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  1. You gotta admit it.  Trump's label sticks!  He called Bloomberg "Mini Mike."


    Now, Elizabeth Warren's taking potshots at Bloomberg's height! :lol:

  2. "The barricades must come down." Don't we know that already, being illegal - they have to come down. Two weeks ago! And if they don't? He doesn't want to squarely answer that. He's washing his hands off the whole thing.
  3. How come there's only 1 woman in Trudeau's security detail?   Where's equal representation?

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      THEY QUIT, after he was exposed as a fraud.... 

  4. The lunatic environmentalists/socialist are very much a big part of this shenanigan trying to destabilize Canada! They see this a perfect timing with a weak government at the helm. Would they have dared doing this with Harper? Nah!
  5. Oh yeah, we'd still be. It's the perceived weakness of Trudeau that's got us into this situation. He's wrapped himself with the reconciliation flag, and he's trying to impress the UN, what with trying to win a seat in the security council - he's afraid to rock that boat - the protesters know it. They've got him by the balls! Lol. Let's just wait and see how this play out. Looks like he's getting closer to sound like Scheer! Either he lets Canada rot or, he starts using some "violence" with cops dragging and arresting protesters out of there. We know what the inevitable scenario will be, if nothing gives in a few more days! Meh. Maybe, he'll take out the checkbook and start paying them off!
  6. Legault shouldn't posture....if he can't deliver!

  7. You seem to be the one who's keeping track of the "end of days," forecast! I never said anything about the end of days being nigh! In fact, I've been saying only God knows. It's amusing though to discuss prophecies that has been made in the news! Like the 2012 - that pops into mind since I just saw the movie recently. That shows an ignorance of the Scriptures! Listen - we're supposed to do our duty as citizens of our countries. In our case - it's a democratic system, and we choose our leaders! To practice our democratic rights is in keeping with the Scriptures! So.....I have to care about our "worldly nonsense." We have to use our critical thinking, right? That's a given gift - according to the Scriptures. (but of course you wouldn't know that.) Please - if you're going to mock......... don't flaunt your ignorance. It ain't a pretty sight. And that goes for everyone who agrees with what you'd said! They only showed they understand squat...........like you. Who's laughing now? Why do you care about the end of days? ...........which is something stupid! I'm pointing it out to you now! Whatsa matter with you? You can't tell where it should be asked....you don't know where the subject belongs?? If it's relevant or not? Anyway.................... You're the one who brought it up in a subject that deals only in politics - so............................ it must weigh heavily on you. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/projection Kinda, trying to project it on me, huh? Just saying......:shrug: Now that we've cleared that up - let's get back on-topic. Don't bring up the God-card or the Christian-card or ....even the fairy-card, into this thread!
  8. "This is unacceptable!" How many times did Trudeau started his response with that line? I heard it again yesterday on Question Period. Not only is it ridiculous - but it sounds so pathetically stupid coming from a Prime Minister - especially when what he calls , "unacceptable" ................. ................has been going on.............................. for more than two weeks!
  9. Is he the one who ended up retracting? There's a chief who retracted.
  10. RCMP moved from WetsuWeten.  Now the conditions have been met, barricade should come down.

    If not? 

    I bet......Trudeau will say, "This is unacceptable!   Let's have more dialogue!"

  11. If things go on the way they are - and, Canadians really feel the impact of these illegal blockades - I think all oppositions - whether they're ready or not - will be forced to support a motion to bring down the government. Or, they'll be forced to call for provincial police to enforce the law! They'll have no option. Sooner or later, violence will become inevitable! They shouldn't tarry any longer. It's better to get the cops to do their jobs now. Don't wait to get an enraged public to become vigilantes! 'Potential catastrophe': Rail blockades disrupt supply chains for food — which may lead to grocery shortages Manufacturers scramble to deliver products, industry warns of potential shortages of propane and chlorine and mining companies curtail production https://business.financialpost.com/transportation/rail/potential-catastrophe-rail-blockades-disrupt-supply-chains-for-food-which-may-lead-to-grocery-shortages This stalling and displayed weakness by the Feds only enboldens more protesters to form blockades wherever they choose! The demands range from showing solidarity to environmentalism, to demands for clean water, to human rights etc...., how can you deal with all that? Lol. You can be sure that every time we have a liberal/socialist government - this blockades will become the norm for every issue they disagree with!
  12. People are losing jobs. Commodities aren't being delivered. Prices will go up - supply and demand. Propane is being rationed. We might even have a shortage of clean water. And yet, Trudeau wouldn't make any decisive decisions. Our national security is at stake - this could descend into chaos! Let's face it: Trudeau is a deer caught in the headlights. He's frozen stiff! It's the same thing that happened over his slow response to Canadians in Wuhan. It seems he's so afraid to make any decisions. Can the Opposition get together and boot out Trudeau over this blockade crisis? Can they cite non-confidence over his non-existing leadership?
  13. Lol. You can't give anything without raising the God card! Not even in politics. You said nothing.
  14. Lol. See? Just more deflection! You can't back it up!
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