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  1. Here's an environmentalist propaganda masquerading as a research study!




    Ate more MEATPesticides!  Food packaging!  Lol - those are the "red flags" that give away a so-called "study!" :lol:  BS!


    Did they forget the most likely biggest culprit of all?

    Hi tech?

    Is that so-called study done by environmentalist grade-schoolers? :lol:

    As an example, working as an office clerk in the 80's involves some physical movement (even just to walk to, and rummage through the file drawers)!   These days, a DESK JOB means just that!  You're stuck sitting by your desk.....and letting your fingers do the walking on the keyboard!  In the 80's, you physically move around handing out memos! Now, everyone gets it by email!

    What about shopping?  Physical movement is a big plus, that it almost justifies the spending!

    What's the mindset now?   If it can't be done online, I don't wanna hear it!


    What about the difference between lawn-cutting,  now and then?



    and landscaping professionals have adopted newer and smarter technology that allows them to cut huge swathes of land in record time.

    Today, almost anyone can complete their lawn work comfortably. And isn’t that the point of technology, to make our lives easier?




    Lol, even brains are more likely different now.   All these apps doing the thinking for you - reminding you even with the simplest task of doing your grocery lists!!  Your brains need not do some hard labor of thinking anymore!


    Unless they find a cure for it, I predict in the near future, dementia wouldn't be just the thing for the elderly!

    1. OftenWrong


      We Luddites know what the real problem is - dependence on technology makes us weaker. Meanwhile Charlie squats in the bush, getting stronger...

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