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  1. So....RCMP or OPP are not investigating at all?
  2. I've seen some grocery products up by a dollar! Once they go up, I don't think they'll ever come down again.
  3. Boy, does he ever wrap himself up with the covid flag!
  4. The very first sentence from him was ........................COVID! He'll get away with so many things using Covid!
  5. A Liberal MP wrote a letter, critical of the PMO over this WE. Who was that? I didn't get the name! Hopefully, this will encourage other Liberal MPs to speak out. A coup might be breaking out!
  6. I was away and came back just now. Last time I heard, Scheer was asking for an extension. Did Trudeau extend that 1 hour?
  7. CBC says his popularity is dropping.....
  8. Trudeau will again, skate through this scandal. UNLESS something more damning comes up........
  9. Those media which carried the stories that the brothers say were incorrect would pursue this ......if the Kielburgers were lying about that. Let's wait and see.
  10. Who was that moderator in that committee? He kept helping the brothers waste time going on and on. The time of the real fact-finding members of the committee (and I'm not referring to Liberals whose purpose was to help the brothers), were being used up by old tactics time-eating explanations of the brothers! That was well-planned with the Liberal MPs. The same will happen when Trudeau testifies. You're supposed to answer the question. You're not supposed to go off on a tangent.
  11. They made their oath before testifying. They seem so slick - with those wide-eyed youthful "innocence!" The way they tried to explain their complex structure, they are con artists. That's how they come across to me. Furthermore, they explained why they got Sophie and Margaret Trudeau speaking at WE Days - but the committee forgot about Alexander! Those are THREE TRUDEAUS! What did they need Alexander for? Mainstream media will find nothing amiss there, they'll still protect Trudeau and bury this.
  12. You could be right. They're only saying $500 mil in this committee.
  13. Watching the Keilburgers right now - I see Trudeau getting past this scandal again. Likely, Morneau too. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. I'm conservative - a social conservative. That's the main reason I can't bring myself to consider McKay - he's a proud pro-choice! That's like hitting the brick wall with me - I can't get past that. And to add to that, he'll whip his MPs that they cannot vote with their conscience!
  15. Why Peter MacKay Is the Wrong Choice MacKay’s history as minister of justice raises questions about his political fitness https://thewalrus.ca/should-conservatives-trust-peter-mackays-leadership/ So many things to attack him with. We'll only end up with a replay from last election.
  16. What are the chances that Trudeau might end up stepping down due to this WE scandal? If that happens...............who's likely to be the next leader of the Liberal Party?
  17. So many billions going out!   Covid-19 could be the perfect cover for some serious hocus-pocus with taxpayer's money! 

    With all talks about billions of spendings for Covid-19........................... we may get quite disensitized about the dollar figure that it gets easy to lose track of some of that bundles.

  18. The whole package is still $912. From what I understand last night with Vassy Kapelos, out of that $912 mil, only $500 mil was earmarked for grants. The question is........ ....................what happens to the other half? Despite Being Allocated $900 Million, WE Program Was Going To Offer Just $500 Million In Grants https://spencerfernando.com/2020/07/27/despite-being-allocated-900-million-we-program-was-going-to-offer-just-500-million-in-grants/ Where will that other half go? That's what I wanna know! Btw, is the RCMP investigating at all?
  19. LESLYN LEWIS is the one for this election, folks. ESPECIALLY, if we have a fall federal election! It'll be the perfect timing for her! Let's not waste votes. UNITE. Put her at the top.
  20. WE Charity Moved Millions To Private Kielburger Company "Massive red flag," says charity watchdog https://www.canadalandshow.com/we-charity-was-in-financial-trouble-before-covid-says-charity-watchdog/ Trudeau gov. $912M contract was with WE Charity’s recently formed real estate holding foundation “It is absolutely shocking that the government would say that they provided a grant to We Charity when in fact they provided the grant or funds to WE Charity Foundation – a shell corporation with no assets, no history, no record of charitable work.” Kate Behan, managing director with Charity Intelligence Canada, called for the public release of the original CSSG agreement between the government and the WE organization. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/trudeau-gov-dollar912m-contract-was-with-we-charitys-recently-formed-real-estate-holding-foundation/ar-BB17397l?li=AAggNb9 Where would all this lead, I wonder?
  21. I don't think that will hurt her at all. It might actually help her, the way she's handling the issue with diplomacy and tact. If I'm not mistaken, her platform is to establish some laws limiting abortion, which is inlined with what the majority of Canadians want. You should read the whole polls and explanations. https://weneedalaw.ca/2020/06/canadian-opinions-on-abortion/ Lewis will get us the majority on the Fall election. Conservatives, we better get our act together here! UNITE! LESLYN LEWIS is the one!
  22. Leslyn Lewis is the closest to conservative we're gonna get if we want to kick out Trudeau/Liberals. She has conservative values. Bernier didn't even win his seat in his own turf. He'll never have a chance. We'll be stuck with long years under the Liberals again. https://www.macleans.ca/politics/leslyn-lewis-social-conservative-party-leadership-2020/ "......strong conversations about where our country needs to go for everybody to benefit,” We need that now, more than ever! She'll unite Canada. Leslyn Lewis is the one!
  23. The closest to being Conservative who has a real shot at not only kicking Trudeau out, but also winning a majority is none other than LESLYN LEWIS! The Conservative Party CAN BE a real conservative party. Lewis' platform is all conservative though she expresses herself DIPLOMATICALLY (which is practical since we want to win the centrists too)! I urge all conservatives to get united behind Lewis! She's gaining momentum among non-social conservatives. She's the ticket to a majority in the next Federal election! Take my word for it!
  24. LESLYN LEWIS! They're talking about her yesterday on CBC or CTV - apparently, she's been gaining momentum! Conservatives going to her are said to be non-social conservatives who just don't want either O'Toole or McKay. She's also endorsed by pro-life groups. Conservatives, don't waste votes on anyone else. Vote for Lewis! I'm telling you - she'll have the majority if she runs for PM.
  25. That's how Satan will try to play it. Mind games. You learn well from your dad. lol. You're grabbing just about anything to support you, eh? You're one very confused Gnostic! Don't tell me, you've become an hyperian too? Former Members Speak Out Against Internet Cult Led by Ex-Reality TV Star Morgue https://www.patheos.com/blogs/nosacredcows/2018/08/former-members-speak-out-against-internet-cult-led-by-ex-reality-tv-star-morgue/ You're quite the mixed cocktail, aren't you?
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