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  1. It's not suprising to me at all. Stephane Dions' placement as Liberal leader has befuddled me from the start. Laytons' popularity grows but will never be viably considered by Canadians as a future Prime Minister. There isn't an opposition right now. I voted Conservative despite having Liberal leanings and have seen very little to alter my course the next time around. The Liberals (unfortunately) continue to be staffed by the same "entitled terds" as before, and offer nothing substantive to justify a changing of the gaurd thus far. I'm very pleased than someone has finaly taken Atlantic Canada to the boards on the equalization issues aswell. I'm amazed that considering the windfall of natural resources that's graced the Atlantic shores lately, they feel no need to pay back the rest of Canada for what has amounted to a group of welfare states for 50 years.
  2. No. Israel has made its own bed and should now sleep in it. After many decades of shirking it's responsabilities and violating international law while playing the sole victim.......the world is entirely aware that it's full of shit. There will be no peace until Israel relinquishes the occupied territories period. Will this make the problem go away? no, but at least you have some moral ground to stand on.
  3. You're right. I've seen some pretty radical church hall BINGO sessions not to mention the bake sales. They're nuts! Radical Christians........what are they putting in the cookies? All churches and faiths are kept at arms length in a secular society........provided they adhere to the LAWS OF THE LAND............wich are not negotiable in any shape or form. The rule of LAW..........Western Laws.............don't like it? Get the fuck out. I'll lay out the red carpet for you chimps.
  4. I suspect that shortly after altering immigration law in Canada, he will lobby to be knighted by the Queen as any self respecting jack-ass would do. My God , what a turd.
  5. As are most Canadians that I speak with, I'm tired of hearing about the endless strife of GAY Canadians. Enough already. Politically you are recognized, socially you are accepted (as much as can be asked for in a democracy), and still the drum beats on. Will you pleeeeease quit costing taxpayers absurd amounts of money to forward foolish agendas/studies? There are FAR MORE IMMPORTANT matters to be disscused/studied in this world of ours. In other words..... you don't matter much..........so get over it. Democracy is the voice of the people as a whole...........and if you're on the fringes...........tough luck. Remember that when you make a stink about a church that won't marry you...... YOU! are imposing upon the rights of others, to live as they wish to. YOU! are invading the territory of those whom would otherwise pay you no mind whatsoever. YOU, have become the intollerants.
  6. Well, I'm paying $1.32/L for 94 octane gasoline. The middle eastern conflict is routinely cited as the culprit. Canada doesn't import oil...........from anywhere. We are the worlds #2 (or 3) supplier. Again, I'm paying $1.32/L for gasoline. Surely, a Canadian oil executive could at least TRY to spin this financial rape of consummers into a justifiable nessesity- if for nothing else...........the humour.
  7. The gun laws in Canada were just fine 30 years ago. The Canadian gun laws as of 2007 are absurd, ridiculous, costly and ultimately un-enforced in any event. Years ago, urban Canadians started watching CNN too often, and forgot where they lived. The Canadian media has hyped-it-up every chance they get, and as a result we now live in a country called "Watts California" or "Columbine Colorado". These urbane imbisills have nothing better to do with their time than worry about who's gonna take what they stole from others......silly people.
  8. The Taliban was able to seize power because it looked after the needs of the common people when no one else would. Our soldiers would be helpless if the average Afghani started actively supporting the Taliban again. As a result, our soldiers end up doing the work of NGOs because they have no choice. I see this a sensible part of a military strategy even though I am not convinced the mission is worthwhile. The Taliban seized power as a result of the "military industrialized complex" (Afghan version) during their post war hey-day period following the the Soviet withdrawl. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a "military muhamed complex" and they forgot about the re-construction aspects of the economy; food, import/export initiatives (apart from drugs) and the general condition of their society in totality. There is no question that something has to be done. My argument lays purely within the bounds of reason concerning the ultimate objective. As a former soldier, I can only say that I was never required to preform these duties unless the situation presented to me was ....extrordinary......which was not remotely evident in this case. My job was perfectly simple, and by all accounts this method provided positive results that allowed "Proffesionals" (NGO) to get into the picture and provide far superior results than those which occur presently. With all respect.
  9. It's low rent politics' that serve to circumvent the already laughable version of democracy that the people of Canada have allowed to occur; quiet happily as it would seem.
  10. After watching this 25 minute peice on PBS Last Tuesday, I have to say that I was Livid. This program profiled a remote Canadian outpost roughly 100km from Khandahar city comprised of 120 troops. It was painful to watch. If this program was indicative of our troop performance in this conflict, I'm saddned to say that the dept. of defence had better pull-up its socks concerning the training of our soldiers that are bound for a war zone. If "hearts and minds" are the objective in Afghanistan I would suggest the adage "FACTA NON VERBA" ("Deeds Not Words") as being THE order of opperations. Having a motorcade of armoured vehicles galavanting around un-secure territory ....LOOKING TO BUY SPARKPLUGS....is not only idiotic, but completely incompetent. Canadian troops promising goods and services (that they couldn't deliver) for the surounding Afghan villages led to this assinine endeavor. Sufice to say that troop leadership was poor and the troops themselves displayed an embarassing lack of maturity combined with an ambivilance regarding their mission. The program ended and I was left wondering; why is it that soldiers are now expected to preform the services of an N.G.O.?. They are not trained sufficiently for this purpose (obviously), nor should they be. Soldiers have two jobs (1) kill enemy combatants at any given opportunity (2) kill more enemy combatants. Thats it.........Killing.......thats their job. Leave the humanities to the proffesionals.
  11. I agree. "Vote the party line or take a hike" doesn't sit well with me. As the sole political representative of any given region, it's an MP's' "Duty" to carry out the will of the constituency regardless of sandbox politics or party loyalties.
  12. Sorry, we all can't be at the computer 24/7 and read the posts. I have a real job that requires me to move around and somtimes travel for lengthly periods. While you're sitting there in your "veal fattening pen", listening to the sheep blatt.........I'll be busy getting fresh-air, a tan, and enjoying my job. All the best, JMH
  13. Absolutely correct in my oppinion. Multiculturalism, and it's entire premise, is based upon the integration of different cultural perpectives within the learning processes of our children. A "color blind nation" was the intent and ironically, the racial minorities relatively new to Canada, are disinterested in this ideal. I wonder what they're here for?
  14. I'm still waiting for "Queer Eye for the Sharia Law Guy" this fall on CBC. Leave it to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to come up with this drivel. Canada: What the hell has happened to this country ??? Is BEING A CANADIAN so boring that we have to bring ethnicity/religion into the fold? If this is an attemp to "bring people together" in this country concerning a religion who's followers comprise less than a million souls nationwide, I say that the CBC should put first things first. Perhaps a program about "home grown Canadians", their history, lifestyle and religion would be of benefit to those whom are new to the region, so they can understand and actually interact with the culture that they decided (supposedly) to become an integral part of. Canadians, for the most part need little general education with regards to the worlds peoples. The folks arriving here on the other hand, could use a great deal of help concerning the Canadian culture they bought into. Establishing ethno-religious communities unto themselves, fly's in the face of what this country is founded upon, accomplishes nothing and invites racial/religious tensions. "Little Mosque on the prarrie" is offensive to me; Canadian men and women are dying in battle, fighting against extreme variations of this "new religion" called Islam. Radical Islam has no place in my country and mainstream followers should be humble, especially given the fact that they themselves , should be the ones shedding blood in the dessert.
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