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  1. Man kicked peaceful pro-life protester, yet police aren't willing to do anything about it.


    But, scream racial slurs at anyone - and you're arrested!


    At least, the employers of this man (a hairdressing salon - Noblestudio101, Toronto), had seen his photo - and he's fired. 




    In a statement posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Noble Studio 101 – a Toronto hair salon – identified the man in the video as Jordan Hunt.

    “It has been brought to our attention that Jordan Hunt has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally,” the statement said.

    “We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go. We believe that everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to voice their opinion without fear of physical violence.”



    Kudos to them.

    1. scribblet


      Maybe she has to lay charges

    2. AngusThermopyle


      According to the story the police showed up a few minutes later and didn't even get out of the car, they downplayed the whole thing telling her it was minor and nothing much would come of it before leaving. They either didn't want to do their jobs or didn't want to for personal reasons. From what's been reported they were extremely negligent to say the least

  2. Deborah Ramirez was interviewed by the FBI.   They contacted the people she claimed to have witnessed her allegation.  Like Ford's witnesses - they all refuted her story too! That's what one of the Reublicans had explained at the press conference an hour ago.

    1. scribblet


      Why do the Democrats want the FBI to interview Ford AGAIN?  She already told the "truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.". What more was left?

      They wanted the FBI to investigate. They did.

    2. betsy


      Yes, why do they have to interview her?   They didn't interview Kavanaugh, either!  Why?  Did she forget to say something?  :D

    3. scribblet


      If not for Senator Feinstein’s egregious mishandling, this investigation could have started 7 weeks ago. Attacking the FBI's valuable efforts because Senate Democrats chose to keep information from them is a mistake.

      Sen.  hatch 

  3. CTV says, "Thousands upon thousands protest today....."

    where are they???? 

    Why don't they show them all - like they did with the pink-hat women?

  4. Democrat Schumer tries to weasel justification why Kavanaugh does not deserve PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE! 

    watch how he trips himself!



      If it's a fact-finding proceeding (and not a criminal trial) - you do not jump into conclusion that an accused is automatically guilty just because somebody accused him of a crime!

    Yes, IF - IF Ford is right, of course....Kavanaugh's credibility is shot.

    But that's the question, isn't it, moron?

    Is Ford right or not?

    The purpose of fact-finding IS TO DETERMINE WHETHER FORD IS RIGHT,
    OR NOT!

    Hey, moron.....until it's determined that she's right (through what you described as, FACT-FINDING) , that means, you don't declare the accused automatically guilty!

    You wait to see the facts!

    See? You're tripped by your own words that this so-called "fact-finding job interview," is nothing but a farce!

    You pathetic, deplorable weasel. You're no better than a con man!
    I hope voters see through these deceptions the Dems try to weave around their supporters.

    BLEEEEEECH! Sorry....I just puked.

    1. Argus


      It's this kind of fanatical determination to ignore reality which is going to get the Republicans hammered, both in November and in 2 years. There's no reason why Kavanaugh can't be withdrawn and another conservative nominee put in his place. Continuing to push this guy, despite his pathetic performance in front of the committee, his lying, evasiveness, yelling at the committee, crying and anger management issues, is moronic.

    2. betsy


      The video of Schumer is clear.   Don't ignore reality.

  5. They say confirming Kavanaugh could alienate women voters and may cause Trump to lose in the next Presidential election.

    Kavanaugh, if confirmed, will be SC  judge....... for life.

    Trump can only get a maximum of two terms - just another term to go, if he wins.


    GO FOR IT, TRUMP!   Get them to CONFIRM Kavanaugh!!!  

    1. betsy


      The longest wait.    Will he get confirmed, or not?




    That's why we hear a lot of arguments that now try to focus on his "temperament!"  :lol:

    1. OftenWrong


      How dare he get upset over these baseless personal accusations, eh? 

    2. scribblet


      Get this now...

      The creepy porn lawyer Avenatti's new witness is now claiming that she attended "over 20 house parties" where she saw Kavanaugh spiking the punch with Quaaludes.   (how did she know they were Quaaludes)

      So let me get this right...   she saw them spiking the punch with drugs yet still went to 20 parties - and she was best friends  with Ford and  Swetnick.   Who in Gawd’s name are these people?

  7. Leland Keyser refuted Ford's claim to the FBI!


    Leland Keyser meets with FBI, doesn't back Blasey Ford's story about Kavanaugh


    1. scribblet


      You can bet the Dems will be saying the FBI report isn't credible 

      kavanaugh lie detector.png

    2. betsy


      Holy molly, did you see the list of pro-Ford who tried to connect with the FBI????   They're all whining that the FBI didn't get back to them.


