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  1. I am almost starting to think the NDP leadership contest is so low-key to stop Tories from having their attack ads loaded with bad blood expressed in the race. The Tories had tons to use from the last Grit leadership convention and used it in their attack ads (e.g., Ignatieff attacking Dion on the environment). It's also true part of their political culture to present consensus, but regardless it's probably a good idea for them to be tight-lipped then present their candidate so Conservatives cannot make dictate the conversation about that person. I am assuming Mulcair, but Nash or Topp seem p
  2. If I were a prime minister with a majority government these would be the changes I would want to introduce to make the electoral playing field even: (1) Enforce the same strict contribution guidelines to party leadership races as well. (2) Re-instate party subsidies, reduce tax exemptions on political contributions slightly to give a balanced mix of public/private subsidies (again the public contribution is less than 30 million...) (3) Abolish/reform the Senate, adopt the German Bundesrat style (Provincial government send delegates, larger states get a slight advantage in rep.) (4) Intro
  3. I also doubt this study. I am sure that they are explaining a coincidence more than a causation... as most studies take this with a grain of salt. As partisan as I can be, I doubt that conservatives are less intelligent than liberals simply because of their politics... just as many loony leftists as crazy rightists... And as American Woman said, life experiences are a HUGE influencing factor. It's harder to be very open to other races when you live in Little Bay, NFLD. and you have seen two non-white people in your life (hyperbole but still, you know my point).
  4. I think having deals with China, including for our energy sector, are forward-thinking. We do have to consider that many government-owned Chinese corporations have billions in stock and investment in the Alberta Tar Sands (which again is not inherently bad). What is however that these corporations that own stock in Syncrude for example have made clauses that say Syncrude CAN NOT refine that oil in Canada... they want it refined in China so they can have more high paying jobs there. I don't think Canada should relegate itself to a colonial offshoot of the U.S. or China. To be fair though, it wo
  5. Isn't the new Obama Doctrine cutting only the army and marine corps?? I am POSITIVE the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Panetta both said, as well as Obama, the airforce was not being cut at all as it's integral to their leaner armed forces capable of packing the same punch. Am I wrong?
  6. Right, completely devoid of any economic rationale, like your arguments whose origin, this Bush dogma actually created this great recession. Keep playing that tune buddy. I apologize,I worded it properly. They gleefully paid far less than their due to society, while reaping billions in profits. I am sure they were crying about getting a multi-million tax cut from the feds... I am glad people like you are going to get voted out of the U.S. House in 2012 and the House of Commons next sweep. And quit with the personal attacks, can you not point out the actual problems? You just fling mud. A bu
  7. Good article, but I am not sure if the closure itself is the real centre of the outcry. This was a company that gleefully took millions in tax cuts before throwing a great number of workers out into the cold. That's capitalism, but I think tax cuts are a privilege that a corporation or business receives from we, the people. If they want tax cuts, they should also be accepting them in good faith. Caterpillar clearly didn't, it's ruthless capitalism at its best. Sharks in suits.
  8. I think hiring tax credits, or small business tax incentives are the best idea to encourage job growth quickly. Corporations like Caterpillar are modern day pirates, they'll sell their goods to Canadians no matter what, but they won't think twice before closing down their plants here when they can make more money in the U.S., or Mexico or wherever. It would be nice if the "Made in Canada" label actually meant the good was produced in Canada, not that just 51% of the costs of production were paid in Canada. That way consumers could actually decide to shop for Canadian goods if they so wish.
  9. Following a rejection of accepting a 50% wage cut, Caterpillar has closed one of his Ontario plants, bringing forth a debate whether corporate tax cuts should be re-worked (e.g., like Layton via a hiring credit insisted in 2008) or is working fine as is. Your take?
  10. Absolutely. I am not against licensing, I am for a gun registry or at least a thorough licensing process.
  11. Again, stop putting words in my mouth. I said I am against making it easy, not "just because." I think that if you want to own a firearm, you should bear the expense of the rigorous checks that should be enacted in your case. I don't want someone who is mentally unbalanced to get easy access to firearms, so you can have 3 pistols as show firearms...
  12. To be fair, no real candidate to the White House in recent memory has been anything close to comparable with the average voter.. Obama is a millionaire author, Ivy League lawyer, Hillary Clinton's husband makes millions in speeches and book deals, same with Gingrich now. I think Ron Paul is the only presidential nominee close to being "average" and even he makes good money compared to your typical Joe. Romney just has a knack of showing how out of touch he is when it comes to finances, offer to bet 10,000 against Rick Perry during a debate. Not caring about the very poor, etc.
  13. I've never used my breadmaker in my kitchen before, does that make it a toaster?? I never said firearms create the violent tendency, I said they enable one to easier enact them.
  14. I am not arguing against the possession of handguns, feel free. I am however against making the process easy. Huge difference.
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