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  1. America like any country has done evil things, yes, they just do more of it than any other country I'm not an Anti Semite (see I even capitalized Semite that's how much I like them) but Mossad was involved
  2. Not a Taliban apologist but why do they have to give anyone up? especially to the U.S
  3. Someday its going to come out officially that Israel's Mossad was behind 9/11 ... Is the U.S going to get into a nuclear war with Israel?
  4. Afghanistan's government wasn't even guilty of planning the attack And what if the Russian government wasn't involved in this attack on 9/11? would they still be justified in your eyes to get nuked?
  5. well that's all good and dandy, you're still nuts if you believe the U.S would have nuked Russia
  6. I still highly doubt Bush would have taken on Putin in a nuclear war it would have been suicidal for both countries and tens of millions would have been killed
  7. can we agree that in 2002 the world would have been the closest to nuclear war since the cuban missile crisis had AQ been training in Russia and the U.S wanted to go in and kill them but Russia denied the request?
  8. To eradicate the "islamofascists" but yes, like I already said (you're a bit slow there at insinuating nuclear war) it would have led to nuclear war and parts of the the U.S / Canada / Britain / Russia would be unlivable today Which is why the U.S would have backed down
  9. I'm only focusing on the aspect here that you believe Russia would allow NATO into their country to bomb and kill anyone that they deem as terrorists Forget the part about "Islamofascists" whatever that means ..there is no way Russia would allow the U.S military / NATO on its borders to conduct any mission no matter how much they hated the "islamofascists" the russian government wouldn't allow it nor would the russian people allow a NATO ground war on their soil was never going to happen, never is
  10. Given the history between the U.S & Russia..this shouldn't even be discussed Putin was against any mission in Afghanistan why the f*** would he be okay with a UN mission one in his own damn country being headed by their former cold war enemy? Putin didn't even like Bush, he thought he was a moron... this is all too laughable
  11. U.S had no interests in South Vietnam prior to the war other than to stop communism Same with North / South Korea While China & Russia had strategic interests in those countries
  12. No THAT WOULD HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED if as you "intellects" claim that the U.S would have invaded Russia if AQ trained there
  13. every cold war conflict was a proxy because they both knew if they went straight at each other it would have led to nuclear war
  14. Okay, lets take a poll, If you believe the U,S would have invaded Russia if AQ was training there and thats where Bin Laden was say NUCLEAR WAR if you don't believe that say I AM SANE if you have no opinion say I AM SWITZERLAND
  15. Yes I know they used proxies.. but Russia & China stopped, the U.S is STILL doing it
  16. or on how to terrorize peaceful environmental groups
  17. U.S only picks on smaller countries.. no way would the U,S go after Russia or China straight on only in proxies
  18. legal right means its your right to legally have an abortion..no restrictions otherwise it wouldn't have been worded that way, therefore I disagree with you
  19. pretty sure "legal right" means its all legal
  20. I believe most Canadians are right fiscally to the left socially
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