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  1. Senate Majority Leader assured evangelical voters, Kavanaugh will be confirmed!







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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      They didn't say it didn't happen. They said they don't remember. Let's see what they say under oath.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Look, the last thing the dems need is for this woman to be exposed as a radical and a liar - not knowing the truth works for them.  Right now they believe they have the upper hand.  She wont testify, at least wont take questions.  The best she'll do is give a statement(that we'll never see), then everybody will jump on the old "we didn't want her going through the Anita Hill abuse".  Nobody cares about Ford, It's all down to timing, did the dems stall enough?  

    4. bcsapper


      I think it's obvious that such was the plan when Dianne Feinstein held on to the accusation so long.  That suits me.  They should have waited until after the elections anyway.  

  2. Ford was DRUNK!    By her own admission!




    According to Blasey, now Christine Blasey Ford, all three had been drinking; but the boys were especially intoxicated

    In other words, she was drunk too - but she says, the boys were more drunk than she was.  How can she tell ?   :lol:


    She can't remember details that other sex assault/rape victims could never forget! 



    Dr. Ford's testimony lacks key details




    No wonder she didmn't want to testify!  Can you imagine the cross-examination? :lol:


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    2. scribblet



      Tentatively as she is demanding that he testifies first...   which is unusual as the accused  can't speak to the issue unless he knows what the accuser has said.  

      All designed to drag it out and run down the clock.   Grassley is nuts if he lets the Dems. roll over him on this one.


    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It's obvious that she doesn't want to testify.  The Dems are simply waiting until they can blame Grassley and claim victimhood.  Ford is full of shit.   

    4. scribblet


      Exactly.   I'm not sure of the timel ine or what will happen if she doesn't testify Thursday, but IMO if she does not, they should just have the vote.   This is just  organized political blackmail and I'd like to know who is paying for her high priced democrat lawyers.  

  3. Uh-oh.  Ford and Horwath to compete in the plowing match in Ontario.  Horwath might take this opportunity   to do him in! :D

    1. scribblet


      Better watch she doesn't get too hysterical or she might fall of the tractor.

  4. Learned something today:

    gray lady down.

    .....it's not that old movie about a sub.

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    2. betsy





      William McGowan's 'Gray Lady Down': A Devastating Critique of the New York Times

      In a brief foray into partisan politics, McGowan cites a fine media watchdog site called Times Watch, which analyzed a month of stories the Times did on Barack Obama and Republican John McCain during a slice of the 2008 campaign and found that positive portrayals for Obama outnumbering negative ones by a 3:1 ratio. When it came to McCain, that positive/negative ratio was reversed.

      "Gray Lady Down" also deals at length with what I consider the most disturbing coverage the paper has put out since I began monitoring the paper: The Duke lacrosse "rape" hoax, a sordid interlude in which the newspaper's columnists and reporters often discarded the presumption of innocence while stacking the deck against three white lacrosse players arrested for the rape of a black stripper. The paper defended its coverage even as the case imploded and it was revealed that the players were victims of lies by the stripper and misconduct by the local prosecutor.


      McGowan concluded by circling back to the departure of Abe Rosenthal, the symbol of the old-fashioned journalism he believes was exemplified under Rosenthal's regime. He's not a boycotter or even an enemy of the Times; most of his criticism is of the sorrowful, not angry, variety. He just longs for "a much better version of the Times than is being produced by the current regime." After reading his book, all but the most politically in denial Americans would surely agree.



    3. bush_cheney2004


      It's been a long decline, accelerated by financial pressures on print news by New Media.   Before it could at least be used to wrap fish, but people don't do that much anymore either.   I remember the Jayson Blair scandal (2003).


    4. bush_cheney2004


      The sub movie was better than today's NYT.

  5. Populism must be rising up in Canada right now.....

    Why are pollsters quiet???

    This controversial Ontario notwithstanding clause - unprecedented - not to mention NDP caucus getting kicked out of the Legislature due to Bill 5 - also said to be unprecedented - would've gotten pollsters drooling over it!   And yet......they're all silent!


