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  1. Scheer scored a big-time point when he told Trudeau that he (Trudeau) should run for the Ontario Liberals!  :lol:  A big applause erupted from that!  


    Strange - that isn't being shown in the news clips today!  

  2. Bernier was the winner....but of course, no media would even come close to saying that! Lol. I particularly loved that moment when he got Trudeau stumped with his 6%. I love it too when Bernier questioned Singh's so-called diversity stance and yet Singh can't abide any differences in opinion! Singh is just another liar when he said Bernier was inciting hatred with his platform. Either that, or Singh has problems understanding English!
  3. Anyway.....with all the direct accusation Trump makes about Biden and his son over and over again - they're corrupt - (lol, to say he said it in public would be an understatement)……... …….how come the Bidens aren't suing him for defamation, if the accusations are not true?
  4. It wasn't long ago that I asked, how come they're not banning private jet travels?

    Hahahaha....and it comes out, Trudeau's travelling with 2 planes in this campaign!

    Change of  behaviour is only for the little people, folks!

    1. betsy


      So they keep trying to distract!  First with abortion.  Now, dual citizenship!

  5. Amazing though that the CBC and CTV newsnet are both so quiet on this......hmmmmm......
  6. So, Climate-Change prophetess, McKenna.....when are you guys going to ban private jet travel?

    1. scribblet


      Do as I say, no as I do.  not good when the Greens have to photo shop a reusable straw and cup  onto May's photo.   next thing they'll  be taking acting lessons from Aladdin. 

  7. "You've stolen my dreams." says the little girl, having a fit at the UN.

    What a load of soap drama crap!


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    2. BubberMiley
    3. Shady


      Do not speak ill of Saint Greta!

    4. BubberMiley


      Yes, it makes you look pathetic when you do.