      Why should the FBI do that?   They meant to tie the FBI in knots!  :lol:



  8. Ex-boyfriend exposes MORE LIES by Christine Blasey Ford!

    She never voiced any fear of flying!  And, what claustrophobia 2 -door bulls###? 

    She had no problems living in a "very small," 500 sq. ft. apartment with one door!"


    Christine Blasey Ford ex-boyfriend says she helped friend prep for potential polygraph; Grassley sounds alarm


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    2. Truth Detector

      Truth Detector

      If it's a he said she said than you always believe the accuser.  That's the new rule right?

    3. scribblet


      Weeelll   Democrats are now claiming that Keith Ellison has been cleared because there is no evidence against him in the allegation    so to be clear
      Democrats are now claiming that Keith Ellison has been cleared because there is no evidence against him in the allegation

    4. betsy


      I deleted the ignorant claim insisting the hearing was a "job interview."   We've already discussed that in the forum, and I've already explained why it isn't a job interview.  I don't want this thread to be cluttered by ignorant trollings.

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  9. FBI discovers   Kavanaugh was so drunk he did a Chippendale performance on a bar counter!    Meh.  Big deal.  He did say  he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 

    Kavanaugh passed out drunk in a washroom.   Meh.  Big deal.  He did say that he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 


    Kavanaugh was so drunk he puked in an alley! Meh.  Big deal.  He did say that he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 

    Kavanaugh was so drunk he sang at karaoke!  He sounded so awful!  Meh.  Big deal.  He did say that he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 

    Kavanaugh was so drunk he swore worse than a sailor.  Meh.  Big deal.  He did say that he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 

    Kavanaugh got in a bar fight and threw ice!   Meh.   Big deal.  He did say that he did and said things in his teen years that now makes him cringe. 

    I'll worry when as a judge,  he gets caught looking like this:




    or this:






  10. The 3 lies of Christine Blasey Ford!

    Fear of flying.


    Her front door.




    Women helped bring Trump to the White House (despite everything they said about him).

    I think, the pained, outraged speech of Kavanaugh against the Democrats.....and that speech by Graham will resonate.  Watching Kavanaugh, and listening to his angry lament,  I was moved - and cried.  What mother, wife, sister, daughter .......wouldn't?

    It could cost Democrats some seats!



    1. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      How do you feel about his suggestion she is lying and part of a Democratic conspiracy against him? Were you moved to tears?

    2. betsy


      He didn't say or suggest she was lying.  He believes something happened to her....except that it wasn't him.   Ford is mistaken with his identity.   That isn't farfetched.  If she's been traumatised enough to have forgotten other crucial details about that night, why can't it be possible she's mistaken with the identity of her attacker?  

      Kavanaugh has someone to corroborate his claim that it couldn't be him - Ford's life-long friend - Leland Keyser! 


      Yes,  Ford was used by the Dems.   That's not a lie.  Nowhere did Kavanaugh accuse Ford of being complicit with the Dems.

      WHO LEAKED THE LETTER that outed her?  

    3. betsy


      I don't want my status update to be cluttered by rebuttals that stand on nothing but ignorance.   I'm deleting responses that show ignorance/incomprehension of the issue, or juvenile responses.


      If unruly posters want to insist on their kind of posts - feeling outrage for having to maintain a certain standard in their response(s) to an update - don't be a snivelling, whiney loser.  Grow up.  Pick yourself up - dust your pants - and go to the regular forum.  

      Status updates belong to the ones who's created theirs.

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  12. I'm crying with Kavanaugh.  God bless this man.

    Behold!   He's got an alibi! 

    Like his dad, he's kept calendars that serve as diaries!  He's got the calendar for '82!


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    2. betsy



        You're bringing up a different pair of shoes.  That's not the same as what's happening here, Argus.

      Democrats have been calling him names even before there was the hearing!  They've trampled his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty! 

    3. Argus


      Hardly unusual in these sorts of hearings. Did he expect things to go smoothly given the Republicans blocked what should have been their supreme court nominee for almost a year so they could make it instead? That's on top of the Republicans refusing to even begin hearings on ANY federal court nominees until the Democrats changed the rules to require a straight 50/50 vote. Clarence Thomas went through something not dissimilar and he didn't start snarling and snapping and crying.

    4. betsy


      I don't really know what happened with Clarence Thomas.  Was he called "evil"  by others before the hearings?  Was he treated like he's guilty?

      You don't see me comparing Ford with those two women who accused Gomeshi, do you?

      Even so......Kavanaugh isn't Thomas, and Thomas isn't Kavanaugh.   I don't think they're clones.

