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  1. Did any NDP members get an unidentified robocall from 647-478-5539?
  2. why? EC just wanted to ask him a few questions.. if it were the RCMP I'd understand but its just EC
  3. If he was clean in all of this he wouldnt need to hire a lawyer to advise him not to talk to EC
  4. You might feel differently if 16 US troops die as a result of this so called revenge killing
  5. Well I guess whatever happens next to US troops in Afghanistan is well deserved blowback from this according to you and Shady
  6. General consensus is Cullen won that debate
  7. Then why is Andrew Prescott refusing to talk to EC and has hired a lawyer? Dont take me for an idiot i know what it means and so do you
  8. Conservative journalists on twitter are flipping out now cause ndp members are getting phone calls from unidentified callers asking who their top 3 are lol sounds like conservatives wondering who will most likely be their opponent and planning already @davidakin: Following campaigns say they had no part in today's #NDPLdr robocalls: Topp, Dewar, Cullen ... (Waiting to hear from other campaigns)
  9. Whether its what you learned in the bible or whatever holy book the religion adheres to, or actual acts of violence in the name of their religion, or the mental abuse one endures because of the practices and beliefs of their religion NO religion is peaceful I encourage you to give me one religion that is peaceful and not built from killings, rapes, emotional abuse As for your religion which I guess is Christianity ... I can give you many reasons why Christianity is not peaceful
  10. There are no religions of peace, the idea that there are is quite laughable
  11. eye for an eye eh? or maybe its because they are going to be there for a decade and all of these soldiers are mentally ill because of it
  12. I don't think there is any doubt that most parties have done some pretty unethical things in the past few elections that we are now just talking about.. as for CPC being likely responsible for voter suppression I still agree with that, CPC is the party currently being investigated, not the liberals or ndp What is going on in Guelph is what this is all about remember
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehv_liyfSrA
  14. the CIA has probably done some bigger atrocities than Canadian forces have ever done put together over the years I can separate American citizens whom are mostly good people and have no clue what their government does and their tv shows and music... from the U.S government
  15. Canadians aren't the protesting kind of people, it would have to be something big to get the populace out protesting.. and right now we don't know who is the guilty party
  16. B.C for every bad thing a Canadian does there will be a hell of a lot more worse things done by an American
  17. So then doesn't that mean U.S should have national gun control laws instead of state? That is if you're saying there's more people in the U.S therefore there would be more people with mental health issues to deal with
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somalia_Affair That's terrible and everything but are you trying to compare the murder of 1 man to 16 people?
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