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  1. I love  military parades!  

    If taxpayers are spending billions on their military, they should at least see how they look like.  At the very least.....we can  identify the various uniforms and gears from various divisions!

    I don't know why it evokes such negative feelings to some folks.   Some can  only think of the goose-stepping Nazis  :rolleyes: at the mention of military parades - so limited -  thanks to their movie-viewing (most likely the only source of info they rely on).  

    Is France a dictatorship?  I must have missed seeing that one in movies. :lol:


    Anyway.....so what if dictators do them?  They observe a national day for their country too, right?  Should we scrap doing that one, too?

    Just because they do, why can't we?  Why on earth do you let dictators somehow affect  what we should, and shouldn't do?  That's laughable and childish. 

    We know what's right and wrong -  and we know we've got common sense, right?  Can't we trust our own common sense? 


    Careful about criticizing other countries for their parades.  They could come back and say we're simply sour grapes.....since we don't have enough military to have a parade with! We've gutted it!  Our parade will look anemic.  Pathetic! 


    Anyway.....shouldn't we worry more about a PM who publicly upheld, and declared his admiration for the leadership of China over its people?


    1. ?Impact


      It is not just goose-stepping Nazis, there is Red Square and Tiananmen Square, and best of all Sung Square.

    2. betsy


      So what?  Why? 

      Are their leaders any different from any other leader who want to show their strength?   Are they banned from having their own military parades?