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  13. Of course, Ford is a psychologist.


    CBC anchorpeople are still going on - lapping up "I'm terrified," and the cracking voice.

    1. scribblet


      I'm watching it live, she is very credible .  

      Rachel Mitchell has concluded her questioning of Ford by saying that the format the committee chose for asking the questions was not the most effective.   

      Three Republican governors called for a delay on voting to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh so that a more thorough investigation cou...     time.com   

      The Dems have been pretty 'fair' with Ford but when Kavanaugh speaks they’ll attack like starving piranhas.        I'm guessing they will now be an investigation. 

    2. betsy


      How her letter got leaked - only her lawyers, Feinstein and the person who gave the letter to Feinstein were the only ones who had access to the letter.  I find it odd that for all her stipulation that it be kept confidential - she didn't show any emotion about that letter getting leaked.  Like, there's nothing to it.

      There was also her claim about having fear of flying - and yet, Mitchell mentioned several places she's been to where-in she travelled by plane.

      If I was Ford, I don't know if I can say hello to Mark Judge after that incident.


      She could've been assaulted for real - but I don't think it was by Kavanaugh.   She might've really mistook him for Kavanaugh......or, she could've used that assault experience (by another man),  to help the Dems stop the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

      Her own supposed witnesses negated her claims about that party.

  14. An anonymous reported about an assault done on another anonymous.....which is said to have been witnessed by a third anonymous!


    The Dems finally gone all bonkers! rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-smiley-emo



    1. scribblet


      I think this is the one that has been recanted...    now there's this  https://nypost.com/2018/09/27/two-men-tell-senate-that-they-not-kavanaugh-assaulted-ford/


  15. It's too early......but I'm still gonna have me some popcorn. 

  16. Without any specific date to the alleged assault - no one can determine  whether he's got an alibi, or none.

    How convenient.



    1. bcsapper


      If you found out it wasn't, would you feel bad for Kavanaugh?

      What kind of punishment would you think appropriate for those who falsely brought the accusations?

    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Yes, I would definitely feel bad for him. Criminal charges. 


    3. bcsapper


      I wouldn't feel bad for him.  He's rich.  It would be like feeling bad for a major league pitcher who loses a no hitter in the ninth.  He's still making more than me and having a better time doing it.

      Agree with the criminal charges though.  Diane Feinstein too.

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  17. Uh-oh.  The Dems had come up with another woman to delay the confirmation!


    The Six Days Of Deborah Ramirez



    I feel so sorry for Kavanaugh.

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    2. scribblet


      Again, you are name calling, I'm not lying, he admitted to apologizing for the incident.  

    3. betsy


      This is about the on-going saga of the Kavanaugh controversy.

      I've deleted off-topic posts, name-callings, and posts that are based on ignorance.

    4. betsy




      The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer said she first saw Yale University alumni emails about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct in July.

      The second woman accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct — Deborah Ramirez — just went public with her story, but Yale University classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh were corresponding about the alleged incident well before reporters contacted Ramirez, New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer told NBC News on Monday.



      How did Mayer learned about these alleged emails?  Lol. 


      If the New Yorker already got a whiff of possible misconduct by Kavanaugh in July - why wait until now to come out with the story?  That would've been a breaking news then, wouldn't it?   With Kavanaugh freshly announced as the nominee!  Why sit on that bombshell for 2 months???  That's quite unusual for a newspaper to keep quiet about something this sensational - considering it's around the time of the height of MeToo exposures.


      Why didn't they come out right after Ford came out with her allegation???  What were they waiting for?

      Nah.  Something doesn't add up.


      Just because  they've been talking about it in July - does not mean those emails weren't deliberately planted - just in case Kavanaugh would be the one nominated.   I tend to suspect the Dems had prepared quite a while back how to delay or boot out Kavanaugh (if he was the one nominated for the position).


      This is well-orchestrated -  in advance.  That's how it smells like to me.

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  18. Senate Majority Leader assured evangelical voters, Kavanaugh will be confirmed!







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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      What's that, Hal? I thought you said there would be no testimony.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      There hasn't been any testimony.  When she testifies...and takes questions, I'll concede.  

    4. bcsapper


      I don't understand what all the fuss is about.  All that's required is that the nomination vote be postponed until, say, December, while all this stuff is looked into.  Easy.  No problems. 

      If it's true, he can go to court through a different door.  If it isn't, his accusers can get the court visit.

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  19. Ford was DRUNK!    By her own admission!




