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    Cullen will soon be the leader of the NDP and Harper's going to have his work cut out for him, Cullen is a different kind of thinker..Harper will fear him
  2. Why would I consider them useful? revolutions only happen because of violence, by putting the fear into politicians that they could die..not by camping out in tents
  3. Don't you have to actually bomb your target or at least a revised target to be called the Millennium Bomber?
  4. Occupiers aren't the sharpest tools in the shed obviously since they have Che Guevara above the words Socialism I doubt they'd even know he was Argentine or was a player in the Cuban Revolution They probably think he is Mexican Look, Occupiers are stupid, why do I know why they have a pictorial reference to Che on a banner that looks like a piss rag?
  5. I think we're old enough now to understand their is a difference between socialism and communism
  6. and then you attack the WRONG COUNTRY in retaliation The right country would have been Saudi Arabia DOY
  7. You said Some might even say, Afghans had it coming. Tell us what you really think Shady, do you believe those 9 children had it coming?
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    Bill, come out of the closet already, we all know you are really a Conservative and not a Libertarian
  9. Conservatives have short memories, they had no problem when Clement was seeking approval and advice from the Americans when it came to revising our copyright bill.. I guess it's only okay if an American entity is on their side and not the oppositions side eh? Damn hypocrites http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/1048993--leaks-show-u-s-swayed-canada-on-copyright-bill Secret U.S. government cables show a stunning willingness by senior Canadian officials to appease American demands for a U.S.-style copyright law here. The documents describe Canadian officials as encouraging American lob
  10. Occupy movement was started by a Canadian magazine..they're hardly communists. Anonymous was made because of the governments of the world targeting the internet and trying to produce legislation to police it. Radical environmentalists? good god, you have sipped on the conservative kool aid LOL..there is nothing radical about wanting to preserve the environment from being polluted by big oil companies These are just the sign of the times..there is no communism insurrection..but you may want to tell Del Mastro that line, he could use it over and over!
  11. actually, there was rules being broken as they did not identify who they were but that is not an illegal action worthy of fines or jail time according to elections Canada, there is no punishment for that, but it does look bad for Valiorette sp The recordings were talking about Burkes stance on abortion..that is all..nothing more nothing less
  12. Tin foil hat time Why it wouldn't surprise me if the Conservatives were behind this? Campaign Research partner Nick Kouvalis publicly stated: “We're in the business of getting Conservatives elected and ending Liberal careers. We're good at it.” The company many of the Conservatives used have openly stated their goal was ending liberal careers.. and "we're good at it" meaning they have no problems with doing unethical and potentially illegal things to win elections
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    rofl, sorry to burst your bubble but no party believes in minimum government, they all want to ban something and want to keep tabs on us
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    why would a liberal suppress their own voters?
  15. No, but when Cullen wins you'll owe me something that will be determined at a later date
  16. My man Nathan Cullen is the front runner! If he wins Canada has hope plus he is the one whom is most like Jack Layton
  17. Nice attempt at damage control Derek .. but the other cpc lemmings have been conplaining about leadnow & avaaz for a week and a half
  18. why? this was Canadas district for half the war until we withdrew after being in Afghanistan for 10 years and then some US soldier kills 9 children, 3 women & 4 men and as well kills the trust Canada had spent so many years trying to make.. they actually liked that we were there it seemed so yes this is in the right section way to screw up so badly America
  19. Oh probably, this isn't the main person behind this, it's just going to be a lowly operative I think the CPC are trying to squash the story before they go on their March break last thing they need is this getting in the way of their super duper budget
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