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  1. What's he doing on Question Period?   SOLILOQUY?

    I think he's about to cry...........time to switch to another channel.


  2. Joyce Napier, Ottawa bureau chief from CTV,  now trying to neutralize the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

    "We've heard all there is to know."  Eh?  Come again?  I haven't!  

    For a journalist, you surely aren't that nosy, eh Joyce?

    She's now loud, trying to change the channel by accusing Scheer of playing politics!  Hello?   Who isn't playing politics, huh?  That doesn't negate the fact there is this BIG QUESTION ABOUT TRUDEAU and SNC-LAVALIN!


    Watch some reporters, who at first, seemingly were aghast about this  - now, carefully - trying to put this SNC scandal to rest.  True colors eventually show.

  3. It's not as simple as you want to make it seem. So yes, the parents ought to be informed.

    Justin, Gerry and Wernick are ganging up on this woman!  You're all making her out to be a liar - and yet, you effectively duck-taped her mouth! 


    Shame on this so-called "champion" of women - IMPOSTER!

  5. Maybe, these LGBTQ PC MPPs know enough, and agree that the school shouldn't try to usurp parental rights. Btw, Teachers' union challenge of Ontario sex-ed curriculum tossed https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/teachers-union-challenge-of-ontario-sex-ed-curriculum-tossed
  6. 1.  If Liberal-majority Justice Committee insists to play partisanship, and refuses to recall JWR, should the Oppositions invite JWR to do her own rebuttal in a press conference?

    I think, to be willing and open before the press - and let the press ask her questions, would be very powerful.  Canadians want answers! 

    The contrast alone with transparency, that the Liberals refuses to deliver - says it all.  Could this be possible?  What do you think?


    2.  Should we hear from Jane Philpotts?


  7. If Justice was Jody Wilson-Raybould's dream job, why move her at all - even if Scot Brisson had left the Treasury Board?


    If you feel that continued discussion is appropriate around SNC-Lavalin - then, why did you give up so easily when Raybould  - a valuable senior Minister - gave her resignation?   Surely, Trudeau can say the same thing he asked her:   can you review your decision again?


    Where's the evidence about the 9,000 jobs that is being claimed to be at risk?   Surely, you're not going to rely on SNC's claim about that, eh?   Haven't you heard of the term, "bluffing?"   Lol, if that's how you guys negotiate - no wonder you didn't get anything out of NAFTA!


    If saving jobs is so important - what did you do for Alberta and Saskatchewan?  Approx. 120,000 jobs were affected! 


    Why not lift the gag on Raybould, and let her speak?

    1. scribblet
    2. OftenWrong


      Is it even realistic to believe all 9000 jobs are "at risk"? The argument that this is about saving jobs is entirely premature.

      Come on Liberals, stop with the bluffing and lying.

    3. scribblet


      Butts had no data or proof on the jobs...   now SNC has landed a lucrative contract in Ottawa...  

  8. Didn't work.

    Looks like Trudeau will have to do his contrition speech after all.

  9. Wernick gets to come back.....but, JWR can't!

    Justice Committee is too partisan to be credible!  Why are we wasting time and money over this farce?

  10. Lol.   He made it to the New York Times!


    Oh, Trudeau.

    Charm will not extricate Canada’s Justin Trudeau from a spreading political mess. Only honest answers will.

    By The Editorial Board


    Looked at from south of the Canadian border, the entire matter may seem trivial alongside any of the many accusations levied at President Trump, or of the pressures routinely applied by politicians on behalf of powerful companies.

    But in Canada, the tangled SNC-Lavalin affair is unavoidably measured against the expectations Mr. Trudeau raised and the standards he set. For him to be accused by two prominent women from his team of violating the high ethical bar he himself set is a major blow, at the least to his brand.


  11. Trudeau using same line he used in the groping allegation.  "Her experience"......"my experience."    "Her truth"........"my truth." 

    Mind you, who sez liars aren't glib?

    1. OftenWrong


      Truth is all relative, for a liberal. And here we see an example of where that finally gets you.

    2. betsy


      And what's amazing is how many people still fall for it! 

    3. OftenWrong


      More action to come today. 