    According to Blasey, now Christine Blasey Ford, all three had been drinking; but the boys were especially intoxicated

    In other words, she was drunk too - but she says, the boys were more drunk than she was.  How can she tell ?   :lol:


    She can't remember details that other sex assault/rape victims could never forget! 



    Dr. Ford's testimony lacks key details




    No wonder she didmn't want to testify!  Can you imagine the cross-examination? :lol:


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    2. scribblet



      Tentatively as she is demanding that he testifies first...   which is unusual as the accused  can't speak to the issue unless he knows what the accuser has said.  

      All designed to drag it out and run down the clock.   Grassley is nuts if he lets the Dems. roll over him on this one.


    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It's obvious that she doesn't want to testify.  The Dems are simply waiting until they can blame Grassley and claim victimhood.  Ford is full of shit.   

    4. scribblet


      Exactly.   I'm not sure of the timel ine or what will happen if she doesn't testify Thursday, but IMO if she does not, they should just have the vote.   This is just  organized political blackmail and I'd like to know who is paying for her high priced democrat lawyers.  

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  20. Uh-oh.  Ford and Horwath to compete in the plowing match in Ontario.  Horwath might take this opportunity   to do him in! :D

    1. scribblet


      Better watch she doesn't get too hysterical or she might fall of the tractor.

  21. Learned something today:

    gray lady down.

    .....it's not that old movie about a sub.

    1. betsy





      William McGowan's 'Gray Lady Down': A Devastating Critique of the New York Times

      In a brief foray into partisan politics, McGowan cites a fine media watchdog site called Times Watch, which analyzed a month of stories the Times did on Barack Obama and Republican John McCain during a slice of the 2008 campaign and found that positive portrayals for Obama outnumbering negative ones by a 3:1 ratio. When it came to McCain, that positive/negative ratio was reversed.

      "Gray Lady Down" also deals at length with what I consider the most disturbing coverage the paper has put out since I began monitoring the paper: The Duke lacrosse "rape" hoax, a sordid interlude in which the newspaper's columnists and reporters often discarded the presumption of innocence while stacking the deck against three white lacrosse players arrested for the rape of a black stripper. The paper defended its coverage even as the case imploded and it was revealed that the players were victims of lies by the stripper and misconduct by the local prosecutor.


      McGowan concluded by circling back to the departure of Abe Rosenthal, the symbol of the old-fashioned journalism he believes was exemplified under Rosenthal's regime. He's not a boycotter or even an enemy of the Times; most of his criticism is of the sorrowful, not angry, variety. He just longs for "a much better version of the Times than is being produced by the current regime." After reading his book, all but the most politically in denial Americans would surely agree.



    2. bush_cheney2004


      It's been a long decline, accelerated by financial pressures on print news by New Media.   Before it could at least be used to wrap fish, but people don't do that much anymore either.   I remember the Jayson Blair scandal (2003).


    3. bush_cheney2004


      The sub movie was better than today's NYT.

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  22. Populism must be rising up in Canada right now.....

    Why are pollsters quiet???

    This controversial Ontario notwithstanding clause - unprecedented - not to mention NDP caucus getting kicked out of the Legislature due to Bill 5 - also said to be unprecedented - would've gotten pollsters drooling over it!   And yet......they're all silent!


    CTV Power Play had polled their viewers yesterday about this.  63% agree with Ford!  Thus I looked for other polls.....but, they're all asleep.



  23. This forum ain't racist at all.   It's just that......there's less of that political correctness bull.

    This must be the new emerging norm.......must strike terror into these over-emotional dysfunctional snowflakes.



    1. scribblet


      Definition of a racist ........ anyone disagreeing with a liberal 

  24. Why are there no polls lately from the usual pollsters like Nanos, etc.?

    Btw, CTV Power Play did their own "poll" with their viewers about the notwithstanding clause.  63% had agreed with Ford.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Probably shows JT in a power dive...so no polls!

    2. betsy


      I agree with you.   Sounds more like it.

  25. Here we go!  Refugee from Syria charged with first degree murder of 13 year old girl in Burnaby B.C. 


    "The man arrested and charged with the 2017 murder of Burnaby teen Marrisa Shen arrived in Canada as a refugee from Syria just months before she was killed, say police.

    Ibrahim Ali, 28, was arrested without incident Friday in Burnaby, where he lives, and later charged with first-degree murder, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team."


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    2. scribblet


      Not talking about gun ownership here

      That 50k figure is quite the revelation considering the deliberate act of hiding the true figures.  This dishonesty should bring down the government 



    3. DogOnPorch



      Politicizing gun ownership after a school shooting? Why?


      Dunno. You brought it up.

    4. scribblet


      Apparently he was sponsored by a church so how much vetting was done, I don't know.

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