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  1. Trump's approval rating among likely voters soars to 52% - his best yet - after the State of the Union Address.


    Rasmussen Reports poll as Trump at 52 per cent approval, his best showing in 23 months and a higher number than his winning edge in 2016

    Asked what Monday's numbers mean, a senior Democratic House aide confided on background: 'I don't know yet if it's horrible, but it sure isn't good


    Rasmussen's Monday numbers suggest Trump could have a majority of Americans behind him and a leg up on his winning position from two years ago. ' 






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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Good point. In 4th grade they've matured beyond using emojis to express themselves.

      And they might even be able to identify what "left wing" means without a total fail.

    3. betsy



      ......4th graders haven't gone beyond getting easily triggered by emojis!   They are easily  side-tracked by emojis!   That's why emojis, are a good "rebuttals" for tantrum-throwing, exploding leftist heads!

        Look at you.........you're no longer debating the issue!   You're talking about emojis!    hearty-laugh.gif


    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      You have no argument or knowledge of the issues. All you have is emojis, so what am I supposed to talk about?

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