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  1. I live in toronto and i too remember alot more snow as a kid in the winters, and colder too,,, i believe climate change is in big part happening due to mans impact on the planet. Astronaut Chris Hatfield said in a documentary he used to have trouble taking pictures of rain forests from space because of the clouds that always covered over the rain forests ... clouds look white from space and reflect alot of suns hot rays back out into space,,, with tremendous amount of deforestation for logging and cattle, those clouds are not there anymore to reflect the sun. So vast open spac
  2. a response to original post (sorry cougar didnt mean to interrupt your discussion, im reading you too, intreresting) Politicians sending out mixed messages doesn't help things at all. On one hand they permit flights, but then they tell the public not to travel and to stay home.. yes i agree with original poster, if you open up flight, then you cant say don't use it while your the one responsible for having it open. But to beg the public to stay home and not set the example yourself puts you and your political associations integrity on the hook. If a political assoc
  3. I Couldn't believe it when i heard Canada's chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam response to the rise in Covid cases , she actually said that maybe we need thicker masks than the ones that are being used now....Wow, that statement just shows how out of touch with whats happening in the real world Dr. Theresa Tam and here superiors in government are. We dont need thicker masks , what we need is for people to actually wear the existing mask properly in the first place. that means not below your nose, or below your chin, or not at all like many people were doing last summer.
  4. There are a lot of companies small ones and large ones pitching in to help people hit by covid 19. Many are reducing their prices, I've noticed food stores are having a lot more sales than usual, all in an effort to help people survive and get through covert. There are even sites that show seniors where they can shop to get seniors discounts. like the one on the next link below link to businesses offering seniors discounts But i noticed Bell Canada is not on that list of many companies that offer discounts to seniors !!!. I can walk into a Salvation Army thrift stor
  5. hi all Recently here in Toronto there was a small march carried out by a local politician Tony Ruprecht of the Liberal party to bring attention to the passing of a bill that would set $2000 dollar fines for those caught with a hand gun in there possession...an illegally carried hand gun i presume the law was aimed at... Well when i heard of this march and was invited to participate in it to help raise attention to the need for such a bill to be passed I declined and laughed to myself because i thought the whole thing was utter nonsense.. Why did i find marching for this bill to be so laug
  6. hi all I was just reading this post again 3 years after i had originally posted it , just to see if it still made sense to me or if i had changed my thoughts on any of it since then. I was kinda angry with the whole system at the time i had written it, But for the most part after rereading it again 3 years later i think i still feel about the same on the matter of reforming and cleaning up the Canadian Political system... its sad in a way that somethings dont change, even when everyone knows they should be changed oh BTW 3 years ago this was probably my first post ever on a forum , sin
  7. what message is the government sending to honest low income canadians :angry: awhile back i came into a shortage of work. it was a little ruff goin for a while, i went thruogh two winters without being able to afford heat and i caught a cold that allmost did me in durring that winter. im a honest canadian who has never committed a crime in my life, just like many other Canadians who also have lived thier lives on the right side of the law , even dispite the hard ships that come thier way. So how do you think i and many other canadians who have a limited income or are working minimum wage
  8. i know i may be a little over the top in some of my ideas, but you usually never get all of what u ask for. so if we even get some of my ideas passed as laws or constitutional changes then thats a start in the right direction i feel . but certain things i feel should have been in place long ago like a national leader setting an example and maintaining confidence in our financial institutions by not placing his or her money in foreign banks.
  9. In just about every discussion regarding this winters election the word corruption seems to keep coming up. this election may vary well end up being remembered as the corruption election. I am not taking sides here regarding who's corrupt and who's not because i feel that all the parties involved have had their moments regarding corruption . Here is my suggestion, or idea for changes in the law or constitution that may eliminate some of corruption and mismanagement that has plagued or nation. TOTAL FINANCIAL TRANSPARANCY OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS , APPOINTEES and their SPOUSES - as well as a
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