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  1. Illegal immigrants want equality!  They're protesting for resident status to gain access to healthcare, Education, CERB etc..,.....lol. 

    Something tells me, they'll get it.

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    2. Argus


      The only reason they say 'Canadians won't do these jobs" is because the mass of unskilled labour coming in through the immigration and asylum system every year keeps wages low. If it weren't for the immigrants and refugees wages would rise to attract workers.

      As for the agricultural TFW workers guess what, the moment you give them citizenship they're going to leave the farms and head for Toronto and Vancouver and we'll have to bring in more TFWs to pick crops. And given these are third world farm laborers you can classify them all as 'unskilled labour' off the farm, so they will, at best, get minimum wage jobs and have to be carried by the rest of us.  So that idea just won't fly.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Lots of unskilled labour coming in as immigrants, so nothing new on that front, How many Syrian immigrants did we bring in, I would think we have more in common with them, morals , values, religion than many of the other immigrants we bring in.

    4. Argus


      I doubt it. They're mostly rural people and so deeply religious Muslims. Harper tried to bring them in more slowly, targeting those most in danger like Christians and Yazidis. Mr. Selfyboy, though, just wanted raw numbers to make himself look good.

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