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  1. If you're going to use a private jet in your travels all over the place, don't give any sermons about climate change!  Just zip it!

    Got that, Harry?

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    2. QuebecOverCanada


      They're extremely conflicted between what they preach, and what they are.

    3. betsy


      Lol.  The "little people" will be the ones sacrificing for the environment - but not them!   Oh no, they're exempt from all that!

      A lot of them (including some celebrities) think of themselves like they're some demi-gods  with all the entitlements....and the amazing thing is, a lot of people seem them as, and treat them like demi-gods!



      ....and, shut up too, ellen degenerate!   They're not being attacked for EVERYTHING they do! 

    4. scribblet


      It's the hypocrisy but hey...

  2. Like you. On one hand you're forced to criticize Trudeau.........and yet on the other, you try to whitewash and exonerate his corruptions by bringing up Harper! Lol. What's Harper got to do with this? Why don't you give us a proof of Harper's so-called corruption?
  3. How is it partisan? Because I'm a conservative criticizing Trudeau? Don't you have any inkling why I said what i said? If people don't care enough about corruptions happening? What that means to this country?
  4. Put your money where your mouth is! Show me the proof that Harper had done some corruptions like the blatant corruptions done by Trudeau (we've now got the proof)! Lol. Your boy couldn't keep from making senseless statement with this report that has just come out.
  5. He might still win. That's the scary part. Canadians, being apathetic to corruptions - that'll be our sure downfall.
  6. I didn't say the shooter was not sane. https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/in-therapy/200907/the-definition-insanity https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&biw=1035&bih=607&q=Dictionary&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONQesSoyi3w8sc9YSmZSWtOXmMU4-LzL0jNc8lMLsnMz0ssqrRiUWJKzeNZxMqFEAMA7_QXqzcAAAA&zx=1565861149678 Anyway, I wasn't referring to the shooter. I was laughing at what you said about him: He may be acting out of self-interest, but surely I wouldn't be describing it as, rational. Hahahaha I hope you wouldn't say that of white supremacists!
  7. Immigrants who'd fled corrupt regimes must be having that feeling of deja vu......

    ......over Justin Trudeau interfering in the rule of law. 

  8. Same with guns. So many people have guns. It's mental health.
  9. Happy days are here again.....



    Welcome back!!!!

  10. What do most of them - if not all - have in common? SOCIAL MEDIA!
  11. Funny how the looney progressives are so into ORGANIC this-and-that, and all out against pesticides, or anti-biotics, or who-knows-what-else-they-can-come-up-with.......and yet, they're trying to push this BEYOND MEAT or IMPOSSIBLE BURGERS on us, to make us change our preference for real meat!

    Well, these products are quite so HIGHLY PROCESSED -  who knows what chemicals goes in them -  to make them what they're not!

    Lol, suddenly processed food and stuffing yourself with who-knows-what, is okay!  Just shows how they think people are so stupid!


    Products geared to combat  climate change are part and parcel of this new industry!  Capitalizing on Climate Change - that's the point of all these!



    With Climate Change comes the "need!"   They're creating and peddling needs on the back of fear-mongering.  Satisfying those needs from light bulbs to solar, etc...... is just the new way to make billions $!


    It won't make any difference.  The earth will still go on with its cycle.



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    2. scribblet


      I wouldn't eat it either, sounds awful. 

    3. BubberMiley


      I guess I have to eat it and like it if it's leftist.

    4. bcsapper


      It's not.  It's a corporate plot.  Monsanto are probably involved somehow.

  12. They're really pushing for the "Beyond Meat" or "Impossible" Burgers. Just imagine how much processing is involved to make it what it's not? The lunatics go all out to ban pesticides and promote organic - and yet they stuff themselves with all sorts of who-knows-what! They're really crazies.....and the sad part, they have the clout to dictate how you and I should live our lives!
  13. And so many people agree with you, thus the company's growth. Unless of course so many people are also making a statement and applauding Chick Fil A's right to expression and religion, thus calls for boycott by the fascist progressives are not only ignored, but actually pointedly, countered! I don't usually follow threads nor read all posts, so yes I misunderstood where you're coming from. Sorry.
  14. Trudeau will probably try to ban it, seeing that it's quite anti his beloved LGBTQ. He might try to do what San Antonio did, banning it from opening at the airport............... after all Trudeau had shown he's not above persecuting Christians, or anyone who don't agree with his abortion rights. Trudeau bans anti-abortion groups from summer jobs funding https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42736530
  15. It's about survival. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-29237276 So now, we know why the military has to deprogram a soldier in order to make him a killer.
  16. I'm curious. You see chimpanzees murdering one another at the zoo, let alone committing mass killings in the jungle? So, why do parents condition their children not to mass murder? Why aren't parents mass murdering at all?
  17. That's you. If you want to compare yourself to these lunatics - that's your own choice. Feel free! You should check out the definition of "DEPROGRAM." We're not on the same page. Believe what you want! Bye.
  18. We are talking about soldiers. As you say, they are deprogrammed to kill (for their country). Killing comes with the territory of being a soldier. Don't compare them, and reduce them to the level of lunatics we see on tv.
  19. Not everyone who watches the news media end up killing, whereas everyone who joins the army does (if it warrants it). Some people who join the army do so for the wrong reason - defending the country, isn't it. They want to kill. Some may have been "triggered" by what they have experienced at wartime - and they commit atrocious acts. We have heard of military men that were kicked out from the military and/or court martialed.
  20. That's the army! Killing is part and parcel of being a soldier - hesitation can kill you, or your team! You said the words: DEPROGRAM. CONDITIONING. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-13687796 If you need to "deprogram" people and "condition" them to become killers - that means, you have to bring that buried killer instinct right out from them.
  21. Lol. What's the population - how many mas murderers? It's about mental health.
  22. ONLY ONE THING IS ALMOST CERTAIN: certain people are prone to it. Not all people who got bullied, or who got abused, or who'd experienced traumatic violence had become mass murderers, and certainly the same can be said for those who are religious or patriotic. We don't know the triggers that could set off someone.
  23. ...or...........I'll be a martyr for Allah if I kill as many infidels as I can. I wonder why isn't religious ideology included in that op-ed? When Islamic terrorism is the most rampant? https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2019-08-04/el-paso-dayton-gilroy-mass-shooters-data I'd say, it's likely that it had inspired some recent mass shooters. Our mainstream 24-hour media had become tabloids! They sensationalize and really milk a tragedy. Copycats! Anything -you-can-do-I-can-do-better!
  24. Media, is another factor that may be contributing to these mass shootings! Look how they do coverage on tragic incidents. They're no longer content to cover it for a day - it goes on, and on, and on! They make a big deal out of grief and sufferings of relatives, like as if we need to be apprised that they grieve at all. Omigosh - the shock of it! People expressed their fear of that moment! Media even cover the funerals in some cases! Just imagine what that do to an egoistic killer (even if his name isn't mentioned at all) who survived that? What more if this turd has a sadistic streak? You can just see the smug little smirk. "I caused all that!"
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