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  1. At 70, Arnold is still the oak!  Ha-ha-ha He didn't even know what really happened!



    1. bcsapper


      I despise the cowardice of the sucker puncher.

    2. BubberMiley


      Coward got squashed pretty good after the attack though

  2. Gotta edit my title here: Abortion is a done deal.....in CANADA!

    Is that how Goodale just reduced these two Canadians languishing in China - "the two Michaels?"

    What?   You can't remember their individual names?

    1. BubberMiley


      Reduced? Only if your mind is sufficiently twisted to try to create resentment and anger and play politics with sensitive matters like this. 

    2. betsy


      EXACTLY!  Lol.  You said it:  sensitive matter like this.  

      And Goodale just made a sound byte out of them!  

      The Two Michaels!   I've heard the CBC anchor refer to them too, as the "The Two Michaels!" 


      Each of them had lost their own individuality!



    3. BubberMiley


      You think they should express their uniqueness as human beings with every reference? Uh...okay...

  4. It's also has very much to do with the timing of the trial. Imagine having that thing going - something so similar with SNC-Lavalin, during campaign time! Take note, the charges have not been dropped. It's been stayed - which means it can be reopened within a year. Imagine that like the sword of Damocles hanging over Norman's head for a year? Singling out Norman (from 73 names mentioned), and having him go through all that just because of doing his job (as explained by Jason Kenney, who was involved with this affair), it's like someon in the PMO/Privy Council, is being so petty waging a vendetta against Norman. Also, what's Brison's role in this? He quit politics for a good reason, I bet! I bet Norman will talk - at a very opportune timing, too! Keep it close to election time. I hope so. It's for the best interest of Canada!
  5. Norman wants to talk. He has something he feels Canadians should know. It's like Raybould all over again. I'm waiting for that.
  6. Prosecutors drop the Norman case!!

    Did Trudeau interfere?

  7. Remember when Wynn went nuts trying to buy votes at that fateful election in Ontario?

    Guess who's doing the same now.

  8. On FACEBOOK?????  

    So.....if you're Muslim, Facebook will let you post message of hate and violence!  It will even allow you to threaten to kill Jews!


    Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah

    The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page celebrating "Ummah Day" in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem.



    Look at the cute kids.  Good thing they're not Canadians!

    Because these little would-be "child" terrorists.....will likely to be awarded millions of dollars in Canada someday!

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    2. QuebecOverCanada


      Facebook said it wanted to fight against 'white supremacists'.

      They never said they would be against Black or Muslim nationalists/chauvinists.

      Look it up.

    3. dialamah


      I recently reported a Canadian page on FB that had posted memes suggesting that Muslims should be 'eliminated'.  Facebook declined to remove it because it didn't offend their "community standards."  I think FB is not really interested in removing hateful content, other than very high profile ones, such as Faith Goldy and Louis Farrakhan.

    4. scribblet


      It was a mistake doncha know, they didn't vet it. 

  9. You don't think at all, French Patriot. I think I owe a little explanation. Do you get why I say RealityCheck's post is based on ignorance? That he didn't get the OP? here's what he responded to: Now, read that, and understand what is being said. Take your time. Realitycheck's response to it, is irrelevant - he's simply gone ballistic! Since you liked his response - you therefore failed to even see that not only was his response irrelevant - but, he also was arguing out of ignorance. Now, what does that say about you? Be satisfied that at least, I'd indulged you both with some precious time. Bye.
  10. And those are the same old so-called "evidence" usually given by atheist idiots! I imagine they all came from the same pro-choice atheists sites (but of course, it's like the blind leading the blind)..... Here....let me illustrate why those are standard arguments from idiots...... Those cherry-picked verses (which are taken out of context), does not mean you can freely kill the unborn anytime you want, and for no other reason than just.....because! 2 Kings 8 Because I know the harm you will do to the Israelites,” he answered. “You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women.” 2 Kings 8 didn't only talk about killing children, but also killing pregnant women! Because it happened in the OT, do religious people believe that's it's okay to kill people? Duh. How many men and women were killed as punishment by God? Hello? You're saying just because that happened in the Old testament, therefore it's okay to kill men and women! Same thing. Shows you.....you got it all wrong. That's what happens when you cherry-pick verses without understanding them!
  11. Then, do what they want with their bodies! Doh. Lol. Why does it matter what I say? What - am I holding them hostage? If they're going to be bothered by my talking against abortion - then it means, my opinion means so much to them! Do as I do! I don't care about your opinion since I know they're mostly based on ignorance anyway! :shrug: At least, I directed you to another thread that explains abortion on Christian grounds - where I'm coming from! Freedom of speech/opinion rings a bell with you, guys? Let's discuss the weird reactions, instead. That's what I find intriguing......it's the same exploding reaction from some atheists in another forum, having a major melt-down over a simple Easter greeting from a Christian to fellow-Christians! It's quite weird when someone suddenly comes angrily on this thread and starts exploding without even understanding what he quoted! It makes me think of missed meds. Too many liberals give arguments based on ignorance - Realitycheck's ignorance of the OP is an example! And, that's just the OP which he did not really comprehend! lol, When you missed the OP - what have you got? And here you come, too.....on his heels! Like you two are tied together, or something! I guess you think there's strength in numbers, eh? Doesn't always work in a forum, my friend! Then he started bringing up the Bible, too! You guys are so funny......
  12. Boy. You seem angry. You're just one among many of those I've dealt with - using the same ignorant cliche. Nah. Not gonna waste my time on you. Just reading your post above already tells me you're not worth it. Here, just check out this old thread.
  13. Looks like there's an interest in Christian-related abortion issues. Bumping this up..... I don't feel like wasting my time responding to the tired, same-old anti-Christian arguments about abortion.
  14. Power Play with Nanos poll, shows anger rising against federal government. 