  12. Believe it or not, there are still those who support Trudeau.  But.....

    ......it's amazing that they are the ones who tend to scoff at and mouth off on big corporations - and yet, they have no problem on Liberal cronyism with big corporations!  Go figure.

    Maybe.....that's why they're quiet.   They're trying to figure out how to go about this? :lol:

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. BubberMiley


      And there's an obvious reason for that. It makes it so hard to be self-righteous about corruption when your approach to it would be to defame the whistle-blowers, defame the Justice system for investigating it, and defame the media for reporting it. Republican-types just don't know how to react to these people with principles resigning. :lol:

    3. scribblet
    4. betsy


      Anywhoooo......Bubb just proved he's stumped.   Just like all Trudeau could do is give talking points - all Bubb could do is bring up Trump!   Deflect.   Deflect.  Deflect.  :lol:

  13. What could be on the horizon?  Looking at the US -


    2020 Democrats Embrace Race-Conscious Policies, Including Reparations



    What are the chances Liberals will be spouting off,  and promising something similar?

  14. Lol. You can't believe what Liberals say. Scribblet just posted in the update: Trudeau tried to smuggle a NON-CANADIAN (Jihadi Jack) to Canada. Jihadi jack is a British citizen. Either the British or the American government intervened and foiled that plan. Plans to smuggle Jihadi Jack out of Syria and take him to Canada collapse at the last minute ‘after Foreign Office intervention’ He continued: 'I feel British, I am British. If the UK accepted me I would go back to the UK, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6758131/Plans-smuggle-Jihadi-Jack-Syria-Canada-collapse-minute.html I don't know whether they're supporting ISIS, but looks like Trudeau's got a soft spot for jihadists.
  15. I'm watching CBC.  Former Liberal Atty General says that if Wilson-Raybould's testimony isn't completely contradicted - there are lots of grounds for RCMP investigation.

    1. scribblet


      They should be investigating what appears to be a secret plan to bring Jihadi Jack into Canada.

      A British Labour MP says the Trudeau government was just days away from letting Jihadi Jack come to Canada when a third party, likely the UK or US, intervened to block the deal:


    2. betsy


      He's not even Canadian!   What about Canadians rotting in China?

  16. Jati Sidhu.  Here is an attacker of Wilson-Raybould.





  17. Wrote one columnist, if Quebecers continue supporting Trudeau, in spite of this attack on judicial independence, 'we are imbeciles'



    1. scribblet
    2. betsy


      Will lametti go for it?  Do they have the nerve?



      two-thirds of Canadians believe SNC-Lavalin should be prosecuted, potentially resulting in a 10-year ban on the Quebec-based engineering company receiving public contracts.


  18. Anyone know why Scott Brison suddenly left?


    I really want to know what else the Liberals are trying to hide.  

    That time frame that Raybould is forbidden to say anything - there's gotta be something more explosive than the ones we just heard.  I bet Raybould and Butts had further confrontation, and maybe something more damning to Butts than his damning statement we now know of, (thus he resigned).

    1. scribblet


      Probably something to do with the Norman case which could be a bigger blow to Trudeau

  19. NDP Charlie Angus calls for Wernick's resignation.

  20. ....and Trudeau will put corporations above the law! As long as it helps him!
  21. Liberals I've debated with in the other forum are now saying they want to see Trudeau step down!

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    2. scribblet


      Butts has asked permission to testify...if he refutes Raybould  with some proof, what happens then.   this has allready cost trudeau aboriginal votes so Trudeau is in a fine pickle now. 

    3. scribblet


      Paul wells is calling it a sickening smug protection racket. 

    4. betsy


      5 former attorney generals sent letter to RCMP asking to investigate.

      Apparently, Raybould has documents of evidence too (even text messages).  Raybould wouldn't be looking so confident going out like this....if she's got nothing to support her allegations. 

      Who knows.....maybe there's some recordings of these meetings and conversations that wasn't revealed during her testimony.  I can't recall if she was asked of any recordings during that testimony.

      If you're feeling coerced and threatened....wouldn't you protect yourself? 

  22. Are you for real? Corporations create jobs, don't they? They also bring jobs in, don't they?
  23. Exactly where did I say that SNC created jobs? Will you read again.....and try to understand what you read: Your obvious lack of understanding, is quite enough to say, your opinion is.......unreasonable.
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