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  1. In the wake of recent gun violence in Toronto, Ralph Goodale is promising tougher gun laws will be coming.  Don't we already have laws that make it illegal to carry a gun into a night club and shoot people?  If not, I think that should definitely be a priority.

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    2. scribblet


      Not sure how much tougher gun laws we can get, what they need to do is get tougher on crime and the criminals. 

    3. Spiderfish


      Getting tougher on crime and criminals is too difficult, much easier just to ban and confiscate legally owned possessions from innocent, law abiding citizens and then proudly boast to the sheeple that you're doing something.

    4. scribblet


      Actually  it looks like the left is exploiting the shootings in Toronto to push their socialist agenda. Confiscate firearms from legal gun owners and offer free stuff in exchange for Liberal votes. No interest in actually catching the criminals .

      Toronto Mayor John Tory once said a handgun ban would be an “empty gesture” and a poor substitute for tighter border security.    How tunes change. 


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