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  1. Calling conservatives "White supremacists," is beginning to sound like Hillary's "deplorable."


  2. Russian interference/Wikileaks - the motivating factor was the desire to see Hillary Clinton defeated more than having Trump elected! Big difference!   No matter who ran against her - Russia would try to get her out!    Clinton has made a personal enemy of Putin!

    Putin must've been having the biggest laugh that fateful election night!


    1. OftenWrong


      I'm sure it's been a barrel of fun in Moscow, for a couple of years now!
      Putin has a great sense of humour, I understand.

    2. Shady


      Russia also proliferates anti-fracking propaganda too, that’s then used and spread by environmentalist groups and far left political parties in North America.

  3. betsy


    Lol. Illegal pot is far more cheaper - so, it's very much preferable! I kinda imagine the whole PMO having a toke session every time they have their meeting.
  4. I have ways......... I wonder if that's really his own tongue sticking out? Could've been doctored?.....

    1. scribblet


      Voted out but was nothing to do with gender, absolutely zilch

  6. I can't help but notice - for all of Trudeau's gab about more women in politics, here is something glaring: WHERE HAVE ALL THE FEMALE PREMIERS GONE? lol. They're all gone with the wind! Most, if not all of them, got only one term! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/women-premiers-disappear-notley-1.5102897 Who voted them out? Just shows you - it isn't about gender, Justin. It shouldn't be.
  7. Lol. Looks like Jason Kenny wasn't kidding at all. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/05/16/jason-kenney-finger-bowl-justin-trudeau_a_23436336/ We've seen the proof! The proof is in the pudding! We can't have someone like Trudeau continue wrecking the country! If Liberals love him for his looks and his drama - get the liberals produce his film, or something. Give him a sitcom!
  8. It's a contest! They want to know which country's population is the most dumb!
  9. Lol! You saying you belong down there with him?
  10. Who's the fifth one? I have not seen the prowess of Scheer and Singh and May as PM, so I can't really make any comparison. However, I have seen how Trudeau is! Sorry to say but....among the whole lot of world leaders, we can say Trudeau belongs somewhere at the bottom of the barrel. Lol.
  11. Your "keyword" is pathetically "off-key!" Practically everyone - except him and you - can analyze and show that he's made such terrible decisions, one after another! But then again, like I said, "if YOU THINK......" Therefore, it's your perspective that's in question! One thing we do know though........your bar for what you think is "smart and superior," is too low! So. Between you and Trudeau - who do you say, is smarter?
  12. I was curious about him falling on the stairs, so I double checked on that. https://www.macleans.ca/general/justin-trudeau-tripping-on-his-arse/ At least, we know he can also be a stuntman......if acting doesn't get him anywhere!
  13. A superior, smart leader wouldn't have made all those successive fiasco with SNC-Lavalin! What? Is group-toke all they do at the PMO? And, a superior, smart leader wouldn't be caught dead performing like a monkey, in exchange for trade! Lol. All he needs is an organ-grinder! If you think Trudeau is superior and smarter - boy, what does that say about you?
  14. Hate is a strong word. I don't hate him, but i strongly dislike him! Because, he is bringing in corruption in full force! He's trying to make it like it's just a natural thing in politics! He seems too prone to dishonesty! I don't think his admiration for Fidel Castro, and the way Communist China runs its government......... just mere empty words. He's obviously attracted to the ways of a despot. https://democracywatch.ca/federal-court-rules-lobbying-commissioner-was-wrong-to-let-aga-khan-off-the-hook-for-bahamas-trip-gift-to-pm-trudeau/

    Democrat  Ilhan Omar says about 9/11, "some people did something."

    Here's your something!






    F***.   You don't even want  to say it!


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    2. BubberMiley


      If you had read the context (and understood what you were reading), you wouldn't be saying that because you would be embarrassed for how you've been played.

    3. Shady


      Her and her other 2 comrades in Congress are disgusting.

