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  1. I wonder what defines an "assualt" rifle... Caliber?  colour?  Maybe the plan is to just take all center-fire semi-autos since that will be easiest.  And lets face it and drop the bullshit...that's the Liberals end game anyhow.

    1. scribblet


      I think it is,  but correct me if I'm wrong here.   I don't believe there is an official Canadian definition for “assault rifle”,   but we  define assault rifles as having fully automatic capability. Sales and possession of such firearms have been banned in Canada since the 70s.

      So, essentially, they intend to ban hunting rifles and sport-shooting rifles, which they've termed as 'military-style assault rifles'. Actual assault rifles are already banned, so the rifles that they're referring to are ones currently classified as 'prohibited'. As the name implies, they're not easy to get, and the licences and background checks to get them are very strict. 

      They chose to make their announcement in Toronto's Greektown, the site of a horrific shooting last year. Their announcement targets law-abiding gun owners, but it's important to note: the shooting in Greektown was perpetrated with a gun illegally obtained after being smuggled into Canada.

    2. Army Guy
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