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  1. Here, Greta.   Take a load of this:

    Plastic grocery bags are here to stay!




    Have a valium.

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    2. betsy



      Yes, if their grocery bags are such a filthy petri dish they are asked to remove them from the store. Repulsive!

      Is that right? 

      Ahhhh.....so, you monitor every cashier at every stores, at all times they are open to the public?

      I suppose, now you hallucinate yourself to be OMNIPRESENT? LIKE GOD?  :D

    3. BubberMiley


      Here's some information for you about why it might be a good idea not to selfishly destroy our living environment for the sake of being selfish.


    4. scribblet


      Someone one here really loves to make sh.t up, no one said they were asked to remove their bags because they were dirty.  Some grocery stores will not allow anyone to bring their own bags, no matter how clean.  Continually imputing words and actions not said is s slimy tactic, as slimy as this virus. 

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