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  1. the proof will be later today when Pierre Poutine turns himself in and when hes a conservative you're going to get pwnd
  2. If you can prove that a Canadian mercilessly executed 9 children then you have a point
  3. funny how pro lifers like Shady & BC(if I'm not mistaken) say its murder to kill a fetus or "child" but when a crazy armed american soldier brutally murders 9 children it's okay because its justified revenge
  4. I hope you find it ironic that pork barrel tony is the one in charge of saving 4-8 billion dollars
  5. olpfan1


    Oh please that doesn't mean anything, that guy kept money off the campaign sheets and counted himself as the contractor and did it that way is in itself way suspicious.. the other campaigns as far as I know went directly through racknine and the other firms that were used..they didn't go through an independent contractor I fully expect Andrew Prescott being the person to come forward I believe his lawyer advised him too but of course, I could very well be wrong Pierre Poutine entertained me for the past month, I will miss him
  6. olpfan1


    omg OTTAWA — The news that Elections Canada investigators are aware of the IP address that “Pierre Poutine” used to set up the Guelph, Ont., robocall account has convinced a suspect to step forward and accept responsibility for the deceptive calls, sources say. http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/news/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/2012/03/11/pierre-poutine-robocalls-3
  7. if it doesn't follow the pattern its probably not from them
  8. There has been A LOT of talk on MLW about the Conservative opposition database which clearly surpasses ndp & liberals its quite clear to me the cpc is guilty of these calls
  9. Conservatives believe they are invincible right now.. they are going to keep pushing their luck Because everyone knows the conservatives have the most developed database on opposition parties liberals do not
  10. Well David Akins from sun media is blaming the NDP for being behind this but it smells like the conservatives are trying to find out who is more likely to be voted in as leader so they can prepare why would the ndp harrass their own supporters i see no reason and liberals dont have the list of every ndp memberr database
  11. Interesting.. so these calls could possibly not be from NDP
  12. Okay, are the usual ndp calls like this?
  13. @probative: @davidakin @mikelondoncan post-debate i got robocall from 6474785539 @mikelondoncan: @probative @davidakin mine was the same #
  14. @tidewaters: Got robocall just now re #ndpldr race. Asked a) who's my 1st choice, who's my 2nd choice. Number of caller: 647-478-5539 #cdnpoli
  15. @rethcork: @NDP_HQ I keep getting calls from 647-478-5539 please stop calling me, the 4 calls a day is excessive!
  16. @todmaffin: Attention NDP: ENOUGH WITH THE F****** ROBOCALLS! I'm getting one or two a day! If you robocall me, I will NOT vote for your leader. Period.
  17. @davidakin: RT @pammmacd: My but 647-478-5539 is persistent. FR call during debate. ENG just now. No worry. I skewed their poll. Pushed 9 for both
  18. @marionetta: @davidakin I also got a call from 647 478 5539 (I'm in BC) Did not identify who's calling.
  19. hes from montreal @MatBoisvert: 6474785539 is the number the #ndpldr robopoll is coming from, but it just keeps calling and hanging up. Please fix your poll.
  20. ndp members on twitter are tweeting it search ndp robocalls
  21. NDP members in BC / ONT are complaining that number is constantly calling / hanging up / asking who they will vote for and don't identify which party they are from
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