  8. One journalist pointed out, now....even the mocking jokes he's made to indigenous protesters of mercury-poisoning, from Grassy Narrows, has taken on a serious meaning! The underlying racism spontaneously bubbled out! Of course, there was also the treatment of Jody Wilson- Raybould.
  9. Not to mention of course, he's definitely bombed now in the global community as the torch-bearer of progressive values! He's lost all credibility! As one pundit had said, Canada is rarely on the front page in international news. Black face Trudeau is front page everywhere! Let's face it: he's an embarrasment! Huh. I'd surely wanna hear the opinion of his big brother - Obama!
  10. A visible minority lady from the National Post had explained what it is for her about this black face: the deception.
  11. You want an answer? Create your own thread with that question, then. Yes, this issue is about character. Read the OP again. This is about character . The character of Justin Trudeau. Not about me. I'm not the PM, nor am I running for that office. Stick to the topic, please.
  12. This isn't about "hard-done by white men." You seem desperate to change the channel. Stick to the topic, please.
  13. Eh? Spare me your convoluted ramblings. Archetype or not - a black person is black! Whether they like it or not......... black is their "archetypical" color! Archie Bunker my foot -- your mom was poking fun at black people!
  14. If your mother made you up as black NUMEROUS times (the same way Trudeau did) - I'd say your mother isn't only racist! She must be a SUPREMACIST!
  15. How many times have your mother gave you a black face? Three times, at least? As usual.....you're missing the point. Btw, I support Trump for a reason of my own. This thread is not about Trump - so, stick to the issue.
  16. Good for Jagmeet Singh for putting a condition on Trudeau's request for a meeting. Jagmeet certainly wouldn't want to be used as another prop by Trudeau.
  17. Say that to visible minorities.
  18. But.....we do know that under Justin Trudeau, these visible minority Liberal MPs only serve as.........PROPS!
  19. Visible minorities.........please pay attention. Just contemplate on this loaded statement. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized again on Thursday for wearing blackface in three separate incidents and said he did not know how many times he had put on racist makeup. Justin Trudeau says he does not know how many times he's worn blackface in his life - CNN The fact that Trudeau cannot be confident enough to say that there were only those three times means, the Liberal Party isn't sure if there would be more photos or videos, or tape recordings that could come out! What it means though is, those were not the only times he did something racist! Heck, who knows - maybe he dressed up like a Chinese/Japanese (complete with slanted eyes), or had parodied talking like a Pakistani or an Indian! If you're confident those three were the only times - and you're confident that no way anyone could produce anything authentic besides those three that we know of - then, you would have said so! The fact that Trudeau is trying to "cover his butt" by saying "I don't know how many times....." means, he did it more than those three times! Just because a politician is making policies that seem to be visible minority-friendly, doesn't mean a politician isn't racist. It could very well mean...... ..........having the power (as an MP, or as a PM)......... is simply the goal! After all, politicians are known to lie......... just to get votes! Don't listen to the comment by visible minority Liberal Party caucus - giving excuses for Justin Trudeau. They are politicians, too! Under the LIBERAL banner! What do you expect them to say?
  20. Liberal-friendly media, are doing their own damage control! They're putting a spin on why Trudeau says he doesn't recall how many times. They say, it's normal for political parties to try to cover their butts if they're unsure of any other photos that may or may not come out. In other words, Trudeau cannot confidently say that those were the only times he made racist parodies. That's the shallow explanation by the media. Here's the most believable - the logical one: He volunteered his high school blackface during his first apology - when he was asked if there were more. He should've come out clean and volunteered that latest photo. I suppose he cannot volunteer them all! Lol, think about it: what would be the reaction if he'd admitted to have mocked black people more than three times? Lol, he won't simply be called a racist. He'd be labelled a......... ..........SUPREMACIST!
  21. Are there more? Yes, or no? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized again on Thursday for wearing blackface in three separate incidents and said he did not know how many times he had put on racist makeup. Justin Trudeau says he does not know how many times he's worn blackface in his life - CNN That means.....there could be more! How can he not remember how many times he parodied black people? Because he did it so many times - he'd lost count! Okay, seriously - I don't think anyone had asked him, why? I want to know why he'd painted himself black - THREE TIMES (that we know of). Why is there this seeming pattern to enjoy parodying black people? Lol - just to go through the lengthy process of applying make-up to any visible spots - not to mention the time involved to remove it - why do it three times? For laughs? What is "funny" about being black?
  22. A lot of folks are missing the whole point in this latest Justin Trudeau blackface controversy. It isn't about racism. This is about character . The character of Justin Trudeau. Defined along this context (from Merriam): - the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation (the character of the American people) - moral excellence and firmness (a man of sound character) The SNC-Lavalin scandal had shown us that he can indeed lie. He has no problem with that. This latest blackface scandal had clearly shown, he's good at it. This isn't a learned trait from being a politician. But, having been raised in politics - the art of lying, must've come with it. Having the skill at drama and acting (after all, he was a drama teacher), only makes that art of lying even more compelling and believable. It's been proven! He's a liar. He consciously lied. We have so many proofs! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Fool me THRICE............ what? We're the ones proven morons? We deserve what we get? Why should we believe and settle for a proven liar? How can one even believe anything that he promise? Lol. It's not even like we have an efficient leader at the helm! Look at all the fiascos he'd made one after another! From that India trip (surprising he didn't put on a brown make-up to go with that costume and dancing), to buying a used pipeline for billons of dollars.......... that we could've gotten for free! Not to mention, becoming an international HYPOCRITICALLY sanctimonious embarrassment...... of a huge calibre! Is this liar worth it? If you're so cynical to believe all politicians are liars anyway - well, I do suggest then - let's try another liar! Another liar, who may at least do something good for this nation.
  23. Are there any more? 

    Trudeau says he can't recall how many times he wore blackface makeup



    That means.....there are more!  smiley.gif


    How can he not remember how many times?   Because he did it so many times -

    he lost count!  hearty-laugh.gif

  24. I want to know why he'd painted himself black THREE TIMES. 

    Lol - to go through the lengthy process of applying make-up to any visible spots - why do it three times?

    For laughs?

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    2. BubberMiley


      Would you now agree though that your past whining about the political timing of such negative revelations (like you did, for example, with Christine Ford's allegations) was an extremely weak argument? I can't imagine whining about the timing of these allegations. It would feel really pathetic.

    3. OftenWrong


      I want to know what he thinks when he meets and talks to black people?

    4. OftenWrong


      Re Betsy, my guess is sexual fetish.

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