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    Uh........mean-spiritedness seems to be back again.....along with visiting expatriates!


    Just saw an episode of The Waltons - about visiting kinfolks.  Hope the visit doesn't drag too long. 




    1. dialamah


      I suppose if you call people "disagreeing" with you 'mean-spirited', then you are right.  In my view, you are one of the most mean-spirited posters I've ever seen.  Why is that a Christian as yourself would be seen that way, even by an unbeliever?  Yet, I find Blackbird, who shares at least some of your beliefs, to not be mean-spirited at all.  Why is that, do you suppose?   

    2. betsy


      Why are you so defensive? 

      Obviously, you have not seen some of the posts that I was referring to.  You're entitled to your own opinion.....same way that I'm entitled to mine.

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