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    Now I know why our Cabinet Ministers had to go to Washington to "lay the gorund works" for this upcoming meeting.


    "The official versions of the calls have noted the usual niceties exchanged between world leaders and mutual invitations for visits.

    But in a long interview Trudeau gave in December to a Montreal radio station, he hinted that the atmosphere on the Trump call may not have been as warm as expected. "


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. BubberMiley


      You're really trying to generate a controversy out of the adjective "civil"? Is that really all you got?

    3. betsy


      Read my first post again.  If you still can't figure it out - what more can I say?

    4. Omni


      I don't think it's Bubber who's having the comprehension problem. You are assigning a lot of weight to an article which basically has none. But hang in there.

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