  15. Did you see the new Conservative attack ad on Trudeau?  :lol: 


    They showed it last night on Power Play - can't find it on youtube!   All the leftists' criticisms on Trump......you'd think it's about Trump! 

    Lol.   What would Trudeau-loving-Trump-haters have to say now?


    1. scribblet


      and please don't call him 'little potato'

  16. Oh boy.  Now we're subsidizing Toyota.  I suppose Abe got the upperhand.

    1. betsy


      And a couple or so years from now, we'll be cursing Toyota for announcing they're moving out anyway?
      GM all over again?


  17. CTV showed Trudeau visiting Coinstance Bay.   Ooooops,   The clip showed what looked like an angry  man berating  and wagging a finger in his face! :lol:

    That must've been an unexpected reaction to CTV.......the clip got jerky, and you could hear the man, and the flustered  anchorwoman trying to talk over what is being shown! :lol:

    Looks like the man was telling Trudeau he was disrupting their effort to shore up their homes.  Lol.  That's kinda a good way to tell Justin he's exploiting this disaster.

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    2. scribblet


      He was a big help, filled 3 sand bags for a photo op and told the guy he was being ' unneighbourly' and frustration is the story of his life or whatever..   LOL

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Trudeau is a patronizing jerk.  Talks to everyone like their children.  I would've been very close to punching him in the face.

    4. scribblet


      How long before Trudeau and the Party start trying to associate thus guy with white supremacy?

  18. No, you didn't plead - you demanded, and insulted! What jump the line are you on about? Who sez there should be a line-up? That he "jumped the line," must mean he's got the balls! Good for Max. That's plus point in my book! I'm not sure who I'll end up voting for - I might vote strategically (Scheer) since there's no hope of Bernier ever winning. But, I might just vote for Bernier out of principle. I don't know.
  19. So.....the truth is out. You want Liberal-lite.
  20. Facebook should not only face fines, but also be punitively ordered to compensate all facebook members!

    Make an example of Facebook!  

  21. Biden's a drama king!   :rolleyes: His video deserved a big eye-roll!

    Yes!  There are fine people on both sides, Joe.

    1. betsy


      Lol.  You need a headshake, Joe.   What are you saying?  

      All Muslims are bad?

  22. If you can afford to have a cottage in Florida, surely you can afford to carry your own health insurance.

    1. scribblet


      Most people do but as they get older it becomes prohibitive  .. last year was our last because of the cost for hubby.  if it increases a lot now probably many will no longer go  down south. 

  23. With just a few cents more per liter at the gas pump, people are already cranky in BC?  Lol.  They say it could still go up.  Embrace it!

    Just love it that prices are starting to soar.......




    Kris Sims, the B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said when filling up a typical Toyota Camry sedan, $5.99 will now go toward the carbon tax. More than $10 will go toward the tax to fill up a pickup truck, she added.

    And when it comes to the larger tractor trailers that transport the food and supplies most of us rely on, more than $45 of the cost of a diesel fill-up will go toward the tax.

    “So it’s just an astounding amount of money when you start to add this up,” she told CTV News Channel on Monday.

    Sims said she supports initiatives to create cleaner air, but only if ordinary residents are not made to suffer.

    “The idea of amping up the carbon tax to the point where it punishes people so much that they can’t run a business and they can’t drive around, we have to ask ourselves: what kind of an economy and society will that be?”




    It's a tax grab.   This is how Trudeau will bankroll all his reckless spendings.

    Food, and anything else that uses transportation will go up in prices, too!


  24. Right now, let's just focus on the current government. So many things done on the sly by this Trudeau government.
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