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  1. Lol.  What's up with Buttgieg's so-called "moment" last night?  You know, the one about his message to the Republicans when they've reached the twilight of their lives - what will they be remembered for?  Whether you had the courage to stand up to Trump, or support his racist views?

    What's lost to Buttgieg is that not everyone think Trumps comments are racists!  Only dishonest anti-Trumps and fake news media try to float that!

    How about you Democrats?   When you've reached the twilight of your life, how will you be remembered?  Someone who upheld the fundamental freedoms of DEMOCRACY (such as freedom of speech, etc.....), or will you be cursed for being a part that ripped Democracy to shreds, and instead helped firmly install socialism?  Will you be a significant figure in the downfall of America?


    Lol, one thing we know for sure  - this batch of Democrats 2019,  will be remembered for being a bunch of scatterbrains who supported the moronic SQUAT!  So, there! :lol:

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    2. betsy


      Critical thinking!  I decide for myself! 

      Will you just follow and eat poo, if majority tells you it's good for you?  :lol:


    3. dialamah


      Sucking up Trumps BS tells me who's eating poo.

      Critical thinking! & religious people



    4. betsy
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