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  1. “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” - Trudeau.

    Only because you've been caught!

    You can't deny it!  Your Liberal Party can't deny it!   Time Magazine had contacted people to verify it was you!


    Why didn't you come out and talked about it before the news came out?

    Why didn't you volunteer the information that you have done the same thing in High School?  You only mentioned it because you were asked!


    You've done it twice.  Kapelos noted you evaded a question that asked - "are there more?"

    Anyway, why pick on and make fun of  a black face? TWICE! (that we know of).


    “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I am deeply sorry.”

    It was considered racist in 2001!



    You're quick to paint Bernier as racist.....when what you've done is a whole lot worse than what he proposes!  Seen through the eyes of a logical and unbiased thinker - his proposal isn't racist .............but, making fun of black people's color, IS!

    Have you ever dressed up as an asian?  Have you worn make-up with slanted eyes?

    Have you ever parodied a Pakistani?


    Why were you so harsh on other parties (especially with the Conservatives) who also have made alleged offenses stated in the past - and yet, you know ............that you  have a much worse skeleton in your own closet?


    Lol.  Doing a so-called "expose" with Scheer with that video - hah!   What goes around, comes around!

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    2. BubberMiley


      Poor Angus. He so wants to look like he knows what he's talking about.

    3. AngusThermopyle


      It appears quite clearly that you're the clueless one here. It is amusing watching you twist yourself into knots with your pretzel logic attempting to defend the indefensible. So you're saying that Scheer holding Trudeau to the standard that Trudeau himself set is wrong. Okay, gotcha, the old do as I say not as I do mantra. In other words your man crush should get a pass because...well...he's your man crush, right.

    4. BubberMiley


      No, I'm not saying that. Maybe your fixation on me is becoming delerious and you're imagining things.

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