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  1. If you're looking to get the most aperature for the cheapest price for deep sky observing, a Newtonian reflector is the ticket. You can get a decent size 6-10" dobsonian for pretty reasonable price compared to similar sized SCT's, or Maksutov-cassegrains, etc. and they basically do the same thing, minus the mount. Personally I think it's better to start out with a basic mount without goto, as it encourages you to learn the sky better, and finding some of those elusive deep sky objects is half the fun IMHO. There are some limitations to going this route, such as photography, etc. but that's a whole other ballgame ...and the scope is usually the cheapest part of a good astro-photography rig. The other disadvantage of reflectors is their size...if you're looking for anything larger than a 10" objective, dobsonians are big and cumbersome unless you go with a truss tube, which are a bit more work to set up but easier to store and transport. I started out with a 10" dobsonion and a few good quality eyepieces and filters. I added a push-to object locator/ finder (Orion intelliscope) later on, which definitely helped find those dim fuzzy galaxies and nebulae. My rig is easy to use, and everything I need to resolve most of the deep sky objects that I'm interested in observing (although it's hard to resist wanting more aperture once you get into it). Having said all that, there's lots you can observe with a good pair of binoculars or a spotting scope if you're interested in planetary viewing or open clusters.
  2. Trudeau has been roundly criticized for avoiding to use the word genocide when describing the disappearances and deaths of Indigenous women and girls in Canada on Monday, despite being called upon to do so. I wonder how long he can hold out before submitting to the demands of the hysterical mouth-breathers who demand compliance with their description and correct his perception to correspond to "their truth". Meanwhile, Commissioner Marion Buller has been making the morning radio talk show circuit declaring that the word genocide was used in the report with the intention of making people uncomfortable, to compel them into taking action. I suspect that most people won't feel uncomfortable, so much as making them upset or angry that the authors of the report could be so monumentally irresponsible with such words.
  3. Despite the fact that the Liberals chose Trudeau to be the party poster boy during the last election, and despite the fact that he currently pretty much constitutes the total sum of the Liberal party identity at this moment.....he is in actual reality not the total sum of the Liberal party, only the leader. Two years ago Trudeau announced as part of proposed changes to House Rules, that he would be in Question Period for 45 minutes every Wednesday to answer every question posed to him. despite this, he was suspiciously absent for the two Wednesdays proceeding the Stay of charges against Adm. Mark Norman. Some suspect that he was just to chicken to face the music, however there were rumblings that he was actually told to stay away from QP by members of his own party, since he has personally tarnished the Liberal brand so badly, and his presence merely inflicts more damage to the party. Some people jump, some people are pushed, and some have moral integrity and choose to step aside to preserve the greater good. Trudeau won't jump, and he has certainly demonstrated he is positively devoid of any morals or integrity....the only way the Liberal party rids itself of the Trudeau stench is to give him a shove. It's doubtful that will happen this close to October. Trudeau's in it for the long haul.
  4. Not a chance Trudeau will resign. He is so self-delusional that he has convinced himself his moral integrity is unmatched, and literally everyone else is "experiencing it differently". One only has to look at the interview he gave in the NYT last week when asked why he would not apologize to Jody Wilson-Raybould, a key quote completely reveals the level of his total narcissistic arrogance... Then when asked of his anticipation of the upcoming election campaign, Trudeau responds with: No way a guy this completely out of touch with reality would even think of stepping aside, he would rather throw everyone else around him under the bus...and then blame Harper.
  5. I've said this from the beginning. Buying Trans Mountain was simply a way for Trudeau to be able to control and derail the only pipeline project that had any hope of possibly being constructed. In his mind it was a great way to play both sides of the fence by saying on one hand that he was doing something to champion the pipeline, and at the same time ensure an indefinite delay in the project. Plus there was an added bonus that he got to waste another 5 billion hard-earned Canadian taxpayer dollars, something he excels at and is very anxious to do. With Francois Legault declaring that there is no way a pipeline will be passing through Quebec, and Trudeau supporting and backing this declaration up on the weekend, it is clear that Energy East is dead as long as we have a Government intent on driving wedges between provinces and killing Western Canadian energy development. It's no wonder that Western Canadians find the hypocrisy infuriating... one province...Quebec, is more than happy to accept 66 percent of all equalization payments (a boost of 1.4 billion for next year), derived in no small part from oil revenues generated in the west, yet slam the door on infrastructure intended to support said resource development. The arrogant shortsightedness of this Quebec Premier and the overt divisiveness and incompetence of our PM is difficult to comprehend.
