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  1. Well I don't think that is how Black Africans are but that is pretty much how Black Americans are White Americans and White / Black Canadians (except for the education part, we're a lot smarter up here) are no different It's the North American culture
  2. I read this thread and I think it's full of people who are overly politically correct and full of posters who don't want to look racist so they call others racist. Everybody is a racist. You don't have kind thoughts about everybody. This is how we were made. Instead of deflecting why don't we have a serious discussion for once about a topic that is seen as "Taboo".
  3. The countries with the least amount of religious nut jobs are the most peaceful countries You can look it up and you can also look up the percentage of black people that live there I don't think you could ignore it
  4. 2 reasons not to believe U.S sources 1. Korean Air Lines Flight 007. Soviets shot down a South Korea passenger plane killing 269 passengers because the pilots wouldn't respond to their warnings so the Soviets figured it was a hostile. The U.S media played the audio and cut off the part where the Soviets were trying to talk to the pilots and make sure they're not hostiles. The world had thought the Soviets deliberately shot down a passenger plane thanks to the U.S manipulation. 2. Iraq war and it's made up WMD. So I question anything and everything I read from western media..and even easter
  5. Could be any number of reasons. Maybe he didn't even say that? Wouldn't be the first time information was made up to meet an end.
  6. That doesn't mean its true. I am sure Kuwait wants AQ to disband and what better way than to claim he said all of this. And why on earth would they have obtained his will? You should be asking questions instead of taking everyone's word for it.
  7. I got suspended for saying Muslims are racist but it was okay for another poster to call me a bigot and liken me to a Nazi It is what it is I guess
  8. It sounds more like westernized propaganda to me. I would bet nobody said such a thing.
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