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  1. Scheer scored a big-time point when he told Trudeau that he (Trudeau) should run for the Ontario Liberals!  :lol:  A big applause erupted from that!  


    Strange - that isn't being shown in the news clips today!  

  2. Bernier was the winner....but of course, no media would even come close to saying that! Lol. I particularly loved that moment when he got Trudeau stumped with his 6%. I love it too when Bernier questioned Singh's so-called diversity stance and yet Singh can't abide any differences in opinion! Singh is just another liar when he said Bernier was inciting hatred with his platform. Either that, or Singh has problems understanding English!
  3. Anyway.....with all the direct accusation Trump makes about Biden and his son over and over again - they're corrupt - (lol, to say he said it in public would be an understatement)……... …….how come the Bidens aren't suing him for defamation, if the accusations are not true?
  4. It wasn't long ago that I asked, how come they're not banning private jet travels?

    Hahahaha....and it comes out, Trudeau's travelling with 2 planes in this campaign!

    Change of  behaviour is only for the little people, folks!

    1. betsy


      So they keep trying to distract!  First with abortion.  Now, dual citizenship!

  5. Amazing though that the CBC and CTV newsnet are both so quiet on this......hmmmmm......
  6. So, Climate-Change prophetess, McKenna.....when are you guys going to ban private jet travel?

    1. scribblet


      Do as I say, no as I do.  not good when the Greens have to photo shop a reusable straw and cup  onto May's photo.   next thing they'll  be taking acting lessons from Aladdin. 

  7. "You've stolen my dreams." says the little girl, having a fit at the UN.

    What a load of soap drama crap!


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    2. BubberMiley
    3. Shady


      Do not speak ill of Saint Greta!

    4. BubberMiley


      Yes, it makes you look pathetic when you do.

  8. One journalist pointed out, now....even the mocking jokes he's made to indigenous protesters of mercury-poisoning, from Grassy Narrows, has taken on a serious meaning! The underlying racism spontaneously bubbled out! Of course, there was also the treatment of Jody Wilson- Raybould.
  9. Not to mention of course, he's definitely bombed now in the global community as the torch-bearer of progressive values! He's lost all credibility! As one pundit had said, Canada is rarely on the front page in international news. Black face Trudeau is front page everywhere! Let's face it: he's an embarrasment! Huh. I'd surely wanna hear the opinion of his big brother - Obama!
  10. A visible minority lady from the National Post had explained what it is for her about this black face: the deception.
  11. You want an answer? Create your own thread with that question, then. Yes, this issue is about character. Read the OP again. This is about character . The character of Justin Trudeau. Not about me. I'm not the PM, nor am I running for that office. Stick to the topic, please.
  12. This isn't about "hard-done by white men." You seem desperate to change the channel. Stick to the topic, please.
  13. Eh? Spare me your convoluted ramblings. Archetype or not - a black person is black! Whether they like it or not......... black is their "archetypical" color! Archie Bunker my foot -- your mom was poking fun at black people!
  14. If your mother made you up as black NUMEROUS times (the same way Trudeau did) - I'd say your mother isn't only racist! She must be a SUPREMACIST!
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