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  1. What was it the Conservatives ran on other than Ignatieff "he's not coming back for you" attack ads, the economy right? they better fix their f*** ups then, they created this mess
  2. You are using that as an example to show that they would have let U.S troops occupy and bomb targets in their country in 2001/2002 and beyond? U.S meet Putin, Putin meet U.S, Putin no like U.S
  3. It was just Canadians wanting to do the right thing to get the economic house in order
  4. Just last week a few conservatives on here were claiming Canadians wanted to change the abortion laws How do you feel about the legal right to abortion? Favourable 70 % Unfavourable 17 % No Answer 13 % This should shut them up
  5. Actually the Liberals are still seen as the voice of the opposition, that is because Turmel is weak and the NDP have a lot of rookies but the LPC's voice is still highly respected
  6. you realize that ..that would have been nuclear war then right? my god, its like you forgot who your adversary was during the middle to end part of the last century
  7. that is true, and liberals have used it before..harper can prorogue as much as he wants then that wouldn't stop the ndp and lpc from making a coalition and going to the GG
  8. Oh probably, notice how they didn't include a question about funding CBC? LOL
  9. You honestly believe the RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT would allow the US military on its soil to kill people they perceive to be terrorists? WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE ON?
  10. It's sun media's poll, they've been claiming the country was shifting to the right since the last election
  11. I think it's just mostly Quebec that is against the monarchy
  12. rofl, I think Dog is joking but I don't think AW is ... no way in hell would the U.S have done a thing in Russia
  13. can this actually happen? if it's going to the supreme court I'm sure it could be appealed...I bet by the time the court cases are done and appealed his term will be over with anyway
  14. Is Harper going to finally be able to build a firewall around Alberta?
  15. Yes, but don't forget Canadians were all for deep cuts during the 90's as well when the Liberals had to cut down the deficit ..so that is just fiscal, nothing to do with right or left
  16. So if a bunch of Saudis trained in Russia, NATO would have invaded Russia? I'm not that stupid Shady & I didn't think you were either but alas I'm wrong again
  17. according to you but it actually serves most of the population rather than having 1 party govern for 40 %
  18. Can't turn people into government sanctioned killers without changing them inside
  19. old people don't care about young people like me, they are out of touch with the youth
  20. It's actually a perfectly legal move and has been used in other democratic countries
  21. So much for the Conservatives saying Canadians are drifting to the right on views, thank you sun news ha ha My link http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Features/Talker/2012/03/09/19483596.html How do you feel about the death penalty for dangerous offenders? Favourable 49 % Unfavourable 37 % No Answer 14 % How do you feel about showcasing the monarchy in Canada? Unfavourable 49 % Favourable 29 % No Answer 22 % How do you feel about the legal right to abortion? Favourable 70 % Unfavourable 17 % No Answer 13 % How do you feel about the purchase of F-35 fighter planes? Unfa
  22. Don't tell Derek, he's probably still reliving the Cold War and sees Commies everywhere he goes and when he closes his eyes
  23. The BQ is what made everyone paranoid last time they tried that... no thank you
  24. Hate to tell ya buddy but the Cold War has been over for 21 years now..so I don't see how they could be "Soviet Sympathizers"
  25. I think at the next election if the NDP and LPC cut down the CPC vote to a minority status they should ask the GG to make them the government btw Cullen is only 39 right now, we need more young politicians instead of 50-60 year olds
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