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  1. Sentenced to 3 years in prison.  Cohen - according to prosecutors - "did not fully cooperate."  I guess that means they didn't hear what they wanna hear from him.

    But the question is:

    What's keeping him from fully cooperating?   He's already burned his bridges with Trump  - so why didn't he fully cooperate?


    Could it be.....he has nothing more to give?

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    2. betsy


      I'm not sure I heard this accurately, but apparently he's said that he was forced to make a plea deal due to financial reasons.  He said, he can't risk going on trial and wait for a presidential pardon since he doesn't have the money for the lengthy trial.

    3. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Because he's charged with doing crimes he was paid by Trump to do, and because a pardon involves an admission of guilt, Trump can't pardon him without implicating himself further.

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      He wouldn't pardon him anyway because he sang like a canary. I have heard (but am unsure of the accuracy) that his refusal to answer some questions was based on an unwillingness to flip on the mob, but that he flipped on Trump hard.

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