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  1. Great ads. The dude is aweful in parliament. He is better IMHO in smaller, non spotlight setting. Comes across as defensive in nature but a hell of a drinker and ladies man. Barberrella's, Ottawa Friday nights the dude is a lap dancing nut.
  2. I'll write ya a cheque for the $10 billion dollars. Oops I farted, is that allowed under Kyoto - greenhouse gasses and all?
  3. How true weaponeer. Baylee you are one granola loving, tree hugging, arse wart. Can you tell us whatcha been takin lately cuz its doing something to your brains CS* outlet valve. *Common Sense (BL I thought you would need the explaination)
  4. Some judges are real dogs and should be muzzled.
  5. I have two kids soon to be going to university, man I wish it was free...(poor mom and dad)
  6. Suzuki is excellent. I wish we could adopt all the Kyoto accord requirements and a whole lot more but at what price? No one can definitivly state what impact that would have on ouir economy. It would be great breathing in crisp air however I don't want to do it while living in a tent when my house is repo'd because I no longer have a job...
  7. Proof is in the actions $111m towards aids...nuff said.
  8. OK I'll buy, where do I send the check- count me in as brainwashed!
  9. Thier fiscal responsibility, ever try and take a gov't business trip lately ugh
  10. August 1991 was the tax idea your idea? Your smoking something good dude. More taxes hahahahahahahaha
  11. Great Harper laid it on the table get rid of all the terorists in this country no matter their background...or political persuasion
  12. PM Harper, Please kick the Tamil Tigers and other /terorist freaks to the curb. We know who they are now get rid of them...
  13. Riverwind are you for or against the governments childcare $$$ I am more confused than usual haha.
  14. Excellent. Just like his poppa. Fuddleduddle
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