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  1. Interesting comment.. i realize its not yours olpfan1 but a quote , however it begs the question..

    Then What are Conservative Insiders doing?

    Just curious..

    I don't exactly trust any of ctvs insider sources

    I'd take all of that with a grain of salt

  2. I think it is a bit early to say they are taking bribes when the investigation is barely underway.

    I guess..but if nobody gets punished for this there should be hell to pay..paid to the government from the public

  3. For the record, I would never want to see a coalition government where the losers took power! I could never consider that anything but a tyranny of the minority.

    Stephen Harper cut a back door deal with the NDP & Bloc to oust the Liberals but chickened out at the last minute

  4. Ottawa could still find themselves out of the playoffs if they lose a couple in a row

    They are 2 points behind Boston for the North East but Boston has played 2 games less and depending on who claims the South East.. Ottawa is still only 4 points in front of Florida and 5 in front of Washington

    But yeah Karlsson should have the norris trophy on lock

  5. we need a public inquiry so everything will be out in the open and so what happened with the In & Out scheme doesn't happen again

    People should have been sent to prison, it shouldn't have taken 5 years for the whole thing to come to an end

    Elections Canada should not have cut deals and just give them petty fines

    If it happens again it's clear these officials are on the take or were pressured too much by the bureaucracies and cannot and will not be trusted again

  6. I was out most of the night and was going to ask if it was leaked. I guess not yet.

    I thought I heard something earlier about him coming forward. It was worded in a way that made it sound like come forward to the media and not just EC.

    I'd be surprised if it doesn't come out soon. With all the stuff coming out day after day this has to get out. Do we really believe EC runs a tight ship?

    who knows really! I cant see Harper wanting this to drag on for years like the in & out scandal

  7. Where does it say that Harper had anything to do with the selection of the invitees? Do you really think that's something he has time to do?

    Looking at their website, maybe they were included because aside from having moral opinions, they fight for equality for women, in general, in other areas. Or maybe the group wasn't properly vetted. Don't forget the Martin government selected someone with separatist ties to be G.G.. They were selecting a single person. This involves 168 groups.

    The Harper government has continued to protect the rights of the gay community - even though it's their secret agenda not to do so. They're probably just waiting to have a second majority, just to be devious.

    LOL did the PMO send you? womens right = right to abortion

  8. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Politics/2012/03/12/19492466.html

    A Simon Fraser University professor says there is statistical evidence that the votes of hundreds - perhaps thousands - of non-Conservative supporters were suppressed in last May's general election by some kind of robocall campaign.

    Anke Kessler, a full professor of economics at the Burnaby, B.C.-based school, published a statistical analysis Monday of the 27 ridings where Liberals and NDP allege the Conservatives engaged in vote-suppressing robocalls.

    In the draft paper, she did a poll-by-poll comparison between the 2008 election and the 2011 election, looking at the voter turnout among non-Conservative voters. She found "a statistically significant effect of the alleged demobilization efforts" in the 27 ridings where robocall complaints have emerged compared to all other ridings.

    That said, she cautioned that her "analysis and the corresponding results are not suited to bring the outcome in a particular riding into question."

    She also warns that "my findings in no way can 'prove' whether misconduct or an illegal act has occurred."

    In any event, the paper is sure to be grist for the political mill in Ottawa where, for for the third week in a row, the issue has dominated debate in the House of Commons.

    Kessler concludes that the vote-suppression techniques in the 27 ridings could have meant that anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 people may not voted that otherwise would have.

    The victors' margin of victory was less than 2,500 votes in just six of the 27 ridings where complaints have originated.

    Of those six, five were won by Conservative candidates and in four, the Conservative candidate narrowly beat out a Liberal incumbent.

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