    4. betsy


      No Bubb.  You're missing my point!  Read my point again (post #3)! 

      Deal with the message, not the poster.  This isn't a Trump update. 

      Watch your language.......or you'll get deleted again.

  16. Measles will be peanuts compared to this!



    Congo's Ebola outbreak might be declared global emergency


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    2. bcsapper
    3. betsy


      All we need is one ebola carrier slipping through the cracks. 

    4. capricorn


      And we are told that global warming will kill us all. With this information, I don't think so. :(

  17. Surge of measles in North America and Europe. 

    You think that doesn't have anything to do with the surge of immigrants and refugees?

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    2. DogOnPorch


      Malibu would be the logical choice.

    3. Owly


      And of course there are idiots who agree with him.

    4. DogOnPorch


      ...right on the front lawn of Pepperdine U. 


      The irony would amuse me...and the right folks can deal with the issue of forcing needles into arms or hips or butts...or wherever it goes.

  18. Obama's egg!


    Obama: ‘Nobody in my administration got indicted’

    October 27, 2018



    Right smack on his black face!


    Greg Craig, former Obama White House counsel, indicted in case linked to Mueller probe



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    2. BubberMiley


      Egg right snack on your (race irrelevant) face. :lol:

    3. betsy


      What's racist about calling him black?  You think he's white.....or yellow....or, brown? 

      You saying......there's anything wrong with being black?   Just ignore the color, man, look past it?   Pretend you didn't notice! :lol:


      My.   You're racist!




    4. betsy



      Egg right snack on your (race irrelevant) face.


      Doesn't have to be relevant.   We can get creatively colourful....like the ones who say "your skinny white a**!"



  19. Loblaw stores getting 12 million from the Liberals to upgrade their fridges!

    Why are we subsidizing a very big, profitable company?

    1. capricorn


      This company racked up $800 million in profit last year. They should pay for their own fridges.

    2. scribblet


      Not to mention price fixing...   have to wonder where that boy's head is these days 

    3. betsy


      I wonder if any top Liberal MPs own stocks at Loblaws?

  20. hahahaha  Here it comes!  But, it's coming from Philpott!


    Philpott says PM broke law by removing her, Wilson-Raybould from Liberal caucus


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    2. OftenWrong


      Saw them questioning him about it in a hallway conversation on the news. He was stammering much more in his answers than he usually does. His eyes looked like a hunted, frightened little animal.

    3. scribblet


      I do feel a tad sorry for him, it is a lot of pressure for anyone to be under...   with his money who needs it...   he will probably be given an Ambassador position or something.

      Meanwhile, the corruption is all-embracing! The new AG is a Librano! What can it all mean?

    4. OftenWrong


      It means they were never gone, just staying well out of sight.

  21. Hahaha now we know why Trudeau is so hot on SNC-Lavalin!  When French Quebec starts spoofin' you.....you gotta be in serious trouble!



    1. BubberMiley


      Clearly you know absolutely nothing about Quebec.

  22. As far as I know (I may be wrong), they are free to talk in the House of Commons (which is what she seems to be telling Weckner) - at least, that's what Liberals are saying, that Raybould is free to talk in the House of Commons, did they not? How, "not dissimilar?" The background may not be dissimilar - but there is a big difference! Was there ever a guilty verdict on Norman - unlike SNC-Lavalin? The difference(s) arise from there. SNC-Lavalin was found guilty of corruption.....Trudeau tries to intervene for SNC, by applying pressure on Raybould to influence the prosecutorial justice (who'd already made the decision that SNC does not qualify for DPA)! Raybould had also agreed with that verdict, and has already made the decision, that SNC does not qualify for DPA! That's where we are at, with this SNC-Lavalin!
  23. I'm still waiting for you to explain how Raybould was involved in that mess?
  24. we still on Humboldt?

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    2. BubberMiley


      What keen media insight you provide.

    3. Argus


      You are in awe of me. Admit it.

    4. BubberMiley



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