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  1. There's no excusable reason to kneel on someone's neck.   NONE!

  2. Central Park Karen was fired from her job. I'd so the same thing if I was her employer. Not for racism mind you, but for her willfull malicious dishonesty. Lying seems to come naturally to her - even when the impact could mean something severe for the man involved. You can not trust an employee who can readily lie like that.
  3. What do you mean by RACISTIC?
  4. Trudeau doesn't want  to talk about anything else except coronavirus. 

    Lol.   No other important issues - they can wait, whenever.  He doesn't have to deal with them.

    Saved by the virus! :)


  5. Hahahaha TRUDEAU WEARS A MASK! Hahahaha Whether some folks would still deny to admit it - masks indeed help to prevent the spread! Why is there a slowdown on the virus? Because a lot of people are wearing masks! Watching the update now from Tam. Lol. They're having a hard time backtracking here. They're saying there's no change. Bull! They're now admitting wearing a mask is a SUPPLEMENTARY MEASURE - which I've already kept saying weeks ago! I'll even go ahead and predict that.............................. wearing a mask will soon become mandatory in stores! Wait til the fall.
  6. This isn't just a question for the progressives and liberals supporting the Democrats, but also a question for every progressive leader with the same problem, doing the same. That includes Justin Trudeau.
  7. Hahahaha MSM knows that it has lost a lot of credibility since Trump came into office. Keep the boat rocking!
  8. Trump's valet and Pence's aide tested positive.  Could any assassination attempt use the virus to get to Trump?

    1. BubberMiley


      I have informed the Secret Service of your plot.

    2. dialamah


      If Trump dies in office, every Trumpster would assume it was an assassination,  no matter how many docs certified it as natural causes or normal course of an illness.  Much better for the world if he's voted decisively out of office and continues to live a long life, descending the rest of the way into dementia.

  9. The Golden Horde
  10. Warriors of the Steppe
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