  6. A pipe full of explosive without a fuse or detonator is indeed technically a bomb, albeit pretty much useless without any way to detonate it. It would be similar to mailing a deadly biological agent to someone in a vacuum sealed envelope packaged inside a reinforced container. It's becoming pretty apparent that this guy was not trying to kill or hurt anyone, only to affect prevailing political winds, instill fear, and grab headlines. He certainly succeeded.
  7. I have one better... Ralph Goodale on twitter yesterday announced this carbon tax plan as "a major new federal payment going to every household in Sask!!" What...huh?? I thought it was a tax...turns out according to Liberals, it's a major new payment going to all families. Phew, for a minute there I was worried. I am a bit curious though, how does paying citizens more than they collect from them in carbon tax supposed to discourage people from emitting so-called "carbon pollution"? And wasn't this supposed to be revenue neutral?? Right...
  8. Brad Wall summed it up pretty well yesterday... "usually when someone tells you to send in money but you'll get more back in return, it's a Nigerian Prince."
  9. I wonder if the 2.65 billion dollars the Liberal government spends on "foreign aid" to "help other countries deal with climate change" makes a difference in stopping fossil fuels from coming out of the ground in China or India.
  10. No, I got it. I wasn't implying that you actually drank the coolaid, but that those who have are delusional.
  11. If you believe that this is what is really behind Trudeau's imposition of a carbon tax, then aside from being an average misinformed or gullible Canadian, you would also be incorrect. Proof?? McKenna announced today that the provinces that are subject to Trudeau's forced carbon tax, not only would they be getting every penny back by way of a government rebate cheque, but many families would get MORE than they pay in. How can this be? Simple, the amount you receive back will be tied to your previous year's CRA income tax return. Wealth redistribution and vote buying, plain and simple. They're not even trying to hide their actual agenda or their overt hypocrisy.
  12. It will be interesting to see what the affidavits say when everything shakes out.... Metoo isn't just coming to political Canada-it's here. Coming from Warren Kinsella, I'm inclined to believe there's something big about to be exposed.
  13. Haven't you heard?? According to our brilliant leader, Canada has no core identity. Canada is a post-nation state. This destructive, dangerous and reckless attitude is the root of the problem as far as I''m concerned. The systematic intentional destruction of Canadian values and culture and redefining Canadian culture according to distorted progressive ideals is something that the average "Canadian" has little stomach for, however this transformation becomes easier as the Canadian population (culture) is slowly diluted.
  14. While indigenous groups can't and shouldn't be blamed wholly for their current situation, it's no secret that indigenous leaders works every bit as much against their own cause as the Government does. Take the FSIN in Saskatchewan for example. They demanded that the premier of that province offer up an apology for the sixty's scoop. The premier promptly agreed and said the Government is prepared to offer the apology promptly, saying they were "ready immediately. We are ready to do this next week", to which the response from the FSIN was that it had to be made on First Nation land. The premier responded, saying "We've reached out to First Nation groups to say 'you make the call,'" Wall said. "We will do it wherever and whenever." Apparently the FSIN says that scheduling has been a factor, however anecdotal claims are that they have no interest in an apology at all, certainly not without a cheque attached. Several articles seem to back this sentiment up. For any meaningful healing and progress to be made, both parties have to be on the same page. This is what I see as the fundamental problem with attempting to mend aboriginal relations and the failure seems to be not merely on the side of governments. What? You mean an empty vacuous promise to take immediate government action on the 94 calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission won't solve the problem? Trudeau has made a career of throwing fuzzy platitudes at issues and then ignoring the substance...even issues that are on his agenda (see ramming through legalization of marijuana, then leaving the details to individual provinces). I personally have zero confidence that he has even the slightest ability to put any substance into any issue.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. From the evidence I've seen, public dialogue will generally always degenerate into a cesspool of self-centered rants and insults. It's the result of a couple of decades of people dieting on cultural delicacies such as Snooky and Jaywow, the Kardashians, and countless other mindless, brain melting shows, in addition to our education system instilling in all kids that they are the most important person in existence and that the world revolves around them. People seem to only be capable of seeing things from their own perspective and are less and less tolerant of perspectives which differ from theirs. We have developed into a society of narcissists, it has essentially killed the chance of any meaningful insightful dialogue, and has permanently strained the fabric of what holds us together as a society. I think that conducting this little experiment on a political forum may skew your findings somewhat, as many are here (not all mind you) in an attempt to cut through the garbage and try and engage in meaningful dialogue. The sample here may not by typical of what you will find in the comment section of a Vice article.
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