    CTV Power Play had polled their viewers yesterday about this.  63% agree with Ford!  Thus I looked for other polls.....but, they're all asleep.



  6. This forum ain't racist at all.   It's just that......there's less of that political correctness bull.

    This must be the new emerging norm.......must strike terror into these over-emotional dysfunctional snowflakes.



    1. scribblet


      Definition of a racist ........ anyone disagreeing with a liberal 

  7. Why are there no polls lately from the usual pollsters like Nanos, etc.?

    Btw, CTV Power Play did their own "poll" with their viewers about the notwithstanding clause.  63% had agreed with Ford.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Probably shows JT in a power dive...so no polls!

    2. betsy


      I agree with you.   Sounds more like it.

  8. Here we go!  Refugee from Syria charged with first degree murder of 13 year old girl in Burnaby B.C. 


    "The man arrested and charged with the 2017 murder of Burnaby teen Marrisa Shen arrived in Canada as a refugee from Syria just months before she was killed, say police.

    Ibrahim Ali, 28, was arrested without incident Friday in Burnaby, where he lives, and later charged with first-degree murder, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team."


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    2. scribblet


      Not talking about gun ownership here

      That 50k figure is quite the revelation considering the deliberate act of hiding the true figures.  This dishonesty should bring down the government 



    3. DogOnPorch



      Politicizing gun ownership after a school shooting? Why?


      Dunno. You brought it up.

    4. scribblet


      Apparently he was sponsored by a church so how much vetting was done, I don't know.

  9. Freeland - frozen from the White House!   That's the revelation of a guest by CBC (Frank Buckley)....and by the looks and sound of the anchorwoman, it was  unexpected info.   Buckley basically called Freeland, "stupid."

    "You don't show your despise for the person you're trying to negotiate with!"

    Apparently, there was an interview of Freeland (can't recall what magazine) where-in she talked like the Washington Post!   :lol: 

    She was frozen out of the White House.  She does regional circuit - but that's just about it.  Send someone who can negotiate. 

    The CBC anchorperson looked like she was hyperventilating! :lol:

    1. betsy


      This must be what he was referring to:




      Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s recent undiplomatic speech in Washington warned about “angry populism,” the rise of “strongmen” and the United States’ seeming withdrawal from the rules-based international order.


    2. betsy


      It must've stung so much when Harper was granted entry to the White House.

    3. bush_cheney2004


      Harper gets it...Freeland doesn't and wants to live in the past, with the Americans bearing most of the post WW2 burden.

      "Recent tensions between Canada and the Trump administration have jolted Canadian officials and commentators to the fact that the United States is moving toward a new model of global engagement rooted in unabashed self-interest. Many who are accustomed to the United States assuming a major share of resources and responsibilities are astonished. But they shouldn’t be. That game is over and may never resume. The deck has been reshuffled. Canadian policy makers need to be ready to play their hand on behalf of Canadian interests. "

  10. "I am part of Resistance" NYT Oped by anonymous :rolleyes:......could be a plan to "divide and conquer" within the WH. 

    Speculations point finger to Pence as the possible 'anonymous" due to the usage of the term, "lodestar"....which they say is quite a rare term, and which pence had used years ago in his speech.    Why on earth would Pence use that term to write that article if he wanted to remain anonymous???


    Looks like someone is trying to pit Pence against Trump.   Someone's playing with Trump's head by sowing paranoia.



  11. Caster Semenya....isn't the real winner.  That's how I see it.   It's like cheating!  He's got higher testosterone level compared to women.  How can it be any different than taking enhancement drugs?



    1. bcsapper


      No view on this, but I do find it amusing that her name is an anagram for "Yes, a secret man".

  12.   Our negotiators should  remember (when speaking to the media), that Trump is most likely following what is being said. 

  13. Sunset Clause.  It's Trump's strategy - his "concession" pawn.

  14. Quebec elderly who simply asked a question Trudeau couldn't answer.....was apprehended by a cop!


    Boy.......with Trudeau, you can't even ask anymore.

