simply waiting until they can blame Grassley and claim victimhood.  Ford is full of shit.   

    4. scribblet


      Exactly.   I'm not sure of the timel ine or what will happen if she doesn't testify Thursday, but IMO if she does not, they should just have the vote.   This is just  organized political blackmail and I'd like to know who is paying for her high priced democrat lawyers.  

  13. betsy

    Environmental Scams!

    So.....what's the point of banning tar sands? And all these other bannings that they pick-and-choose according to their whims? Today - it's plastic straws! Tomorrow - meh, maybe it'll be cows - for all the fartings they do! We are being treated like idiots! And, a lot of us are just fine with that!
  14. betsy

    Ford eviscerates local GTA politics

    What it tells me is that they've been prepared for this change - and everything is running fine. All those whiners were just being drama queens - especially Horwath! Torontonians should vote for those nominees who showed a good attitude of welcoming the challenge up ahead - instead of being whiners!
  15. betsy

    Environmental Scams!

    And? Obviously, you didn't read the article. And if you did- you're like the other guy - you better try to comprehend what it says, and get back to me when i asked, what's the point of banning tar sands. I'll ignore you for now.