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    2. scribblet


      Love the way he gives completely different answers to her questions which were valid.  Asking about payment for illegal border crossers is not racist regardless of what org. she belonged to which they found out later.


    3. Slick


      The woman also shouted that Trudeau is intolerant of white Quebecors, which makes her position fairly clear. Trudeau didn't answer her question directly as politicians rarely do. However, do you think Harper or Trump would have engaged with the woman at all or would they just have her removed?

      Trudeau tolerated the heckler far longer than most and I don't think she was even arrested. She was approached and questioned by two cops as she continued to pursue JT as he left the stage.

    4. betsy


      The woman is not a heckler!   She was asking a legitimate question!


    Trudeau's new strategy:  he surrounds himself with supporters - who drown out questions he couldn't answer with cheers and applause.

  16. A couple cycled the globe.

    "Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own … .."

    Suddenly, they came face to face with ISIS.  They're now dead.


    A Dream Ended on a Mountain Road: The Cyclists and the ISIS Militants



    If you don't think evil exists - then you're either in la-la land, or.....just plain <deleted>.

    1. betsy


      It's not like as if they' hadn't encountered some snapshots of evil.




      But in the course of their travels, their blog posts also noted flashes of cruelty.

      On one mountain pass, a group of men blocked their path and tried to shove the couple off their bikes.

      And just 50 yards from the Spanish border in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Mr. Austin signaled to a driver that he wanted to cut into his lane. The driver let him enter and then — slowly and deliberately — began to run him over, trapping Mr. Austin’s bike between the advancing car and the vehicle ahead of them.




      What is cruelty for no reason?  Evil.


  17. I suppose Mayor Tory will now be wanting to ban knives, too!

    1. scribblet


      Saw something funny yesterday but can't find the picture now; it was some Toronto people (councillors?) with a box saying something to the effect of:  dispose of your knives here..      LOL 

  18. Mainstream media trying to create a wedge between Scheer and Bernier.

    1. scribblet


      They are happy to do so knowing there is a convention coming up.  CBC is particularly divisive on this, not to mention actually making stuff up about what Bernier said and why.   They should be ashamed. 

  19. Bahrain and UAE stand behind Saudi Arabia.

    I don't see any other officially countries standing with Canada on this.  Where is Macron?  Where is Angela?

    Oy, now I know why Angela is quiet over this:




    Earlier this year, Saudi government agencies were told to cut back on contracts with German companies, apparently in response to a comment in November by Germany’s then foreign minister suggesting that Lebanon was a “pawn” of Saudi Arabia.

    Fortunately, the spat with Germany did not get out of hand, and the Saudi ambassador to Stockholm returned his post — which allows for some optimism that relations with Canada will return to normal after a time. But Riyadh’s open hostility will make the walk-back longer and harder. And harder still, because it all began on social media, where furies unleashed are notoriously hard to tame.




    No word from Trudeau about the KSA. 

    Like the deer  got caught in the headlights? 

    Afraid to say anything?





  21. UK is really way, way out there, you know.   Lol.  I suppose handguns are banned in UK.....so what happens?   They use knives! 


    Imagine this moron's brilliant idea!  Imagine this guy being a judge?


    Knives are too sharp and filing them down is solution to soaring violent crime, judge says





  22. Slimy, lyin' CBC and CTV are both reading from the same script.  They make sure to point out that slashing city council  wasn't a promise that Ford ran on during the election......

    .....and yet they both say that there's hardly any details in his election platform.  If there's hardly any detail, how did they know it wasn't part of it?

    Could it be it's part of his promise to cut the size of government??



    1. capricorn


      John Tory is apoplectic. It does, after all, reduce the size of his empire.

  23. Toronto councilor Fletcher is another suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome!  Lol.  Reacting to Ford's downsizing city council - all she did was invoke Trump  Lol.  She must mean he's draining the swamp!


  24. Uh-oh.  EU made a deal with Trump! 

    Looks like Mexico will make a deal with Trump!

    What happens to Canada's position, "there's strength in numbers?"

    1. betsy


      Will this be the Conservatives' dedicated song to Justin?